Finally, you get a chance to say, “pay that man his money …” just like Teddy KGB! Poker is one of the most untapped markets of the pay-per-head business model, as it’s difficult for a bookie to get the software that can host a service between clientele.

But has done it. They’ve released, ClubPoker.

ClubPoker lets your players compete directly with other players throughout the BossAction platform. Something we haven’t seen offered in our pay per head reviews.

Bookies who offer the service will be able to collect rake and tournament fees from cash games. Your players won’t be betting against your odds, but against each other, so you’ll collect fees from all the poker transactions.

The Features Club Poker will offer the following:

Shared Wallet: This gives your players to transfer their funds into ClubPoker. This ensures that when they’re in cash games, there will be no issues when a player wins their hand.

Hands-free Operation: The hassle of setting up an actual poker room is a lot: proper tables, drinks, and experienced dealers. Here, the work is done for you. Cash tables are automatically created, and your players land in the room and can start playing, just like the online poker competition.

Buy-In Limits: Ensure your players don’t go too far in their poker play by setting their daily and weekly win and loss buy-in limits. We feel you won’t want to mess with this feature too much, but it’s a nice feature.

Optional Player Pools: This a cool feature that lets the players between two agents match up and play each other. A great problem solver if you want to offer more poker but don’t have the clientele.

Create Custom Tables: You must reach out to BossAction customer service to make this happen. But you can make changes to your table settings. This a great feature once you start getting feedback from your poker players.

Reports: This will allow you to monitor your players’ wins and losses. But best of all, you can track your rake.

Why You Should Offer Club Poker

We won’t lie to you here. Revenue-wise, poker is a distant third in terms of product channels producing cash. But the lure of poker to mainstream players is huge. It’s a fantastic advertising tool for your other products. Essentially you could use ClubPoker to host players’ poker games. From there, you have a new host of players to advertise your sportsbook, casino, and racebook.

Since the movie “Rounders” came out, poker catapulted itself into the mainstream as a game everyone wanted to try. That’s still the case. So using BossAction’s new feature is a great way to bring in new, green gamblers to your product.

The Type of Poker Offered

They are mainly three types of online poker:

Texas Holdem

The most popular version of poker you’re going to offer. Essentially you receive two cards facedown, the dealer shows five cards on the table, and everyone has to make a hand out of those “community cards.” The best hand wins.

The first two cards are the hole cards and are dealt to each of your players. After everyone has placed their bets, the dealer issues the “flop,” a series of three cards. After that, you place bets again and receive the fourth card – AKA “the turn.” And finally, after the final round of bets, it’s “the river.”

The gamesmanship comes in by trying to build a winning hand yourself and figuring out if your hand beats the competition.

Omaha Poker

Omaha poker has some significant differences from Holdem poker. First, each player is dealt four hole cards and not two. The betting rounds and community cards are the same, but you make the best five-card hand from three of the five cards on the table and two of the cards in the players’ hand.

Essentially, this version of poker gives you more ways to make big hands, which can bring some wild finishes.

Omaha Hi/Lo

This one is unique. Omaha Hi/Lo is a “split-pot” version of Omaha poker where players compete for both the “high” and “low” halves of the pot. Essentially, there will be a pot winner for the player with the highest hand and a win for the player with the lowest hand.

We suggest offering this version of poker when your poker tables are getting stale, and you want to provide your players something different.


You have to try this feature. It’s one of the few you’ll be able to provide to your players in the pay per head service sphere. Give it a shot, and then tell your friends that you finally host your own poker room.