PayPerHead Overall Review

If you’re a veteran bookie looking to make the leap online, take a hard look at

PayPerHead is a bookie software with hundreds of betting options, casino games, a racebook, and unmatched customer service. They claim to be the best bookie software in the business, and in terms of security and reliability, they could be right.

If you’re a savvy bookmaker serious about your business or a longtime bettor looking to offer odds instead of taking them, they’ve been at the apex since 1997.

PayPerHead sportsbook Reviews By Ranking

How to Become a Bookie with PPH Business Services

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  • 25+ Years Experience
  • Proprietary Bookie Software
  • Collect and Pay Online
  • 100,000+ Customers
Rates start as low as $5.99 per headReviewSIGNUP NOW
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  • Easily Import Your Players
  • Proprietary Bookie Software
  • Collect and Pay Online
  • More Players = Better Deal
Bookie software starting at $5.99 per headReviewSIGNUP NOW
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  • 4 Weeks Free
  • $7 Per Head or less
  • Free Racebook
  • Free Virtual & Live Casino Games
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  • $10 per head
  • Same Day Setup
  • 6 Weeks Trial
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  • Backend in 15 languages
  • 24/7 Call Center
  • 24 Years of Experience
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  • 2 Weeks Free No Deposit
  • $5 Per Head or Less
  • Digital Casino
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  • Pay Only For Active Players
  • Live In-Game Betting
  • 24/7 Access to Accounting Reports
30 Days FreeReviewSIGNUP NOW

20-Plus Years of Reliability

PayPerHead offers intuitive bookie software to handle all your clients’ gaming needs: deposits, withdrawals, and a wide variety of betting offerings to fatten your margins.

But the biggest question new bookies should have is, “is it safe?” With 20-plus years in the business, their reputation remains strong. We haven’t found another pph sportsbook with that kind of pedigree.

So, what are the fees?

The Standard “Per Head” weekly fee is $10.99, a little higher than some of its newer competition, but it’s easy to understand considering its long-standing place in the industry.

Promotional offers are available such as the first two weeks at $0 per head, and right now, it’s free for the next two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.

The standard per player rate gives you a solid set of features:

  • Credit, crypto, and Money Gram deposit and withdrawal options.
  • 80-plus sports league offerings, including live betting.
  • Hundreds of digital casino games.
  • Live Dealer options.
  • Text notifications when your players bet.
  • Customizable reporting.

To ensure a bookie’s players feel safe and secure, they even have services to ensure their bookie is paying players on time. Pay Per Head created the bookie software to help bookies grow their business while profiting with a model that requests a fixed amount per player, and if they’re not active, you don’t pay.

Pay Per Head Sportsbook Bookie Website Software – Review: Set-Up, Interface, and Deposits

Setting up an account was a quick and easy process. Once you call the toll-free number, someone from the 24/7 customer service team walks you through every inch of the process and provides a username and password to get started.

PayPerHead also doesn’t use third-party software like much of the online sportsbook competition; it’s been designing and honing its own for years. The experience shows when you dive in.

Logged-in users see a dashboard displaying active players, profits from every product, billing history, and your Win/Loss breakdown.

We’ve seen bookie software that can be too simple, or worse, too complicated, but PayPerHead does an excellent job of displaying everything a sharp bookie needs without getting convoluted.

We especially loved that everything we clicked or hovered over clearly explained what it did and why we needed it.

Depositing for or paying new players was a simple process. Like we said earlier, the main deposit options were cryptocurrency, credit card, and Money Gram. Crypto seems to be the best route as it’s the most secure and cheapest transaction – credit card comes with a 7% fee that appears to be a standard now.

When players win, and you need to pay up, it’s a simple point-and-click process as well. You can’t miss it.

As for signing up your customers, you need to enter their names within your interface and provide the login info. Once in, they’ll be privy to a straightforward online gaming interface.

There was one drawback. Trying the demo first instead of 100% signing up was a drag. It took time to fill out the form, and a phone call with a rep an hour later was a requirement before test-driving the service.

Product – Casino

If you’re lucky enough to have a crop of casino players, this bookie software’s casino section has few equals. They have hundreds of games, including 3D slots and classic table games like blackjack and roulette. We couldn’t find any glaring differences between U.S. and Euro-based online casinos.

