If you’re going to be in the pay per head bookie business, you need a profitable casino. Just like QR codes don’t function without mobile phones, sportsbooks no longer function without online casinos.

There are too many options for players to enjoy, and therefore to have a casino within your pay per head software is something your players will expect. The only question becomes, what casino games and software should you have?

Certain casino games are best to make your profits as large as possible. We break down some of those games and why.


Since the beginning of time, no casino game ups your profits better than slot machines. Unlike card games, slot machines have no real strategy players can employ; no moment where you can exploit its system. It’s simply a game of chance with odds in favor of the house. No matter how players play it, eventually, it’ll fall to the math.

That’s not to say that players can’t win. Players will hit jackpots and garner big wins as often as ever. It’s just that the odds will fall in your favor over time. There’s a reason if you touch down in Vegas, the first game you see off the plane is slots. Yes, at the airport. And casinos are designed to be a windowless maze, so you walk around and play the slots.

The standard slots hold percentage to the house is 5-to-7 percent. That means, on average, for every $1 your players’ wager, the house will hold 3-5 percent – or 3-to-5 cents. The average is based on 10,000 spins, and you’d be surprised how much it holds to that.

Regardless, those percentages seem small but trust us when we say casino empires were built on these numbers. If you get a batch of casino players, slots players are the best bang for your buck. When they hit, they hit big, but on average, the house will hold. And that means steady profit.


While blackjack doesn’t have nearly the house edge slots do, its popularity, simple rules, and keen strategy make it a must-have for any online casino. It needs to be featured to your players at all times. There are several versions that you could offer players, but the one you need to have in your casino is standard six-deck blackjack. That’s the one that players will recognize, that’s the one that has less than a one-percent edge to the house, and that’s the one that has a definitive strategy your players can find and enjoy.

Suppose your pay per head casino doesn’t have any blackjack software. Just stay away.

American and European Roulette

Yes, you need both versions. You’ll have versions that your players like more than the others, but most veteran players will prefer the European version.

Roulette has been around for generations, and its appeal is its ability to give long odds that bring excitement when the correct number hits. The game is easy to recognize and, along with blackjack, might be the first casino game your players run to.

Let It Ride

Suppose you want a table game for high rollers. This is it. Let It Ride is a game of poker that gives players three cards and two community cards – which appear face down. The big part of this game is a player is given two opportunities to withdraw one-third of their initial wager, but if they let it ride, they can triple their initial bet. Imagine betting $500 but tripling your win. Every single hand. Let It Ride makes that happen.

The bonus? If you place a side bet in Let It Ride, certain hands will add an extra payout. Depending on the pay per head casino, some casinos can pay up to 1,000 to 1 or even a progressive jackpot.

Other Casino Games

A couple of others you need to have to ensure profits in your pay per head product.

– Baccarat: Baccarat is a staple in every casino and is for players who want to enjoy gameplay for long periods of time without the risk of heavy losses.
– Bingo & Keno: Two games that are familiar to gamblers and non-gamblers alike, and the hold for the house … huge. If you have the luxury of having a pay-per-head casino with these games, be sure to promote it.
– Caribbean Stud Poker: For the poker fan, this game gives them their fix as most pay per head sites are not yet offering a poker product.


Once you understand what casino games you should have along with a group of players who enjoy casino entertainment. Your work is done. Casino games have been optimized from the beginning to give big wins to lucky players but always give a small profit to the house. You’ll exceed your profit projections if you bring in the proper volume and have the popular games.