The World Cup is not far off now. The biggest team tournament on the planet is upon us. Though in years past, Americans had no interest in World Cup soccer. Now the world’s getting smaller, and soccer, down to Premier League, is becoming mainstream.

This year is an excellent opportunity to cash in on the growing trend in the United States. The 2022 FIFA World Cup begins on November 20th. Here is what your pay-per-head software needs for the upcoming event.

Layout and Interface

If you’re going to be offering World Cup betting to a large group of new and veteran players. It needs to look good. The layout will be everything when you have players betting on soccer, so they understand where to go, what teams are available, and what odds they have to bet on.

The best sites for this are the three following:,, and

We’d put on top, as the menus are clearly marked, and you can see which continent you want to grab your soccer bets from. Yes, there are that many.

We’d put second, as things are laid out traditionally with a side menu for sport selection with the main dropdown menu to place your bets.

Third, we’d go BossAction with a layout similar to that of PayPerHead.


Show one of the reports hereWhile the player layout and interface were close for the best site to represent the World Cup, we must give our full thrust to PayPerHead here. Especially on desktop. Big, clear, and with icons to easily identify each report. This layout will give your players plenty of ways to track what their players are up to during the World Cup events.

There’s even a favorites category where you can map certain types of wagers, player lines, adjustment history, and login history. If you only want to keep track of World Cup events and odds, this report will allow you to do it.

Make Sure It Has Live Betting

Live betting on soccer is a must. Giving your players to bet on every game in a soccer match will help convert the players who have no interest in soccer betting.

With live betting soccer, you can wager on an ever-changing Fulltime Result, 1st goal by Team A or Team B, the Halftime and full-time winner, a draw, or even a bet on “No Draw.” Whether goals will be odd or even, and who wins the second half. There’s even the ability to bet on what exactly the final score will be. Live betting on soccer is thorough and is the perfect remedy for American players who don’t believe there’s enough action in the sport.

Clear World Cup Rules

This has a bit to do with the layout in the sportsbook. Agents should ensure clear rules for players when betting on World Cup soccer. We guarantee the same mistake that’s been made for years will be made on a soccer bet:

  • Players will bet on Team A.
  • The game will go past extra time.
  • Team A will beat Team B in a shoutout.

Your players will come to you expecting a nice payout, but “Tie” will be the winner. Unless otherwise stated, the general rule in soccer betting is that the score is final after extra time. Golden goals do not count. So, if the game ends 2-2 but there’s a shoutout, “Tie” is still the win even if the final score listed by FIFA is 3-2.

Make sure the pay-per-head site you choose has some clearly defined rules in this regard, or trust us, your sportsbook software will blow up with angry World Cup bettors.

World Cup Props a Must

Prop bets are a good source of enjoyment for your World Cup bettors. There are, of course, futures to bet on teams to win the entire World Cup or even win their division. But you can also bet on the Best Young Player Award, the Golden Ball award for the best overall player, the Golden Boot award for the top scorer, or the Golden Gloves award for the best goalie.

Then there are individual prop bets on each game. Bet on which players will register goals in the match or how many stops your favorite goalie will get. These are phenomenal ways to get into every match you’re keeping track of.


We guarantee you will have players asking you about World Cup betting. You can’t escape it. So we suggest you get acclimated with your chosen pay-per-head software so you can handle all their questions and concerns.