PayPerHead Casino Review

There’s a rule of thumb in the gambling business: While the sportsbook and poker room will garner plenty of mainstream interest, the big money comes from the casino. Every casino game in existence has an edge for the house; it’s baked into the pie. Therefore, now that a casino experience can be entirely digital, offering these services to an endless number of players is destined to improve your bottom line as an online bookmaker. It’s only a matter of time.

For that reason, even if your path to gambling came only through sports, every bookie should have an online casino offering. That’s why we’re reviewing the PayPerHead version to see whether it does the job.

Digital Casino Games

Let’s get to the important part first, the games. Without a good variety of games, you aren’t getting an audience interested in the casino product.

Unless you turn the feature off, when you sign a player to PayPerHead, they can automatically access the Digital Casino. PayPerHead will take 10% from the net losses as a commission for offering these digital services, but in our view, it’s worth the money.

Sports Gambling Software

It offers everything you need including eight versions of blackjack (one-hand, multi-hand, double exposure etc.), pai gow poker, baccarat, tri-card poker, craps, roulette (both American and European) and 38 different slots. But that’s not all, there’s also pub favorites like Keno and zip tabs and 18 versions of video poker.

White Label Gambling Software Review

When we tried to play all these games via mobile phone or tablet, we were happy to see they lived up to their statement that their casino was 100% mobile friendly. Everything was available and worked perfectly with mobile devices.

We’ve been around our share of casinos, both online and offline, and there wasn’t anything that we could see missing except a more robust offering of slot machines.

But PayPerHead shocked us with another casino section – Casino RNG.

With RNG, you have two groups of slots at your fingertips: Play Platipus and Play Betsoft. Combined, they add up to nearly 200 slots and even include a couple more table games to boot. If you have a player that loves to experiment with different slot machines, this is a perk to tell them about.

Live Casino Games

For an extra 15% from your net, PayPerHead offers a live casino. If your players have any issue with going purely digital, you can offer a live betting experience with camera and a lovely dealer.

This is a welcome feature in a world that requires masks indoors in most locations. Live Casino included blackjack (with different variations), live roulette, hold ’em poker, and baccarat. The feature worked smoothly for us, and we found it to be a welcome change from the sometimes-lonely digital experience. Also, all of the live games were compatible with our mobile devices.


When offering a casino, the question you’ll always get is, “is it fair?” It will happen. We don’t care if they hit 20 jackpots;
on the 21st loss, they’ll question the validity of your casino.

The good news is we didn’t see anything out of the ordinary after we plowed through the software with different spins and hands. A couple of things agents and players should know:

  • Every casino game uses a random number generator to ensure every spin or hand is fair and ultimately adheres to the game’s hold percentage.
  • With no dealer or wait times, games can go faster.
  • You can lose up to 20 hands in blackjack.

Again, when we played their games stuck to the math. The job of the pay per head bookie will be to ensure players stay happy and keep playing. The math will take care of your bottom line.


You’ll need to know how your casino performs; therefore, reporting is critical.

The good news is as soon as you dive into your PayPerHead account, the reports poor out of the interface.

Immediately you could see your net wins and losses for your Digital Casino, Casino RNG, and Live Casino. Just below that is the exact breakdown but in a line chart.

From there, you’ll be able to see key stats like your top losing players, games with the highest volume, etc. These are key to identifying when you have a high roller in your casino. They could make a more significant impact than any sports player, so knowing how much they’re losing helps you understand if they need some extra bonuses or perks.

Casino Player Limits and Features

If you feel your casino player goes beyond their means, you can turn off the casino in their account features. It could be necessary for a casino player more than any other gaming channel. So it’s excellent PayPerHead offered this here.

They also offered the ability to change the limits for all games. You could even cap the amount a player can win or lose daily. It doesn’t seem necessary now but considering they could affect your bottom line; it’s good to have capped amounts here.


