PayPerHead Bookmaker Software Review

Any bookmaker in 2022 and beyond needs to digitize their business. Having a pen-and-paper bookie just isn’t going to grab new clientele or improve your bottom line.

After digging into the PayPerHead bookmaker software, we’ve come away impressed that it’s the trusted foundational bookie software it’s advertised itself to be.

Layout & Navigation

PayPerHead did the intelligent thing regarding layout and navigation and kept things simple.

The easiest way to scare away a new bookie is to give them complicated sports betting software. When you log into the desktop version at PayPerHead, it’s uncomplicated blue and white columns with essential data like your Weekly Balance by Player, HeadCount, Dashboard for Last Week, and Account Balance.

As you scroll down, you’ll realize there’s a ton of info, but it’s well placed and displayed. Every window feels valuable to any pph bookie:

  • Won/Loss by unit: How each product is producing for you, including sports, casino, etc.
  • Won/Loss Chart breakdown: A graph showing each overall product performance.
  • Week’s Top Losing Players: Self-explanatory – a valuable stat for any bookie, though.
  • Week’s Top Winning Players: Again, a useful tool for figuring out which players affect your bottom line and why.
  • Events with Highest Volume and Most Popular Events: Integral to understanding what brings the most revenue.
  • Last Logins: See who is active in their account regularly.

There’s no extra fat here which makes the layout a definite plus.

You’ll see the player management side of things when you start navigating menus. It can get a little complicated, but they did a good job here having short sentences explaining everything you’re clicking on and what it does. We quickly understood how it all fit and how much access and depth this software gives us.

The mobile version improves the software by offering menus that fit the edges of your screen and are color-coordinated to avoid confusion. PayPerHead understands we’re moving into an era of tablets and iPhones over home desktops for a large percentage of the population.

Deposits, Withdrawals, and Other Transactions

If deposits, withdrawals, and transfers are an issue, anyone who wants to become a bookie is dead in the water.

PayPerHead’s software clarifies how to move money with its deposit section and subsections.

The Deposit button is in bright green with the categories

  • Make a Deposit: Self-explanatory.
  • Pay me: Withdraw your profits to a personal account.
  • Pay my Players: Dish out your players’ winnings.
  • Track Payments: Keep track of all transactions.

Doesn’t get any clearer than that.

The deposit/withdrawal options are the norm: Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple), credit card, MoneyGram, and eCheck.

Unfortunately, the credit card comes with a 7% fee due to higher processing fees charged by VISA and Mastercard. Also, they’re just not reliable. Sometimes VISA and Mastercard try to block any transactions linked to gaming.

MoneyGram is a bit archaic unless you understand how to get it done online, and eCheck doesn’t seem to be a method available to everyone.

Your best bet is crypto. And that’s not a knock on PayPerHead. The more sites and software we’ve reviewed, the more we realize it’s simply the fastest, most secure, and cheapest method for you and your players to use. So while PayPerHead offering a more affordable credit card option would be nice, crypto seems to be the direction all sportsbooks and bookie software is going in regardless.

Player Management

While on the surface, offering odds is the simplest way to describe bookmaking, PayPerHead was wise to offer a wealth of features to ensure you’re in as much control of your clientele as you want to be.

Getting players in your system is entirely up to you. If you want to meet them one-on-one first, you’re in control of their username and every detail, including their password, products, bet limits, bet offerings, down to whether they can bet online or not. Finding all these details was as simple as clicking the Player Creation icon on the right of our screen, choosing our new player’s name, and seeing a wealth of options.

It may be annoying to ask and enter all these details, but if you flesh things out the right way, you’ll be in complete control. No surprises.

Even after account creation, you have the option to edit their account should their patterns prove to affect your bottom line or if they’re doing something you consider shady and dishonest.

These details are on par with any significant sportsbook back office we’ve seen. Again, PayPerHead has proven when it comes to software design for the individual bookie, they’ve made sure to roll out the red carpet.

Certain features like “Sports Live Plus” or turning on the Live Casino can increase your “per head” costs up to $3. Make sure you know what your players want to use before you pay extra for no reason.

Line Movement

Line movements are also entirely at your disposal. We were shocked at what PayPerHead would let us do, but when we got their customer service team on the line, they cautioned us not to take too big a risk. If you’re a vet bookie, it makes sense to have the ability to alter your bets by a half-point or more depending on the type of players you have, whether they’re new, homers, sharp, etc.

