PayPerHead Racebook Review

We understand new pay per head bookies would like to focus on their sportsbook offerings and even their casino to some extent. However, you shouldn’t ignore racebook players if you want to host a successful, one-stop-shop betting business.

While sports betting has been a dicey enterprise in the U.S. market, horse racing and its odds have been widely accepted in America since the 17th century. While the U.S. sports bettor tries to catch up to the rest of the world, the U.S. racebook player is well established and ready to play.

Bottom line, anyone wanting to learn how to become a bookie in the U.S. market needs a racebook with their product.Here’s our review of the PayPerHead racebook offering.


Racebooks have a lot of tracks, a lot of wagers, and a lot of horses. The layout is key to giving your players a good racebook experience. The good news the PayPerHead design is easy to understand and made for both desktop and mobile devices.

The tracks are on the left, and upcoming races are on the top. When you choose a track, a list of all available wagers on the race immediately fills your page—info on odds and limits are at the bottom of your screen.

Overall, it’s a standard layout you’d see on most established online racebooks, so it was great they could incorporate it here for agents and their players so seamlessly.

Once you choose the wager you want, click “Add to Bet Slip,” and once confirmed, your bet is placed. Beside the “Bet Slip” is a very-much needed Reports menu that allows players to track their bets placed, final bets, and race results.

Obviously, significant races like the Kentucky Derby and others from the Triple Crown will be available when those events pop up. Expect your players to rely on this software to place wagers outside the standard sportsbook futures.

Overall, PayPerHead’s racebook layout was standard but a necessary standard – no complaints here.

Racebook Tracks

Having a good amount of tracks is necessary, as hardcore racebook players will want a variety of tracks to bet on when they have the time. From what we’ve seen, PayPerHead offers a bit of everything.

All the major thoroughbred and harness tracks were at our fingertips, and the offered locations weren’t just central to the United States either. Tracks from Canada, Australia, France, Japan, and Sweden were all available.

Each track does have a limit of the minimums and maximums you can wager. More well-known tracks like Santa Anita Park had max bets of $1,000 with max payouts of $3,000. Smaller harness tracks had max bets of $100 with max payouts of $500. This is different from the racetracks that base their payouts on the pari-mutuel pool. However, because online books don’t participate in these pools, they go off track odds with their payout structure.

Racebook Wagers

With all the essential racetracks available, we checked whether they had a suitable variety of wagers available for players and agents. The simple answer is they have everything.

Right after choosing your track, you’ll see a lineup of the types of bets available: Straight, Exacta, Trifecta, Daily Double, Pick 3, Pick 4, and Parlay.

Some tracks didn’t have Pick 4 available, but the rest had every type of wager you needed.

Once you choose the type of bet, more options become available. When we picked Straight, options on who we wanted our Win, Place, or Show were there with the amounts at our discretion. The same was available with Exactas and Trifectas, but with the extra perk of being able to box these bets was also added. No superfectas were available, but PayPerHead did add a unique parlay feature into the mix that we found interesting. Essentially, a parlay bet is a bet that rolls over. With parlay racebook bets, the bettor lets their previous bet ride on another bet. Win Parlays are the same but require the winners to come first.


When logging in to your PayPerHead software, your main page lets you track your horse racing product performance. The standard Won/Loss by Business Unit section also follows your horse racing bets daily, as well as the line chart just below.

You can also find out what events are popular for your racebook bets and which should help you with promotions.

PayPerHead provided “big picture” betting statistics, including lifetime bettings, overall player activity, and which specific wagers are being placed if you want to get a broader sense of your racebook’s performance.

These are integral, especially if you’re unsure how much attention you should give your racebook.


Overall, the PayPerHead racebook had us covered better than expected. In a perfect world, you would get the same payouts as you would at a real racetrack, but we doubt you or any other bookmaker wants to take the hit when your player hits a Superfecta filled with underdogs thoroughbreds. Their limits work for the new agent and offer enough to bring in racebook players who don’t have access to a track.

BossAction Racebook Review

You may be new to the bookmaking game, so you may not understand the importance of horse racing in the betting world. It matters.

For decades, the United States has long been the last gasp for sports betting online and off. But within that archaic thinking, racetracks have been perfectly legal. The Kentucky Derby is a haven for cocktails, thoroughbreds, and betting amongst celebs, politicians, and probably one of your grandparents. Don’t count horse racing out in your sports betting software; it’s the first accepted “sports” gambling in America.