The digital casino does take a 10% cut, but it won’t hurt your profits considering the theoretical hold in casino games. For a 15% cut, you can give players to try a live dealer experience.

We didn’t get a chance to try every game via mobile. But our slots and blackjack sessions were smooth. Customer service assured us that all games were 100% mobile-friendly.

Product – Sportsbook

Everything from NFL wagers to table tennis odds is available. You can even shift the odds as you see fit, whether it’s based on action, injuries, inside info, or just a hunch.

What sets this bookmaker software apart is a feature called Live Plus. For an extra $3, Live Plus offers game trackers for up-to-date stats and info and offers video streams on football and other major sports.

Live betting is quickly becoming a standard option for players who want to bet on “the game within the game,” betting and watching every live bet under one hub is a solid selling point

Customer Service

It’s hard finding real people on a customer service line today. Luckily PayPerHead shines in this regard.

The site displays an easy-to-find toll-free number and live chat while boasting over “15,000 agents” available 24/7 who provide services to over “75,000 players.” While we can’t verify those details, we were able to get in contact with a clear and competent service rep who walked us through every inch of the sign-up process. The agent answered all our bookmaker software questions, and he even gave us an extra tip or two.

Overall, the customer service was a welcome, human touch.


Well-rounded and stock-full of options, PayPerHead was one of the first online bookie software providers on the market, and it shows in its service, security, and time-tested interface. Although the competition may be more aggressive in their price-point and promotions, if you’re looking for the safest online bet for bookmaking along with an unmatched casino, this bookmaking software should be at the top of your list.

Live betting is quickly becoming a standard option for players who want to bet on “the game within the game,” betting and watching every live bet under one hub is a solid selling point

Boss Action Overall Review

As sports betting and pay per head services become mainstream in North America and abroad, BossAction focused its service on newer online gamblers looking to build their own business with bookmaking software.

Adding time-tested elements from its trusted sister-site, BossAction built a sleek, simple bookie software site to allow anyone looking to offer odds for a living can become a pro.

Marketed for Rookies, Built for Pros

BossAction established itself as a safe, secure bookie software by using the same designers and feedback from over 20 years of building its PayPerHead brand. But instead of creating a platform dedicated to long-time sportsbook vets, BossAction keeps things simple for the inevitable influx of new bookies.

Simple look, simple setup, simple design, that’s the feeling we got in the software both on desktop and on mobile devices.

BossAction Software

When we started interacting with the software, it was easy to see that PayPerHead was the main inspiration for its interface. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. New bookies looking to understand what’s required to run a successful pph service need easy-to-understand rules and menus individually explained when you click or scroll over.

The dashboard immediately fills you in on the week’s top losers, winners, events with the highest volume, and “most popular events” – events your players love the most. In our opinion, it’s a reliable way for new bookies to understand how to market their business.

The mobile interface is an improvement over the desktop version. No app downloads required; the content fits perfectly for your screen and clearly defines every section by color.

What could be complicated for a new bookie is when you dive into the “Maintenance” section. Some details like which product you want your new player to use down to whether you want them to have internet access to the site can seem daunting.

Anyone completely new to online booking will need a BossAction customer service agent to walk them through.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Paying on time and getting paid is a premium for a new bookie; that’s why it looks like BossAction is offering a straightforward process with credit card, crypto, and Money Gram offerings.

Your options to “Make a Deposit,” “Pay Me,” “Pay My Players,” or “Track Payments” are at the top right of the screen.

If you’re looking for details on how to make these payments, the Payment Solutions Guide in the same menu will walk you through.

We’ve been around the block regarding online gaming and deposit methods, so we weren’t surprised when there were fees associated with credit card transactions and crypto was relatively free.

Be ready to push new players to crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin when joining BossAction as gaming establishments worldwide have been diminishing unreliable credit card transactions.

Pricing and Other Costs

The pricing starts off elite and then gets into standard territory.

As we kept an eye on the site, they usually had a promotion for as low as $3 per week for your first couple of weeks using their service. Then it went back to their standard rate of $10.99 or $12.99.