When you head to the Maintenance menu, a category called Line Mover is where the magic happens. This is a very intricate side of betting, so it takes you to another window where you can start making moves. We would’ve preferred staying on the same screen, but we understand it’s a complicated process that warrants a separate window.

Reports, Layoff Account, and Other Features

Overall, if you haven’t noticed by this review, we love the PayPerHead software. Everything is made with confidence. They know what works and how you naturally want to digest information. So much so that they’ve managed to add extra perks to make you never think of going back to old-school bookmaking.

There’s an entire Reports menu that lets you break down every tidbit of your bookmaking history the way you want it. It’s the perfect extra perk for the bookie that wants to be thorough.

Layoffs are also massive for the sharp bookie. When you click on Layoffs (top right of the screen), you’ll see a third screen similar to what your sports betters see.

There, you’ll have every option to layoff your wagers if you feel your players put you at risk. Since the beginning of betting, every sportsbook has used a layoff account to mitigate risk. So it’s a great feature.

Other great features include:

  • Presets: You have three different layouts to choose from on your desktop or mobile device if you don’t like the original look.
  • Betting Notifications: Keep track of your players’ bets by enabling notifications via text or email. When your player drops ten dimes on the Super Bowl, you’ll know about it.
  • Digital Casino Limits: The Digital Casino is its own beast, but you can control how much your players win, lose or bet on a daily and weekly basis.


You may be able to knock PayPerHead in other areas, but bookie software is not one of them. It’s time-tested, detailed, and user-friendly. This is where PayPerHead shines and unless you want every little detail polluting your screen, this is the smoothest bookie interface we think you’ll find.

BossAction Bookmaker Software Review

In 2022, the line between intelligence and profits seems to be an app away. It no longer requires a newspaper, landline, and broker to buy stock. And if you want to place bets, it’s a Google search away.

It looks like BossAction gives new sports agents similar simplicity with its bookmaking software. After reviewing the platform, they’ve managed to take all the most important and complicated aspects of running a bookie business and place it in software that’s simple for a beginner and packs enough detail for an expert.

Layout & Navigation

Despite 20-plus years of building bookie software, the focus of BossAction’s business model seems to be the online gambler leaping to “rookie” bookie. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the layout was inviting and easy to understand when we logged in.

The layout helped our eyes quickly digest and understand what we were seeing. They focused on the eye-catching stats first: Weekly Balance by Player, HeadCount, Dashboard for Last Week, and Account Balance.’

Then they moved to more detailed info: Won/Loss by Unit, Week’s Top Players, Week’s Top Winning Players, etc. Even if you’re new to the bookmaking world, you quickly understand it and why it matters.

If you need more detail, that’s where the above menus come in. Many of the features here allow bookies to set up their new player, including their username, password, features down to whether or not to give them access to the betting site. The drop-down menu can seem like a lot at first, but BossAction put in a savvy feature that offers a quick blurb on each section when you scroll over. We don’t envision new bookies getting confused.

The shock came when we tried mobile, in a word, seamless. The menus fit our phone perfectly. We feel that even those attached to their desktop will convert to the mobile platform when they give it a whirl.

Overall, BossAction is a shining example of how intuitive betting software can be with years of experience.

Player Management

The learning curve for any new bookie is managing their list of winning, losing, happy, and mercurial bettors. Being a pph bookie will always have a little drama with unpredictable sports and unforgivable casino games. Therefore, having the ability to control every aspect of your player’s gaming experience is vital.

Setting up a player’s account is a bookmaker-led process. At first, we found it a little annoying, but realize it’s the best way to ensure the online bookie is in complete control of their accounts.

Even after setting them up, you can set their daily and weekly casino limits, sportsbook limits, or turn off a product completely. Most veteran bookies remember when their player needed a break; BossAction allows you to make these decisions.

You can add other features like Sports Live Plus (live betting with streams of the matchups in the software) and Live Casino. Keep in mind these have additional price points and profit margins.

Layoff Betting

The unsung hero of becoming a bookie who reels in steady profits is layoff betting. It’s been an essential strategy practiced by sports betting agents since the early days of wagering. BossAction understands this and made it easy by highlighting it in yellow in your menu. When you access the Layoff section, every single wager you offer to your players is at your fingertips.