Therefore, we want to dive deep into BossAction’s horse racing software to see if it can keep up with its sportsbook and casino offerings.

Racebook Layout

There are a ton of tracks, a ton of wagers, and a ton of info in every racebook. The layout might matter more than any other product.

For BossAction, the tracks are situated to the left, and if your players want to know the latest race they can bet on, it’s on top. Pick a track, and you’ll get a clear breakdown of when the race starts, the bets available, and the horse odds. BossAction understands that you can get overwhelmed by info on a racebook platform. It’s simple and intuitive.

When you’ve chosen your track, horse, and odds, you’ll have the option to “Add to Bet Slip” on the right and confirm it. Simple. The good news is BossAction understands horse racing vets make a ton of bets therefore, there’s a Reports tab that has three links: Bets Placed, Final Bets, and Race Results.

When the Triple Crown races come rolling around, this section will be huge for any and all of a bookie’s bettors. So it’s great that they took the time to lay out things properly.

Racebook Tracks

Good news, BossAction provided a ton. We counted 13 thoroughbred tracks in the U.S. region with three Harness tracks when we checked out the software. Three thoroughbred tracks in Australia and two harness. One thoroughbred track in Canada and Japan, respectively, and even two in Sweden.

We noticed each track had slightly different limits. Some of the more well-known tracks allowed you to wager up to $1,000 with payouts of $3,000. But it could also be as low as $500. This is because no online software could pay track odds unless directly tied to the track. Those payouts are decided based on the pool of players betting at the specific track. Also, it’s to protect you, the agent. You don’t want to be left with the bill if a player hit’s a $100,000 superfecta. The track will have track odds, but the payouts will remain manageable for the agent.

Overall, great variety. If any horse racing fan wants more than BossAction offered for their racebook experience, they’re probably too sharp for your wallet anyway.

Racebook Wagers

BossAction has the tracks covered, but what about the type of wagers? It looks like they had everything outside of wagers that could take your house.

When we selected one of the tracks, we saw a standard layout of Straights, Exactas, Trifectas, Daily Doubles, Pick 3s, and Pick 4s. And we saw something we hadn’t seen in horse racing for some time, a parlay bet.

What we read is a Parlay Bet was like your regular sports parlay. Choose your race result and carry it over to another to improve your payout. You could also do a Win Parlay, which means you have to choose the first-place winner every time. Not easy, but we found this feature enticing, mainly since it uses a language that any sportsbook player will understand.

Other standard horse racing features were available like exacta boxes, trifecta boxes, and all we had to do to decide on price was right it in the bet amount and checked off our horse.

Racebook Reporting

The reporting portion of our racebook experience appeared primarily outside of the main racebook wagering section. The racebook data was mainly the same place you’d find data for sports and casino players. Won/Loss by Business Unit will tell you what your racebook is taking in daily – positive or negative.

You can also keep track of specific bets placed with a wagers’ ticker. Again, racebook bets can rack up quickly, so this is a great way to ensure you know what your players are up to.


We’ve gone through BossAction’s other products and have had an above-average experience. So we weren’t too surprised to see more of the same here. BossAction has delivered another great product that your new and vet horse racing bettors will enjoy. You, as a bookie, may get a little annoyed with the limits if you start getting hundreds and thousands of bettors. But for the new bookie looking to gain momentum and not take big hits, we think this is another excellent product to help build your bookmaking empire.

Ace PerHead Racebook Review

If there’s any product that has the biggest chance of being overlooked by bookies and casinos, it’s the racebook.

Pay per head agents can get so focused on their NFL odds and blackjack hold percentages they forget that some of the biggest days in the betting world are the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, and Preakness Stakes. Not only that but there are thousands of races going on every day around the world.

You’ll miss a big chunk of players if you ignore a racebook product. Not only that, when your players find out they can’t enjoy the Kentucky Derby and bet on the Super Bowl, they may take their services elsewhere.

So, if you want to stay in the bookie business, it’s time to get on board and find a pay per head site that offers a racebook product worth your time. Allow us to help you scour the pay per head web and review the best and worst these sites have to offer. This time, we’re doing AcePerHead.

Racebook Layout

It’s important that you and your players can easily guide themselves to making racebook picks. Especially when you get a slew of new racebook players when an event like the Kentucky Derby kicks off, and when we checked out the player layout, we could say navigating the site was pretty solid.

Things were done in a basic way. Everything in blue and the upcoming tracks were on the left. Once you select a track, you get a basic layout of all the wagers, the horses, the jockeys, the time to race, and the odds. The info was easy to say but almost a little too plain. But it did the job.

