Every Bookmaker Needs Bookie Software

Once upon a time, a bookmaker made his living in the backrooms and back-alleys of pubs and pool halls, taking calls and writing down bets and odds with a pen and paper. Those days are over. For more than two decades, every bookie has been using bookie software.

Online bookie software allows any sportsbook to offer sports odds to thousands of players and track odds; amounts bet, amounts settled, and enables them to open and close lines.

Bottom line, bookie software is integral if you plan on hosting more than two players as a bookmaker in today’s online market.

Players won’t tolerate a service they always have to call in or a service where they must keep track of their bets and balances. You need bookie software.

Online Best Bookie Software Programs

Although bookie software should start with offering the spread, moneyline, and totals for all major sports, today’s bookmaker needs to offer more. Here are the types of bookie software programs you need:

  • Sports Bookie Software (parlays, teasers etc.): What makes digital bookmakers the primary way to play online sports is the variety of betting options. Not just spread betting, but up to 12-14-team parlays, teasers, points buying, and even if-bets. You need software to pull off these more complicated wagers easily. Most modern sports bookie software programs let players seamlessly make these choices.
  • Live Betting Bookie Software: Live Betting is the newest way to enjoy sports betting. Bet on every play in a game as it happens. A good bookie software program gives you live betting as an essential option and even offer the ability to stream significant events through the software.
  • Casino Bookie Software: Bookies today shouldn’t only be about sports. Today, casino software is a requirement for any online experience. Having a good variety of slots and casino games like blackjack is expected.
  • Racebook Bookie Software: Although horse racing isn’t for everyone, the Kentucky Derby is one of the most significant betting events of the year. Having a fully-functional racebook within your bookie software program is a big part of what makes online betting so popular.

What is the Best Bookie Software?

Discovering the best bookie software comes down to preference. But we’ll do our best to review as many pay per head sites as possible to ensure you know what the positives and negatives in the industry are. The best bookie software comes from sites that offer as much variety as possible in a clean and digestible way. We want your bookie software to come at an affordable pay per head price and have good customer service to ensure all your questions and concerns are answered.