New agents will have moments where bets against the spread are offside, especially if they attract a sharp bettor in waiting. The Layoff could save your bottom line, especially if they start experimenting with line movements.

Line Movement

Understanding your players and shifting lines is necessary. If you realize your players tend to bet heavy favorites, BossAction has you covered by giving you the ability to move the odds in your favor a half-point or more with no restrictions.

Just click on “Live Mover” in the Maintenance drop-down menu. Another log-in screen gives you a wealth of options to shift your odds however you see fit.

It was a bit annoying to require another screen and log-in. However, considering a shift in odds can completely change the amount of action you receive on a wager, it’s somewhat understandable.

Betting Notification

We found a “Betting Notifications” feature via email or text that we think will become huge as you build your player base. Adjust it as you like, and receive info when players place big bets or incur significant losses. There’s a lot of gaming competition out there nowadays, and having this feature will help you keep your players around or ensure your action stays balanced.


At $10.99 to start, the Boss Action betting software is as much bang for your buck you’re going to get in the industry. Bottom line, the interface is slick and shocked us when we used it on our mobile phones. We feel some of the younger audience BossAction is gearing for will dive into the mobile options.

The BossAction software is a great tool to start in the bookie world. And with its attractive design, we anticipate new agents will be experts in a couple of weeks.

If you’re a fresher agent looking for a place to start, BossAction brings it.

PricePerPlayer Bookie Software Review

You want to be a bookie? If so, you need bookie software. Unless you’re working with nothing but senior citizens, it’s no longer smart business to run your bookie service without some professional software. Players won’t accept it.

There are too many online options that allow them to bet how they want and when they want without giving you a phone call. The question now is, which bookie software do you use? We’ve been checking out as much bookie software as possible. This week it’s PricePerPlayer.

Layout & Navigation

PricePerplayer’s overall layout feels like a bit of a throwback. The colors and menus were pretty simple: White background with blue and red text – blue for positive and red for negative. Overall, they offer the following perks:

  • Weekly Balances
  • Agent History
  • Agent Position
  • Player Management
  • Customer Transactions
  • Instant Action
  • Agent Distribution
  • Pending Wagers
  • Player Sites

Weekly Balance had a simple layout that allowed us to see how much money our players had – or didn’t have – with the ability to see what happened this week, last week, or any frame of time we manually entered.

Overall, you’ll get the same look and feel with every menu at PricePerPlayer, along with similar navigation. A somewhat generic presentation, but we did notice a beta for a new, upcoming PricePerPlayer bookie software. It looks like they’re aware a refresh is needed.

Deposits, Withdrawals, and Other Transactions

We’re happy to say PricePerPlayer stepped up into the 2020s with its transaction offerings. The big boys were available, VISA and Mastercard, but expect you and your players to have issues getting money in and out with that method as the US market has a problem with offshore gaming. Moneygram was available, but we suggest you stay away from that method unless you want to run into trouble in a back alley.

Zelle is a great option, as it’s a modern-day Paypal before they became more interested in eBay payments.

Then there’s crypto. In our opinion, the best option for the would-be offshore bookie. With crypto there’s no government-regulated middle man to take a chunk of your winnings. Instead, everything is confidential on the crypto leger. The crypto available at PricePerPlayer was Bitcoin, Ethereum, Light Coin, and Dash. A good assortment of options depends on the amount you want to send or receive in one shot.

We also found the simple ability to offer free play to your players, a great perk with live betting available on this bookie software. Money will go quick, so players will need a handout from time to time.

Player Management

Speaking of managing your players, the software layout was again, generic but outlined everything you’ll need to know about your players.

The Player Management section breaks down every product they’re using – Sports, Casino, Horses – and allows you to turn those features on or off. You can even disable their account or disable their ability to bet online. There’s also a quick breakdown of good-to-know info like their password, credit limit, max wager, and last wager. And again, all these elements can be edited.

Should any transaction disputes occur, you can adjust and fix a player’s account on the fly.

Line Movement

Line movement was found in the “Agent Lines” section and was a pretty generic and jarring layout. We’ve seen some old-school bookie layouts from the late 90s and early 2000s, and it didn’t look any different.

A lot of windows and jargon splattered on the same page with a drop-down menu above to choose which sport you want to look at.