AcePerHead says 60% of horse racing bets are placed via mobile. We believe it. That’s why using this software via mobile is essential. And for agents, they did an excellent job of ensuring everything in the desktop version, fits evenly in the mobile version. Every category, every menu all on our device, however, it would’ve been excellent for the product to feature the intuitiveness that has made mobile the preferred method of many bettors.

Racebook Tracks

AcePerhead makes a pretty big boast here: Over 150 horse tracks from around the world. We checked this out, and although we couldn’t see all 150 tracks, we believe that’s due to some not being unavailable due to the season or different time zones. Not only did they offer traditional thoroughbred races, but harness races and even greyhound races were available. And if you’re iffy about the information about these races, AcePerHead allows you to control the wager limits and the payouts. Obviously, you’re not going to give players track odds as you’re not at the track, so that’s not a knock on AcePerHead. Instead, you’ll offer capped odds and payouts. This is standard practice for online racebooks as it’s too easy to manipulate track odds online.

Racebook Wagers

Along with the hundreds of races, they offer every type of racebook bet available. Win, Place, Show, Exacta, Exacta Box, Exacta Reverse, Trifecta Box, Daily Double, Pick 3, Superfecta, and Superfecta Box. We were pretty shocked they offer superfectas to new PPH agents. We suggest putting a limit on those you can handle. Because if it hits, your bookie business could be over before it starts.

Though we love the variety, movement between wager types was annoyingly slow. The screen had to refresh every time we went from Win/Place/Show to an exacta or trifecta. We can see that being exceedingly annoying to your players via desktop or mobile.


Racebook Reporting

A great thing Ace did here was integrate everything you see in the sportsbook reporting into racebook reporting. Therefore, we were able to see viable stats on desktop or mobile from top to bottom – from open bets to weekly balances to overall hold percentage. And should an incorrect wager be put in or an incorrect line is offered, agents can cancel or alter any of these wagers in a way they see fit. But we doubt that would happen as often as it does with sports bets.

While having all the stats at our fingertips is great, the way it’s layed out was a bit of an issue. With about 20-plus categories, we would’ve liked to see things a bit clearer. It works, but it’s a bit of a mess on an iPhone screen.



Overall, the abundance of race tracks is what makes AcePerHead a solid feature for horse racing bettors, new and old. What’s especially helpful is the horse racing product comes at no additional cost. That said, we would’ve liked a more intuitive mobile service for players and agents. As anyone who dives into this will soon realize, it’s a bit of a pain to manage in a sport that needs quick decisions before the horses are out the gate.


While agents should search for a pay per head site that accommodates the upcoming NFL season, they should not ignore other big-money products that are needed as the year progresses. As a bookie, you definitely need a casino to keep your players happy between games. But trust us when we say your players eventually will catch wind of huge horse racing events like the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. Eventually, they’ll be interested in thoroughbred racing.

To ensure you have the right horse racing offer, you need to understand which PPH sites provide the best horse racing product.

Let us help you with a bit of research and some reviews on the horse racing products on pay per head sites. This time, it’s


Player Layout

Perhead had a solid player interface for its sportsbook product, so it’s not too much of a surprise that things look pretty solid here. The tracks are cleanly organized to the left, and once you choose your track, PerHead does a good job of keeping the races separated from the odds so there’s no confusion. Below them is a breakdown of the wager choices, the horses, the jockeys and they’re odds.

There’s even a bit of info displaying the distance of the race, the surface, and the purse—valuable info to the more advanced racebook player.

We saw that things were pretty much the same when we bet on horse racing on mobile. Things were well spaced, although we’ve yet to see an improved layout on mobile that can properly hold all the info.

The picks we made were settled quickly, and we could bet on them all the way up until the horses were out the gate, making the horse-racing experience a solid one.

Racebook Tracks

PerHead boasts over 130 Horse and dog tracks year-round. Impressive. We didn’t see all the tracks, but that’s generally because different tracks come during different seasons at different times. But we did see a variety of tracks, including thoroughbred, harness down to dog racing. That variety all but guarantees the amount of tracks is extensive.

Keep in mind that PerHead does not offer track odds, there are just too many races to track and the odds can get too out of hand. Instead, you’ll have capped odds with capped win amounts. You’ll thank this feature when a player hits a superfecta.