Anyone becoming a bookie probably wasn’t thinking about their business’ casino. But it’s necessary. In an age of one-stop-shop gaming, every bookie offers casino betting. It looks like PayPerHead understood this and made sure they packed their sports betting software with just as much casino love. We’d be surprised to see the competition equal this overall casino offering.

BossAction Casino Review

In a post-covid world, we doubt everyone is ready to hit land-based casinos mask-free in the years to come. Players will gravitate online more than ever, and anyone learning how to become a bookie needs to offer casino games along with their sportsbook software.

That’s why we feel it’s integral to check out the casino software along with the sportsbook for new agents looking for the right site to partner with.

This time, we see what BossAction has to offer, what they can improve on, and what you should look out for.

BossAction Premium Casino Games

If you turn on the digital casino in your new player’s account, BossAction will take 10% from their net losses as a commission for offering the perk. This may appear a bit steep, considering BA only takes your weekly “per head” fee for sportsbook players. But, in our view, this is a steal. Believe it or not, casinos offline and online make at least 10-to-1 of what their sportsbook brings in. If you bring in a healthy group of casino players with deep pockets, giving up the 10% will be peanuts.

This is especially true when we had a look at BossActions casino offering.

We counted 200-plus slots and table games, including the latest 3D slots, classic table games, and many different versions of blackjack and all under the same account. While we couldn’t verify, the customer service team also stated when new 3D games are developed, they’d be added to keep things fresh.

Find Best Pay Per Head Sports Gambling Software

Every game we tried was also mobile-friendly – which is huge. We feel your sports players are going to play these games while they watch a game they bet on. This perk is a massive bonus to selling them on the idea of adopting casino gaming in their betting wheelhouse.

All that, and if your players truly miss the live casino, there’s a live dealer feature.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s essentially a camera on a real dealer who deals your players in and lets them play the basics: blackjack, roulette, baccarat etc. The dealer, cards, etc. are real; everything else happens digitally in your player’s account.

Again, a huge perk if your players aren’t sold about playing a programmed CPU.

Overall great start. The biggest hurdle in the internet age is offering enough variety to keep players interested. BossAction offered more than enough to satisfy your players’ casino curiosity.

Casino Features

Speaking of worrying about players exceeding your payout limits, there’s a feature for that.

BossAction offered the ability to alter the minimum bet and payout limits for casino action. This is huge. Again, you don’t, as a new bookie, want to offer blackjack to a $500-per-hand player with $10,000 in your payout balance. You could lose that $10,000 to one blackjack player in about an hour.

It’s great they offered this to ensure you ease into casino gaming nicely. There’s even a feature to turn off the casino completely if:

  • You don’t feel it’s worth the risk.
  • You’re starting to worry about your player’s ability to control their impulses.

If you’ve seen number two happen with sports betting, it’ll definitely happen with the casino.


Anyone who’s worked in the casino business knows this question will come up: Is your casino fair? This fear is amplified by a nameless, soulless machine controlling your odds of winning and losing.

We checked out BossAction’s casino to find cracks in their software and found a standard random number generator that ensures the odds are exactly what they should be. That means, like casino games from the beginning of time, your players will have wins, losses, and jackpots. There’s a percentage in the house’s favor just like any Sin City casino, it’s just whether your players have the restraint to fold ’em and walk away when they get lucky.

Lucky for you, we didn’t see any progressive jackpots either, so don’t worry about offering a new slot machine and your player winning a million dollars.


A report on your casino progress is much needed in the fast-moving online casino realm. And BossAction made sure they covered their bases.

When you log in, all the visual bells and whistles to understand how you’re doing overall are immediately available:

Win/Loss By Business Unit and a line chart below will break down your net wins or losses between Digital Casino (which has most of the standard games) and Casino RNG (which has most of the 3D slots). A table also tracks your top loser, the player with the highest volume etc.

If you start growing your crop of casino players, checking reports daily might become a daily love/obsession. The money will move fast, and you’ll want to know where you stand every step of the way. It looks like BossAction knows this.