The good news is it looks like PricePerHead addressed this by creating another tab, “Agent Lines New.” This was a much better layout with the major sports on the left side of the screen for easy access. We suggest using the “New” feature going forward.

Another good perk the ability to change a player’s line “type” instead of changing each line individually. Essentially, you can go through a list of types that hedge more on the underdog, on the favorite, or geared towards the sharp players and change what any particular player will see. You can do this for one or multiple players at once.

We also found the ability to delete wagers, which is needed as every player will make mistakes from time to time.

Overall, solid presentation for agent line movement- a requirement of any sportsbook software.

Other Features

Digging through the software we found other cool perks like “Agent Exposure” and “Agent Position.” These two features allow agents to see how offside they may be and if they need to lay off their bets or make some line moves to balance action.

Hold percentage was also available, which is needed to see how a bookie is performing overall. Last but not least, the Call Center feature was a perk we didn’t think we needed. PricePerPlayer gives you a call center with the ability to use your bookie software. Therefore, you can still get their bets in should your web service break down.

However, there’s a cost associated with this depending on your player base and what you need your call-center rep to do.


We thought PricePerPlayer offered a clean presentation. All the standard bells and whistles you’d expect in the 2020s. The customer service feature was a nice touch. However that seems to come with a cost.

But the reporting structure was robust, a huge must for bookmaking.

Perhead Bookie Software Review

Perhead has had a pretty solid overall presentation so far. Good look, good features, and good service. But is their pay per head sportsbook software up to par? By far, this is the most important element for an online bookie. If you can’t track your players, make line adjustments, or move money seamlessly, you’re paying pay per head fees for no reason.

Therefore, to ensure you’ve got a good idea of the bookie software options in the market, here’s our Perhead bookie software review.

Layout & Navigation

Perhead gives you two options for your “back-end” as they call it: Dynamic Reporting System and Classic Reporting System.

While we’ll touch on both, right off the top, we’ll tell you the Dynamic system is the one that best represents modern bookmaking. Here are some of the features they point out on their product page.

  • Mini Ticker Tab – Shows your players’ last 15 incoming bets.
  • Hotlinks – A great feature that lets you create your own buttons for your favorite reports so you can access them easily and quickly.
  • Avatars – Assign avatars to your players and agents to easily recognize them.
  • Management – Manage your players and sub-agents in one efficient report.
  • Message Center – Send messages to all of your sub-agents and players or specific individuals.
  • Mobile – Make Changes, run reports, or change game lines; all the desktop features are available on mobile.

Overall, the layout gives you great bullets that efficiently line up all your type of reports on the left with the details on the right. And, if you realize the info is not easy to find, you already have the “Hotlinks.” This is a great design and something all bookies will find intuitive.

When it comes to the classic system, it’s proof that not everything old-school is better.

Perhead claims that many veteran customers like this interface, but we surmise it must be out of habit. It’s a very numbers-heavy layout, one that would be confusing for the new bookie and annoying to the intermediate. But again, you don’t have to use it.

Deposits, Withdrawals, and Other Transactions

Transactions are the one place where Perhead is really slipping. According to their site they only offer two methods: Bitcoin and MoneyGram, which is a big handcuff to players and agents overall. MoneyGram is almost a non-starter. While the method still works, it’s better used as a last resort as the transaction limits are low, and the process is tedious—picture Western Union but less professional.

There seems to be no credit card option at all. And while we believe it’s a declining option for offshore bookies and pay per head sites because of blocks and high fees, it’d still be nice to have.

The best option for Perhead is bitcoin. Crypto is the best deposit and withdrawal method for players and agents. But the fact that only bitcoin is an option is unfortunate. Unless you send huge lump sums of money, bitcoin’s transaction fees can be a bit high. Other options like Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are out there that sites like offer that give them a bit of an advantage.

Player Management

Perhead offers a pretty robust player management layout. However, it’s very similar to the competition. When it comes to players in your sportsbook, casino, racebook, and even the live sportsbook and casino, you can control:

  • Minimum/Maximum Wagers: Set limits to ensure you bring in the profit margins you’re looking for. The ability to set limits will be huge when you start understanding your clientele and their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Maximum Wager per sport, wager type, and game type: When you identify your casual or sharp players, you can make limit changes accordingly. If you have sharp bets on Russian tennis, we suggest lowing those limits immediately!
  • Ability to delete wagers: A obvious perk. Every sportsbook in existence should be able to do this.
  • Parlay Odds: Though we’ve seen this perk before, this is a pretty big deal to control those monster parlays that can make a bookie sweat. It can also be used to entice your players when you increase parlay payouts in their favor.
  • Teaser Points per sport: Also a good addition. The ability to mess with teaser odds can make these types of wagers more enticing.