$10.99 gets you bookmaking staples like the ability to move lines, layoff accounts, a digital casino, and a notification system for when your players are placing big bets. The $12.99 account gets you all those things plus a Standard Live platform – which offers live betting but with a free video stream on most significant matchups and game tracker.

After that, there are other services for extra fees like Premium Props – a service that offers a prop builder option, and Premium Casino – which essentially gives you more blackjack, 3D slots, and almost every table game your clients can imagine.

Customer Service

As previously stated, customer service is needed for new bookies. And the good news is BossAction is elite when it comes to service options. They have a live chat that pops up as soon as you land on their site (sometimes annoyingly so), with a real person reaching out to help you with any signup needs or additional questions.

But kudos to having an actual customer service line to take our calls. In a time when everything is trying to lead you to an automated service, we were pleasantly surprised that we got an agent on the line and bent their ear for about an hour.

They walked us through everything required to run this software and be a competent bookie.

Product – Sportsbook

Online booking is nothing without a variety of bets, and it’s safe to say BossAction covered themselves in this regard.

Over 80-plus leagues are available, along with live-betting options as well. This is big as we race towards the NFL offseason that leaves the weekends bare outside of March Madness.

If a bookie feels smarter than the listed lines, they can make any line changes they see fit if they’re willing to take the hit if they lose.

The software settles all wagers, and we saw no significant delays when we tested things out during the NFL playoffs. But we doubt things will move as quickly for late-night Russian tennis.

A racebook is available, an extra perk that will pay huge dividends when the Kentucky Derby arrives in May.

Product – Casino

While the sportsbook offerings are pretty standard, BossAction’s secret weapon may be its casino. A bookie ready to make some monster profits will only see the sportsbook as a transition to building a base of casino players. While BossAction takes about 10-15% of your players’ net losses, a standard casino game hold percentage will still make bookie a tidy profit.

We saw hundreds of casino offerings when we added the Premium Casino service, and there’s even a Live Dealer service when players are tired of looking at a CPU.


For gambling enthusiasts looking to finally make this way of life a real business, BossAction has all the foundational pieces to get started.

While the sports features and price points are relatively basic, the customer service, trusted software, and casino offerings are off-the-charts elite. That makes BossAction an intelligent choice for anyone looking for a reliable place to start.

Real Bookies Overall Review

In the growing pay per head industry, a handful of sites have been around long enough to be worth a review. is one of them.

RealBookies cites 20-plus years of experience in the PPH industry from out of the gaming haven of Costa Rica. It boasts other standard bells and whistles like a 24/7 call center, a variety of sports options, and full control of your agent software so you can specify how to make your players happy.

But, are all these offerings up to standard to create a useful bookmaker software? We dive deep for our review.

RealBookies – Next Level Bookmaking?

Again, RealBookies claims over 20-plus years in the game. But besides, “over 20-plus” being a redundant statement, the look and layout doesn’t make you feel like they’ve been in the game a long time. We saw a video showcasing their site from eight years ago, and it looks the same – down to the model on the front.

The overall presentation was light on what set it apart from the competition. And while we appreciate what they do offer, we hoped with over 20 years in the game; they’d have a lot more to show off:

  • Software and Odds: RealBookies claims the software is regularly updated and is easy to navigate. From what we were told, they keep their oddsmaking in-house, working around the clock to keep the lines “sharp.” We would’ve liked to see the option to use the odds of major sportsbooks. We saw a great feature with other PPH software like and BossAction.
  • Features: The claim is they have “mobile accessibility, games and horses.” They have two casinos, but we had to ask before signing up, as their webpage kept this info mysteriously vague.
  • Call Center: Not only do they boast 24/7 customer service, but they claim that your players can place bets by phone toll-free if they have internet issues. We found that an excellent perk, but we’d rather our players reach out to us if they’re having betting issues. This isn’t the 2000s, we hope internet access isn’t a problem for anyone who doesn’t live in the woods. Also, RealBookies charges $15 per head to offer phone service and internet.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: This is a great perk as having someone to verbally speak with if something breaks down is a great feature. They offer to help if you need aid customizing settings, adding new player accounts or any other questions/concerns you have.

RealBookies – Setting Up, Depositing

Setting up was relatively easy, although it wasn’t “instant,” as they said. It took a minute when we entered the signup info, and it simply told us, “We are in the process of creating your account,” and then gave us a number if we couldn’t wait.