BossAction says you’ll raise your revenue by an average of 15% by adopting their digital casino. We can’t see how they could be wrong here. They have all the games your players desire, the software works well on mobile, and a trusted company distributes it. It’s tough to see any negatives adding this to your players’ accounts. The more you bring in, the more it should increase your bottom line at a speed bookmakers simply can’t compete with.

Aceperhead Casino Review

A casino section must be a big part of an online bookie’s repertoire. No longer can a bookie offer just sportsbook software. Like a casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, it has to be a one-stop-shop for all gambling experiences. Therefore, the expectation when you sign new players to a pay per head site is that it will have a casino included.

To ensure you’re picking the proper pay per head software with casino access, we review each site’s casino product. Next up is Ace Per Head.

Ace Per Head Virtual Casino

When logging in as a player, you’ll find a fairly standard interface that you’d see whether you were a sportsbook or casino player – a plain white screen with a bunch of options. On the right, you’ll see the Casino tab.

From there , you have a chose between Live Casino and Virtual Casino

In the Virtual Casino, our experience had some of the games work pretty slow, and others didn’t have “info” sections to explain how each game worked or differed. However, we did see some solid options:


We saw five versions of Virtual Blackjack when we logged in:

  • Standard six-deck blackjack – an online staple and the go-to for your clients.
  • Single-hand blackjack – blackjack with a single deck. While it gives players an advantage of not dealing with several reshuffling decks, it takes away those advantages with odds changes
  • Double Exposure Blackjack – Double exposure is a version of blackjack where both of the dealer’s cards are exposed. There are some rule changes to favor the dealer to compensate.
  • Blackjack Switch – switch allows the player to trade cards between two hands. By default, six decks of cards are used. The player needs to make two bets of equal amounts and is then allowed to switch the second card dealt with each hand.
  • Spanish Blackjack – A unique version of blackjack without four 10s. Obviously, the rules are adjusted to compensate for that.

Table Games

The table game presentation was a bit lacking. We saw eight table games, two of which were different versions of roulette. But solid staples like Baccarat, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Let it Ride, and Stud poker was offered.


We were a bit disappointed by this variety. We counted just 31 slots in total. A far cry from the 100-plus you’ll see at more casinos or pay per head sites.

The games at least had good variety, but much of the imagery was stale, and they also moved a bit on the slow side. Here’s hoping the platform can add more in the future.

Video Poker

We counted 19 Video Poker variations. But before we could praise them for their variety, we realized that many of those were different software versions of the same product. Same name in all. Two versions of Double Bonus, two versions of Aces & Eights, and two versions of Jacks or Better. We would’ve liked to have hand variations that you see in most Video Poker sections. But we didn’t find it here.

There was also one version of Keno, but that’s about it in terms of the Virtual Casino. Overall, it’s as scaled-down as you’ll find online.

Live Casino

After COVID-19, more and more players prefer to stay at home. It’s good to have a live casino feature to give players “real” access. A live casino allows your players to play casino games with a real dealer through their screen. There are multiple tables and game options: Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, and even Casino Hold’Em.

The dealers are real live women you can even chat with during the game with an online messaging feature. Ace Per Head states it’s available 24 hours per day, but when we tried to access it a second time in the afternoon, it said it wasn’t available. We’re not sure if this was because we were using the demo version of the software.

But overall, the software was accessible, and the dealers were friendly and pretty. An excellent feature for your players to dive into.

Casino Reporting

There was some solid data to sink our teeth into.

On the casino side, you could track each player’s weekly balance, whether they’re up or down, and even which games they’re playing more than others. An extra section called Live Casino Count will let you know how many of your players accessed or used it.

The Hold Percentage stat is something that we could see being useful for bookies—allowing you to track how your players are performing in the casino and can help you track whether or not the software is playing fair.

There was also player chat, which is a solid feature to have a quick chat with your players after a bad run.

Some OK stuff overall. But, we must say, there was nothing get us excited about. We could tell this software was more built for sportsbook players and not for casino players.