The report offerings are standard but, again, valuable.

  • Daily and weekly player account balances.
  • Player History.
  • Open bets.
  • Win/Loss by wager type per player.
  • Player balance and adjustments (bonus, free play).
  • Your hold percentage.
  • Weekly Gross Earnings.

The reports that stand out the most are the ability to see your overall hold percentage and make player account adjustments.

We’ve said it before, hold percentage for you and your players is a big deal when looking how you’re doing day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year. Knowing how you’re holding up after an NFL season will also help you realize what kind of players you have overall, and whether tweaks to your odds need to be made.

For your players, it will help you identify struggling players and allow you to reach out to them before they go bust and leave in frustration. If you see your hold percentage against them abnormally high, maybe it’s time they receive some free play?


Like most of our Perhead reviews, solid presentation, their update to modern, adjustable software puts them in the top half of good pay per head software. However, their lack of deposit options drops them down a few notches. But if bitcoin is the only way you like the book, you’ll be hard pressed to find better.

PayPerHead Agents Bookmaker Software Review

Bookmaking today is very much predicated on having the right software. Players will no longer tolerate subpar presentation and bookmaking that must be penciled in. They want everything to be digital.

Therefore, if you want to be an agent and offer these services to your players, you need the proper pay-per-head site. We’ve gone through a bunch of pay-per-head sites already. This time we’re reviewing the bookmaker software of

Layout & Navigation

PayPerHeadAgents claims to have 22 reports for players to look at. From what we saw, the layouts of these reports were as generic as you’re going to get. Menus were various shades of white and blue with clear but fairly started layouts that take up the screen. Moving around these menus was fairly easy as every report was easy to find and clearly outlined pending bets, your player activity, and a live ticker to see the action as it happened.

There was also a report section that PayPerHeadAgents claim is completely customizable. These menus and this system claim to use the DGS Digital Gaming Solutions software. This company claims with it, “you’re already ahead of your competitors who are probably still using paper and pens to manage their sportsbook.” Woah. OK. If this fantastic software’s only competition is paper and pen agents, it can’t be that impressive.

Sure enough, their presentation was generic when we dove into DGS Digital Gaming. Ultimately, having DGS Digital Gaming as a perk was hyperbole.

Deposits, Withdrawals, and Other Transactions

We saw the ability to use Bitcoin and other major credit cards as payment methods. Although these methods seemed like something that would make your players’ deposits and withdrawals easy, we know credit card transactions often don’t work. We guarantee bitcoin will ultimately be your best option.

Unfortunately, Bitcoin being the only listed crypto option, will make things difficult for your players. The fees for sending bitcoin transactions versus other cryptos could prove costly to players who just want to send $50 to place some parlays. More crypto options are needed to make things worthwhile.

Player Management

Player management was solid as the software offered the ability to track every little thing your players do, including certain bets, certain products, and even putting limits on wagers. This is standard for every single pay-per-head site we’ve reviewed. But it’s nice that they offer it. The ability to change and cancel lines was also readily available, something your players may need, or you may need to do from time to time.

The weird part about PayPerHeadAgents’ presentation is their apparent effort to state that they are doing battle with “Wiseguys.” They claim that they offer “lines so sharp they freak out the wiseguys” and that they “monitor lines from all major Las Vegas sportsbooks.” Again, these are things that are done before the opening odds. Every sportsbook known to man goes by the early Vegas lines. What PayPerHeadAgents is offering to players here is a placebo. These aren’t features for the product or your players.

Other Features

Another thing that the site claims to be a feature because they offer “more sports leagues than any other book.” We did not see that. We saw the same amount of sportsbook offerings as the competition. It irks us when they make claims that appear as something spectacular that just end up being something standard. In our view, it affects trust.


We’ll give PayPerHeadAgents an OK rating overall. This is one of those sites with the barebones basics but tries to promote it as something else in its advertising. What we hope for in the future is if they can back up some of the claims regarding their features to really wow agents looking to be represented by the right pay-per-head site.