Also, no demo was available to test out the software. We had to signup for a demo first. But we’re still waiting for the email that gives us a demo.

The promo also said four weeks free – a great deal – but when we read the fine print, it said you get only two weeks free, with the other two “free” after sending your initial deposit. We’re pretty sure if you have to pay “free” it isn’t free.

The signup benefits also boasted a solid price of $7 per head to start, but we also saw that it was $10 per head in some locations. Make sure you make them stick to the $7 offer, as the message differed from page to page.

As for depositing, they offered Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with Moneygram or person-to-person. No credit card. Although the gaming world is moving away from credit cards, it would’ve been a nice feature. Overall, the depositing was scarce and light on options.

Setting up was OK overall. But we’re getting a theme here of what they tell us versus what they give us.

Products – Sportsbook, Casino, Racebook

Their sportsbook design may be their best quality. Everything looks clean and fresh as if the layout was from your favorite online service. It was all 100% mobile compatible, and everything went down on the main screen, with no extra windows. We didn’t see any significant sports missing. In fact, we didn’t see any minor sports missing. Great work here.

The casino was a bit more standard, a good assortment of games with a Live feature integral for the play-from-home marketplace we’re now living in.

Then there were horses, Again lovely layout. If we were to highlight anything that Realbookies got right, it was the look of their player-facing offerings. Things looked professional and intuitive—something to showcase to your players.

RealBookies – Agent Interface

RealBookies didn’t reinvent the wheel here, but they covered their bases by keeping things simple. Especially for mobile users.

Their agent interface offered the standard weekly stats on their sports, casino, and racebook products, and more valuable tools like a regular bet ticker, and the ability to set limits on all wagers, money spent, parlays live betting.

Overall, you’ll get everything you need to offer your services to a big group of players while tracking all their wagers.

Customer Service

Their customer service lived up to its 24/7 pedigree. The toll-free number was open when we called, and an agent who spoke both English and Spanish was ready to answer all our questions.

The live chat was OK, although they were reluctant to give us much detail until we set up a test account of some kind. Also, I had to say “hello” more than once to get an answer.

But we’re being a tad picky here. Overall, they offer good customer service. However, I didn’t see or hear anything that set them apart from the competition.


This was an OK experience. While RealBookies seems to offer trusted software, nothing wowed us to take them over some other sites. Also, they had a lot of selective wording in their presentation to make the ordinary seem extraordinary.

Ace PerHead Overall Review

If you’re a veteran bookie looking at how sports betting is going mainstream, you understand that you need to leap online to adapt or die.

That’s where pay per head software comes in to do the heavy lifting. A lone bookie can’t compete with the 1000-plus employees of online competitors without some next-level software.

We continue our evaluation of the sports betting software with Ace Per Head.

Ace Per Head – Can They Be Trusted?

In the industry since 1998, Ace Per Head pegs itself as a “trusted brand” with a “100% satisfaction guarantee – risk free”

This is a great start. However, what gave us a bit of pause was the overall visuals of the landing page: very much like competitor sites and

Also, they dedicated one of their sliding banners to “Five Ways You’re Losing Money at Your Current Site,” but when we went through the list, these were fairly empty specifics and promises:

  • Sites go down at game-time: Ace Per Head says it has engineers constantly monitoring server performance and has fewer issues than the competition. But we’ve been around the online world long enough to know every site has and will go down.
  • Missing the Mobile Traffic: Ace Per Head claims that unlike many pay-per-head sites, their site works on ALL mobile devices. However, in our reviews, we believe most sites are mobile-friendly.
  • Line and Grading Errors: Ace Per Head claims the competition makes line and grading errors. But again, every site does this, and we hardly believe they’ll be flawless.
  • Limited Betting Sports Options: Ace Per Head claims they have a “fully loaded board,” unlike the competition. But, again, it’s standard practice now to offer all the sports odds down to table tennis.
  • Watching for Sharps: Ace Per Head claims they’ll monitor and report on sharp wagers in your bookmaking product. Now, THIS is something that interested us and is a great feature that is great for agents.