Overall we were underwhelmed. We’ve seen other pph software with more table games, a bigger and better variety of slots, and faster overall software. This software is as beginner as it gets and will only serve you well if you have players that aren’t looking to play much in the casino. We feel there are more balanced versions of pay per head offerings out there.

The best part we could say about this casino is it was completely available on mobile devices. Which, in our opinion, is a must.

PricePerPlayer Casino Review

How do you make major money in the bookie business? Maybe a good bookmaker could make it work with just a couple of solid NFL seasons, but nothing beats the power of the casino. There’s a reason why Las Vegas, Nevada, has slot machines sitting at their airport. Slots are fast, the house edge is high, and the games operate on autopilot. And when it comes to online, dealer games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat are CPU operated too.

Las Vegas and Atlantic City weren’t built on sports bets. So if you want to truly grow your business, you need an excellent casino along with your sportsbook software. This time, we look into PricePerPlayer’s online casino to see what they’ve got.

PricePerPlayer Digital Casino

PricePerPlayer boasts that its casino is “no-download.” Though that was a real perk in the early 2000s, we’re past that. Players should expect their casino experience to be exclusive via the web nowadays. It can be a standalone experience if your players want casino only, or it can be integrated with their casino experience.

Here are the games they offer:

  • Casino table games like baccarat, roulette and craps table
  • Slot machines
  • Progressive Jackpots
  • Digital poker
  • Various blackjack games

After looking at these games, we think they look outdated for the most part. Especially when it comes to blackjack, you could tell these games are ancient remnants of early 2000s design. All the games looked like they tried to recreate the felt from the old Vegas strip. It was a good design idea back in the day but now looks as dated as the Golden Nugget casino. And they advertise “digital poker,” but expect video poker along with pai gow and Caribbean stud. You’re not getting a full-fledged Holdem program here.

There were a handful of slots, but again the overall offering was somewhat muted. Games didn’t look as new as some competitions like Payperhead or Boss Action. And there weren’t a large number of options.

PricePerPlayer Live Casino

Live Casino is another feature that seems to be turning into a most for any online gaming software. PricePerPlayer claims it offers “the best live dealer casino software as part of our pay per head service.” We don’t agree.

They offer three games: Live Dealer Baccarat, Live Dealer Roulette, and Live Dealer Blackjack.

Solid offering, but they’re missing Live Dealer games like Super 6 or craps.

On their promotional page, they list out all the “perks” their live casino offers:

  • Excellent video quality: It’s definitely not 1080p or anything, or they would’ve said it. On our screen, it was standard resolution as any other live casino.
  • Dealer live chat: Standard. Most live casinos we’ve test-driven allow players to chat to the dealer or the dealer to chat to players.
  • Video and audio adjustments: The ability to turn off the audio or adjust video, a normal feature.
  • 24/7 live streaming of games: With Live Casino gaming being outsourced 100% of the time, we’re not surprised this is offered.
  • Play multiple games: Three to be exact.
  • In-Browser Play with no download required: This is nice. But we’re not sure ANY online gambling software is downloaded anymore. That’s in the past.

We’re sure you get the gist. Though a nice feature, the live casino offering is as general as it gets and doesn’t separate PricePerPlayer from the competition.

That said, the dealers were friendly and cordial, and games like blackjack had some cool back betting features that players new to live betting will enjoy.

PricePerPlayer Casino Reporting

Most of the casino report offerings were on the same page as the sportsbook offerings, which is disappointing. Sports betting and casino betting are two different beasts with their own sections. Pushing the two together is super confusing.

That said, we did get the info we needed. Features like “Player Management” allow you to adjust limits and even disable the casino if necessary. “Insert Player FreePlay” will be a massive feature once you get your casino rolling. As casino gaming can be fast and furious, your players will need a financial boost every once in a while.

The stat we find most valuable for your casino players is “Hold Percentage.” Hold percentage will allow you to keep track of how your players perform in the casino. Also, you can keep track if the games they’re playing are holding to the advertised casino house edge.

