PPH Industry News –Pay Per Head, the Next Step in Online Gaming

Congratulations, United States of America, you’ve finally arrived in the online gambling market. You’re about … 25 years too late, but better late than never, right?

Nineteen of 50 states have at least legalized online gambling, and some new sites are starting to pop up here and there. The thing is, the sportsbook, casino, and poker market had long been established in the US before the states woke up.

Because of that, we expect a quick adoption of gaming entertainment over the coming months and years. Gaming is going mainstream. Players who fear online gaming won’t hesitate; players who have already dabbled will make it a regular pastime. We’re past adoption. The question now is, who is next to profit from it?

It has to be the pay-per-head bookie business.

Gambling in the US first hit the big leagues once gangsters legitimized their businesses in the Nevada desert. Then businessmen went offshore and modernized the industry by taking it online. Now, businessmen and politicians within the US are finally catching up to the online world. The next logical step should be for the little guy, the individual online bookie.

Pay per head bookmaking gives an individual the ability to offer a modern sportsbook service without needing to mortgage their home to have the software. Sites like Payperhead.com offer odds, casino games, reports, deposit methods, and a web service to house it all. All for a fee for each player you sign up for your service. Hence the name “pay per head.”
You no longer need a boatload of cash or veteran gamblers to start your own sportsbook for the first time. Pay per head will do it all.

The ability to set up an account with just a couple of players and grow it to thousands without paying for web development, customer service, payment processors, or bookmaking software is the equivalent of eBay helping the aspiring seller. You’d have to buy a store and the equipment to sell your product in the past – the internet changed that, and online selling as a business model exploded. Those that got in early cashed in early.

It’s hard not to see the same happening to the bookie that adopts pay per head software.

What Will Pay Per Head Bookies Be Up Against?

Even though PPH bookmaking is the next logical evolution in gambling, Agents will have competition. With the gambling market going mainstream in the US, we anticipate government will give all the breaks and advantages to the state. The corporation-backed business will appear on TV screens before, during, and after every major sporting event, and casinos/poker rooms will soon follow. However, with tax revenue likely to take a large chunk from these US-based businesses, expect the odds to be tweaked in the house’s favor to compensate.
Eventually, as the new gambler gains experience, they’ll soon realize the odds they’re receiving are lacking. For instance, some Canadian online sportsbooks and casinos have been government-run for years, offer all the games they need and have solid deposit and withdrawal options. And yet, players still invest their hard-earned cash into offshore sites. That’s because the parlay odds they’re given tend to be scaled back, and sometimes the number of teams in a parlay is scaled back to 10 instead of 12 and 14, affecting a player’s chance at a large jackpot. These slight changes include casino games like blackjack, roulette, and craps. With the offshore market around for over two decades, they’ll remain the best odds a player can get online.

And then there are taxes. It’s already becoming common that any winnings from a US-based online site will be cut in half. If a pay per head bookie chooses to run their business within this market, players will eventually flock to where they can keep all their hard-earned winnings.

How Crypto Gives PPH Bookies an Advantage

Although crypto is seen as a crazy investment tool for many, it’s also the perfect way for a new bookie to process money in the 2020s. As we said, government-run websites will grab a chunk of a gambler’s winnings. Crypto will be the best way for players to send and receive their funds while remaining anonymous from the government’s sticky fingers.
Also, with the government pushing US banks to ostracize offshore sites, regardless of their legitimacy and security, it’s easy to rely on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum rather than hope VISA and Mastercard allow your transaction to go through.

Crypto is the future for running an online business without government overreach. We suggest any new bookie become an expert on crypto transaction fees and wallets to ensure that 90% of their revenue is through that method.

PPH Bookies have an Experienced Platform

There’s a story about a government-run site from Vancouver, Canada. Weeks leading up to the launch of their website, they stated their service would be the safest way to play compared to the “shady” offshore sites. But when launch day came, they were immediately hacked, and all the funds were stolen from player accounts. We’re sure the site in question returned everyone’s funds, but the fact they were so unprepared for an online attack is telling.

If a site can’t prevent a hack on launch day, who’s to say the games can’t be hacked? The odds? Account details?

A big advantage for pay per head sites is that many have 20 years in the game. Bookies who use a PPH platform will benefit from working with an established, secure and balanced product. Years of running an online platform will do that. Most of the sites we’ve reviewed have an excellent track record of being protected, like Fort Knox, from cyberattacks. That’s something these new websites are way behind on and are about to have some harsh education.