Again, having agents and reports to watch sharps is a great feature to highlight that could cause you to “lose money at your current site.” Amazing. The rest are blanket statements that were too hyperbolic for us and didn’t solidify our trust – it does more to rattle it.

That said, the “Risk-Free Guarantee” offers six weeks of free service. While we couldn’t verify this perk, it’s reassuring to see Ace Per Head ready to go out on a limb.

Ace Per Head – Set-Up

Signing up was a straightforward process: name, email, phone number, and the number of accounts you’re setting up. Either you’ll get a phone call, or someone from Live Chat will reach out.

The promotions section offered some nice perks, including the “6 Weeks Free” offer we discussed earlier and a 50% discount bonus for the first five weeks, but only with a $250 deposit or more.

We say the best perk was a $4 per head offer before the 2022 March Madness tournament. Overall solid, but we saw as low as $3 from the competition.

Ace Per Head – Interface

The interface, solid. All the features were in the left columns. Everything from Open Bets to Weekly Balances, Player Management, Wager listings, and Hold Percentage. While having all the options in one column was great, we seemed only to have one window available at a time which was a bit of a hassle.

A Hold Percentage report was a great addition considering that a casino is a viable option in the 2022 repertoire of online bookies.

Again, solid. However, we have seen more time creating a visually stimulating landing page at competitive pay per head sites, and Ace seems to be lacking here. That said, you won’t have a hard time finding the info you’re looking for

Ace Per Head – Deposits and Withdrawals

Like almost every sportsbook in the U.S. market, crypto is the main push for Ace Per Head transactions. Ace offered Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Stellar. While we understand Visa and Mastercard transactions are costly and less reliable, it would’ve been nice option to have – it wasn’t available. Gift Card was an offered method, but no specific card was given, and Moneygram was the other option – that method is long past its prime.

Customer Service

Customer service was where Ace Per Head shined.

When we put in our sign-up information, we immediately got a phone call to get us rolling. They even offer phone service to help you switch your player-base from another pay per head bookie.

You’re even given a Personal Account Manager to watch your players and help with any profile changes to help improve your bottom line. Standard customer service also comes in 24/7. You want to set up an account at 1 a.m., someone will be around to help.

Products – Sportsbook, Casino, Racebook

Products are key, and it looks like Ace didn’t offer some good options. We saw every sportsbook bet on the table, including live betting. Where things came up a bit short was the casino offers. While BossAction offered over 100 casino options, Ace topped out at 40. That said, all the hits are there, blackjack, roulette, video poker, and a solid variety of slots.

And last but not least was a fully functional racebook. An online racebook is a crucial addition for grabbing a new batch of racebook fans or mainstream players who want to bet on the Kentucky Derby.


Ace Per Head was a little heavy-handed with its hyperbolic headlines, which curbed our enthusiasm a bit. That said, Ace offers solid software for all types of players, and it’s obvious they’re looking to grab players from their competition. And they’ll say and do plenty to get you on their side. That could be to the advantage of new agents.

PerHead Overall Review

The more America adopts sports gambling as a national pastime (finally), the more mainstream it will become worldwide.

And whether you’re an upcoming bookmaker or a bookie vet who is used to pens and post-it notes, adopting a pay per head model is the smartest route to moving forward.

For that reason, we’ve scoured the net for pay per head sites and their betting software to see the best route for today’s online bookie.

Next up is, a site that has dubbed itself the “white label solution” for bookie businessmen.

Are they? Let’s dive in.

Perhead – The White Label Solution?

While most pay per head sites we’ve dealt with pushed their branding as a selling point, Perhead went completely to the “white label” approach. The pay per head software is yours to brand – logo and style. Although competitive sites like and offer the ability to customize your presentation, Perhead is the first we’ve seen that really puts the feature out there. There’s a hefty price tag to this, though—more on that in a bit.

Explore Sports Betting Software Reviews

Their interface offers several color themes, different sports backgrounds, and different landing pages. The themes and background we felt were a bit overkill, but the landing pages for your players we thought were a great idea. You can select from six themes that’ll make your players feel like they’ve joined a professional, 1,000-plus staff sportsbook and casino. In a saturated market, presentation is everything, and Perhead covered its agents there.