However, PerHead offers a feature that allows you to pay out track odds. Shocking. A great perk if you want to entice a good amount of horse racing bettors. But we suggest spending some time with your racebook product and players before trying out this feature.

Racebook Wagers

We saw every type of wager you’d need for your players: Win, Place, Show, Exacta, Exacta Box, Trifecta, Trifecta Box, Daily Double, Pick 3, and Superfectas. All at your fingertips. Agents can choose which tracks your players will see and which wager types they can bet on – that’ll be helpful if you want to avoid those backbreaking superfectas. You can also set the max wager

Racebook Reporting

The reporting features were the same as the sportsbook features, which is a good thing.

In the reports you will find:

  • Daily and weekly player account balances
  • Player History
  •  Open bets
  • Win/Loss by wager type per player
  • Player balance and adjustments (bonus, free play)
  • Your hold percentage
  • Weekly Gross Earnings
  • and MUCH more!

This is great to keep track of all the wacky race bets you’ll see on a daily basis. Also, it’s good to see all the horse racing bets your players are placing in case of any issues or collusion. The smaller races have a history of housing syndicates, a group of bettors who manipulate the odds to their advantage. The ability to see every single bet coming in will help find these kinds of players.

Hold percentage is also an integral feature as you’ll know how much profit your racebook is bringing in on a weekly basis.


We’ve reviewed nearly every product from the PerHead pay per head site and have always come away with the feeling they offer a steady, solid product. The racebook product is no different. From top to bottom their racebook does the job for agents looking to offer their players a well-rounded horse racing experience.

PricePerPlayer Racebook Review

You might not think it, but you will need a good racebook even if horse racing isn’t necessarily the preferred product of you or your players.

There will be moments during the year where you’ll be wishing you had a racebook product, as the amount of profit and handle will be huge when the major races start rolling.

So, to ensure you’re picking the proper pay per head site that offers the right racebook, here’s our following review. This time, it’s PricePerPlayer’s racebook.

Racebook Layout

It appears that PricePerPlayer uses a third-party product called Agent-Book. It was weird trying out their demo and being brought to a different place.

The good news is you have four choices on what site you display to your players. Ultimately, they all looked similar in terms of layout. One template called seemed to have the best layout for racebook players, as it clearly displayed wagers on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Overall, a solid way to view and make racebook wagers. Although nothing particularly wowed us.

Racebook Tracks

PricePerPlayer offers all the major horse-racing tracks from all around the world. So your players shouldn’t have any issues placing bets on the major tracks. However, where things were a bit lacking was in the smaller track categories. Major horse racing fans like to bet on more obscure tracks, and it appears that’s where this software is lacking. That said, they offer a good pay per head price of $5 per head for racebook-only players.

Keep in mind, PricePerPlayer does not offer track odds. There are just too many races to track, and the odds can get too out of hand. It’s better to have capped odds because track odds can vary wildly and be manipulated by players. A lot of racebook bettors collude with each other to manipulate the odds. Capped odds prevent that from happening.

Racebook Wagers

We’re happy to say the racebook product had the standard wagers your players will need: Win, Place, Show, Exacta, Exacta Box, Trifecta, Trifecta Box, Daily Double, Pick 3, and Superfectas. All at your fingertips. Bookies can also choose which tracks your players will see and which wager types they can bet on – that’ll be helpful if you want to avoid those backbreaking superfectas or tracks that simply aren’t helping your bottom line. You can also set the max wager amounts and maximum track odds.

Racebook Reporting

The reporting features were the same as the sportsbook features, which is good.

In the reports, you will find:

  • Weekly Balances – The balance of you and your players.
  • Agent Position – How up or down you are after a week of play.
  • Customer Transactions – How much your players are depositing or withdrawing.
  • Agent Distribution – If you have multiple agents, it’s the profit distribution and payments.
  • Agent History – Overall, how your product performed over the months and years.
  • Player Management – This is where you can manage your racebook players. Turn on certain features or turn off certain tracks. Set limits or block bad players.
  • Pending Wagers – Any pending wagers your players will have.

There were also other great features like hold percentage etc. Overall, a solid offering. Once again, they used a third party,, to display these reports; therefore, what we saw was fairly generic. We would’ve liked to see a unique design and something that was exclusively for PricePerPlayer.


This was OK. It’s obvious that PricePerPlayer’s plan is to use another company’s software to offer you their services, so you bring them players. Quite the trick-down business model. We wouldn’t recommend their racebook product if you wanted this to be your main focus. We would suggest sites like PayPerHead or Boss Action overall.