Then there are the easy stats: “Weekly Balances,” “Action by Player,” “Gross Week,” and “Top Player” good overall stats to keep track of your group of players.

Trust us when we say you can offer the most transparent and fair casino in the world, but players will complain about its fairness. That’s why it’s good to have their hold percentages online to confirm their accurate payout percentages. It can show you whether your players might need a crash course on proper blackjack practices or, in rare cases, indicate whether there’s something wrong with the game they’re playing.


We believe if you want to grapple with the big boys in terms of casino offerings, PricePerPlayer is not doing enough. While they hit all the checkpoints in terms of the basics, we didn’t see anything better than the competition. And the online gaming competition is improving – especially within the US market. In our view, sites like PayPerHead or Boss Action offer a more robust casino with a modern look that would help your players believe the casino they’re playing in is legit.

As for the live casino, our view is the same. Just having a live casino presentation would’ve been a big deal ten years ago. Today, it’s almost standard practice to offer live service. For that reason, the “standard’ that PricePerPlayer is offering is OK, but not enough to consider it a big perk for their overall services.

PerHead Casino Review

Having an online casino with sportsbook software is no longer a perk bookies can offer players. It’s a requirement. No self-respecting online offering can offer sports odds in the 2020s without the addition of slots, blackjack, and other casino games.

And this goes for pay-per-head agents as well.

You may think your loyal players will stick with you because you’ve offered lines for years, but eventually, they’ll switch over to a one-stop shop service.

So, if you’re jumping online with a pay per head service, you need to choose one with a good casino offering. We’re reviewing the casinos of some of the major PPH sites; this time, it’s

PerHead – The White Label Casino


Right off the bat, we’ll say what we like about PerHead’s pay per head casino is its white label. It claims to be fully customizable and delivers for the most part.

You can switch up the look of the menus in terms of color and layout, and you can even decide which casino games they can play. We suggest you allow players to see all of them, as every casino is in the house’s favor. There is no reason to withhold any games. Unlike a real casino, cards are reshuffled after every hand; there is no card counting here.

You won’t see any discrepancies when you play on desktop or mobile; everything was functional. However, some of the games looked a little dated in our eyes. Choosing the games was easy, though, and there is a great variety.

Here are some of the games PerHead’s casino offers:


Of course. There’s no point in having an online casino without blackjack. It is the most popular casino game amongst players, new and old. Another positive step, PerHead offers a good variety of blackjack games, including single-deck, single-hand, Spanish Blackjack, Double exposure, and more. Great start.

Video Poker

Video poker has been a big part of casino play since they started putting them into bars across the United States and Europe. It’s a great combination of luck and skill as it combines casino play and poker play into one digitized sandwich. PerHead kept up their solid casino presentation by having a good variety of video poker games: Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, Double Down Stud, Joker’s Wild, and Deuces Wild.

Table Games

These are the casino games from the felt outside of blackjack like baccarat, craps, and roulette. Great, they have these games that round out the casino experience. However, once again, their design looked a bit dated. While games like these work fine with mobile devices, we’d like to see them entirely optimized for mobile as more and more players will be using the platform.


There was variety here, but not many games as we’ve seen from competition like or There’s a good handful of slots like Victory Lane and Jurassic Fire, but we’re used to seeing slots in the hundreds. That wasn’t available here.

Live Dealer

Display dashboard to show overall layout on MOBILE etc
PerHead claims they offer “the most authentic, engaging and entertaining live dealer experience online.” What we ultimately saw was a similar experience we’ve seen on pay per head sites offering this software. Here’s what they present overall:

  •  They offer blackjack, American roulette, baccarat, and Live Blackjack Early Payout.
  •  They claim they offer the most professional, entertaining, and live casino live dealers, but all we saw were the same outsourced live dealers we’ve seen on other brands.
  •  They offer the feature to play, chat, and interact with our friendly dealers who will address you by name—a standard feature.
  •  The live casino is available 24’7, 365 and comprises of an entire casino staff including dealers, pit bosses, and inspectors.

