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Pay Per Head Live Betting Software

Bookies Need Betting Software

For a bookie to truly deliver the best services to their players, they need proper online betting software. This is found by using a pay per head betting platform as the go-between bookie and player.

We’re scouring the web to find the best betting software to ensure agents attract quantity and quality to grow their bookie business. We go through the trial and error for you!

What is Pay Per Head (PPH) Online Betting Software?

Pay per head betting software provides bookies with sports odds, racebook odds, a wide variety of casino games, and, in some cases, live betting software. A bookie will pay weekly for hosting their players on a PPH betting site. Hence the term, “pay per head.” Meanwhile, all the profits from betting go to the bookie outside of a few exceptions.

What Agents Need from a Pay Per Head Betting Software

A Variety Sports: Believe that if you see it available on another site with odds, your players should be able to bet on it too. Players will ask to bet on nearly anything, and outside anything involving minors, a website will have wagers. That’s why it’s integral for a bookie to choose a PPH site with a wide range of sportsbook bets.

Types of Sports Bets: You can’t just have a bunch of different odds on sports and entertainment. You need different types of bets to keep players interested. Bookies need PPH betting software that offers moneyline, spread, and total odds basics. But also, every PPH site should have parlays, teasers, points buying, and even if-bets. Don’t forget futures, props, and any-and-all racebook wagers are a must.

Casino Betting Software: To truly increase profits, a bookie needs to add a casino component to their sportsbook. We understand most online bookies want to stick to sports, but online players today simply won’t accept not having the option to play some blackjack, baccarat, or a bunch of slots.

Finding a PPH betting site that offers these games and more is necessary for an online bookmaker.

Live Best Betting Software

A couple of years ago, this wasn’t a substantial must-have; it is now. Pay per head betting sites need live betting software. Live betting gives players the ability to bet on games as they happen live. The ability to bet on every snap of a football game or every basket in the NBA Finals is a massive component for today’s gambler. But we believe it’s not enough just to find a site that offers the standard live betting software. Bookies should look for PPH software that provides odds on every pitch, hit, or serve. Also, if a site can stream games, it makes live betting much easier for players and bookies.