Overall, a solid offer made out to be the most high-end live dealer experience in the business. It’s not.

Casino Reporting

breakdown of costs

The reporting was the same as the sports reporting, but that’s not a bad thing. PerHead famously gives you two types of reporting to check your players: Classic and Dynamic. While the classic looks like a big spreadsheet, the dynamic version adequately split up the data into easy-to-select menus.

Cool features like hotlinks, avatars, and the ability to message your players are great ways to track and help your players on the go. There’s even a mini ticker tab to see your incoming bets. We also like the ability to see your casino hold percentage and fix the wager limits. Although PerHead offers a “Certified Fair Gambling” approved casino product, players will have issues with the casino’s fairness when they’re having a bad run. It’s good to see how the game performed to give your players advice, over perhaps even give them some free play in case the numbers look really bad. Also, the ability to lower play limits could help your players from overspending during a bad run.


If you’ve read any of our other reviews, you’d know by now that we hate when sites overhype their “standard” product. And though PerHead is not too guilty of that … they’re a little guilty. Their pay per head online casino is a solid product, but it’s not as spectacular as they try to make it sound.

That said, you can’t go wrong with their product. It’s solid and coupled with all of PerHead’s other offerings gives you yet another reason to have PerHead as your pay per head product.

RealBookies Casino Review

To run a proper online bookie business, you need a casino. We know some of you old-school bookies would simply take big bets on sports on a daily basis and ignore the casino completely. But you’re missing out on a cash cow if you do that. While in sports, anything can happen to ruin your bottom line, no matter how good your oddsmaking is. Casino play is a near certainty with enough handle and time.

Since the beginning of time, these casino games were built with an edge to the house. The longer your players play, the more profit you stand to make. This is the reason why Vegas casinos are so accommodating to their players. Hit the jackpot in Sin City and watch how hard they work to keep you in their casino just a couple of days longer.

Online casinos are a great way to make some serious coin without sweating injuries, trades, and bad games. Eventually, the casino will always hit the math you need to profit.

So to ensure you choose the right pay per head casino software. Here’s another review, this time Virtual Casino claims your players will enjoy state-of-the-art, Las Vegas-style casino software. When we dove in, we’d hold off on saying it was state-of-the-art. It was fair and offered all the standard games:

  • Baccarat
  • 6-Deck Blackjack
  • Single-Deck Blackjack
  • Blackjack Double Exposure
  • Blackjack Switch
  • Craps
  • Slots
  • American roulette
  • French roulette
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Let It Ride
  • Video Poker (various versions)
  • And more.

The games looked solid, but as we’ve seen regarding these online pay per head casinos. Outside of sites like and BossAction, most of these casino games look a generation behind. That said, they all play fair, using the proper random number generators to ensure they’re paying everyone properly and giving a proper percentage to the house.

The mobile version was also solid but dated. It looked like older desktop casino games stretched to fit your mobile window. It works, but we were hoping for more.

The best part of the digital casino was several versions of Blackjack, including blackjack switch, which is a newer version of the game that allows you to trade cards among two hands played.

Live Casino

Next up was the live casino, a feature increasingly popular for bookie software, especially after the pandemic kept everyone at home.

Their live dealer is based out of Costa Rica, and the dealers featured looked professional and attractive. While they claim that their live casino is somehow above the rest, we didn’t see anything featured that made them better than the competition. Their live dealer was standard, with standard games like Blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

Overall, solid offering but not 100% worth spending an extra three dollars on our pay per head costs.

Casino Reporting

Realbookies uses Digital Game Solutions and Advisor Software Inc. for their reporting software. It’s up to you to decide which software you want to use.

We would suggest DGS, as it’s the most modern software available. The report layouts were solid, and it allowed you to choose different colors in terms of looks.

Some of the features include:

  • Easily accessible player summaries.
  • DGS instant action
  • Agent positions
  • Weekly information on your player’s betting habits, like how much they are betting, when, and in which leagues.

These features allow you to keep track of everything your players are up to in the casino, including keeping track of every spin or hand in case a player has a dispute. Trust us when we say that’s a feature you’ll want to keep around. Players will have an issue with your casino software, and you will need to review their play.

Ultimately, the RealBookies reporting software does the job and allows you to keep track of your bottom line.


Not bad. Throughout our review, it’s obvious to us that is one of those pay per head sites that sit in the middle of the pack in terms of what kind of experience it can offer. But that said, their pay per head costs start at $7 and move up to $10 with live dealer. That’s on par with more robust pay per head experiences like For that reason, it’s hard to recommend them over sites like that.

PayPerHead Agents Casino Review

Two things are talked about the most in today’s more mainstream gaming market. First, online poker is still all the rage in North America after the 2000s and 2010s. More recently, the trend has shifted to sports betting. You can’t watch the NFL on Sunday without watching sports betting ads.

But behind the trends has been the steady earner that outgains them all: Online casino play. An online casino is digital, never closes, and comes down to math that, just like a brick-and-mortar casino, has an edge for the house.

Bottom line, with hundreds of games running non-stop for thousands of clients, it’s a cash cow for anyone with the software. Any bookie looking to be taken seriously needs casino software. Therefore, we’ve been ensuring you know what’s available by reviewing the pay per head sites’ casino software.

This time it’s PayPerHead Agents casino.

PayPerHead Agents Virtual Casino

PayPerHead Agents casino has over 73 virtual casino games. A good number, although this tells us, they don’t have the online slots variety of the competition like and Boss Action. They claim the casino has “certified fair-gaming algorithms,” and we believe it from all the games we played.

You can play for real or for free, another standard feature, and overall the look and layout were a bit dated – a theme with a lot of these pay-per-head casinos.

Blackjack: Along with standard, six-deck blackjack, which is the expected norm, there were double-deck and single-deck options as well. All under the standard rules. The layout of the games was OK, but not as modern or optimized for mobile devices as we would like. The game works but it looks like it was released in the early 2010s.

Slots: Things were lacking here. Some standard online casinos offer slots in the hundreds; some pay per head sites too. So to have under 50 slots is truly lacking in variety, something players need to most.

Also, the “variety” that was available lacked graphics and special features. These slots were standard five-reel fare with multipliers and scatters.

Video Poker: A good handful of video poker games, but the standard. In fact, much of it looked like the same video poker software from other sites. Various versions of video poker, like joker poker and deuces, were available.

Other Table Games: Again, while the presentation didn’t wow us, they covered their bases. There was baccarat, both versions of roulette, craps, tri-card poker, Let It Ride, and Caribbean stud poker. But again, they fit our mobile device but didn’t look optimized for it. And the felt looked dated.

Live Casino

While the digital casino wasn’t anything that blew our socks off, the live casino software impressed us a lot more. The offerings were Blackjack, Baccarat, a game we didn’t get to try called Blackjack Unlimited, and Live Roulette.

These claim to be “streamed 24 hours a day in High Definition Real-Time Video from our state-of-the-art facilities,” which is pretty much what we got. The ladies were friendly and kind, and their digital backdrop looked accurate enough to keep us engaged at the table.

After the generic presentation of the virtual casino, this was a nice surprise.

Casino Reporting

PayPerHead Agents had standard-looking reports, but they provide the casino info and insights you’ll need to keep track of your players.

You can track your casino’s hold percentage, change their limits, check your profits every week and even remove players from casino access should they play above their means.

The best feature we found is the system keeps detailed recordings and digital loggings of all actions to ensure transparency. There will be bet disputes when it comes to casino play. Having the ability to track every hand or every spin is a must.


PayPerHead Agents is a fairly standard site, so it’s not surprising their casino offering gave us an average feel. We liked the live casino, and the casino reports were solid. But overall, we feel you could get that from some of the competition and get a better overall presentation to boot.