Other features they highlighted included:

  • Fluid Live Wagering: They claim it’s new, but it’s standard live wagering with “new” perks like betting on every swing, shot, and serve. Common for most betting sites nowadays.
  • Over 24 years of experience and featured on the New York Times: Times editor Sam Borden claims, “… It is civilized. It is friendly, for both the bookie and the better.” A nice plug, and with over 24 years in the game, proves the site is legit.
  • Quick Demo Access: We’ve seen some pay per head sites make you jump through hoops for demo access. We’re glad to see the demo was easy to at least see without any registration. We ultimately had to give up our email info to use the demo.

Perhead Setup

Setup was a seven-step process, which was a bit much. But considering the “white label” approach, we understand the extra time and details were necessary.

What we didn’t expect was two white-label options that GREATLY varied in price:

Package A: House Site – FREE

  • Choose from house sites available.
  • Both Dynamic and Classic interfaces are available. Completely mobile compatible.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Package B: Custom Site – $250

  • Choose your own domain
  • Choose from our website templates
  • Choose between dynamic or classic interface
  • Mobile site enabled
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Do not adjust your screen. You read that right, $250. It took until we were within the signup process for Perhead to give us this little “white label” detail.

Perhead may not be for you if you have a stable of loyal players who don’t care that you have your URL and color scheme. In our opinion, it’s way too pricey simply to put your decals on software that is just going to let your players place bets.

But even the Package A prices were a lot compared to others we’ve reviewed., when they’re not running promotions, charges $10.99 per head. The PerHead breakdown was as follows:

– 1-10: $17
– 11-20: $16
– 21-30: $15
– 31-40: $14
– 41+: Call for best priceThat is the highest we’ve seen since we’ve started these reviews.

Perhead Interface

Agent interface was clean, offering the standard pieces of info a bookie needs to keep track of his players. This includes:

  • Daily and weekly player account balances.
  • Player history.
  • Open bets.
  • Win/Loss by wager type per player.
  • Player balance and adjustments (bonuses and free play).
  • Agent hold percentage.
  • Weekly earnings etc.

The interface also lets you control max and min bets, wager canceling, odd changes, etc.

We thought the ability to send messages and do all your reporting via mobile was also a nice touch. Overall, pretty standard stuff. No complaints.

Perhead – Deposits and Withdrawals

This was dicey. We were offered three options for a site looking the most expensive overall: Bitcoin, MoneyGRAM, and Western Union.

It’s almost a travesty that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency available when nearly every gaming site offers Ethereum and Litecoin. And the minimums for Western Union and MoneyGram were $801 and $776, respectively. These will be tough sells for your players if you’re lacking quantity.

Perhead – Customer Service

Customer service was 24/7, 365, and had multilingual helpers. English was their second language, but we’re not expecting AT&T operators in this industry. So, it was pretty good. Their customer service line also included technical support, which was nice. Again, these sites talk a big game with their customer service, and every one seems nice and has an excellent grasp of the offered languages. But it’s hard to know how good their service is until a crisis hits.

We didn’t see any phone wagering available

Perhead Products – Sportsbook, Casino, Racebook

The sportsbook offered all the bets and live bets you need to keep your players interested. We didn’t see anything missing, and they offered a modern, same-screen bet slip that many modern sportsbooks are offering. The racebook was robust as well.

Their casino also had a nice variety, including several versions of blackjack, slots, and even obscure games like Bingo and Keno. They also offered Live Dealer – another nice perk, but nothing we haven’t seen before.


Perhead opened strong with an approach that promised something completely customizable. But this comes at a very high cost. If you truly want your own betting site, with its own colors, logos, and URLs, then Perhead would be a decent way to go. But if you want an online hub to bring in offline players at a reasonable per head price, Perhead has a hefty price tag.

Price Per Player Overall Review

PricePerPlayer is another pay per head site on our review list. Finding your first pay per head site is difficult; this is especially true if you’re a bookie who made their living taking bets in a difficult North American market.

But, if you’ve watched all the gambling ads throughout the 2021-22 NFL season, you know the mentality and laws towards gambling entertainment are doing a 180. It’s time to adopt the digital age of sports and use pph services for online bookie software.

PricePerPlayer takes the stage as the “next generation of sports betting software.” Let’s dive in and see if that’s true.

Is It Really the Next Generation?

The biggest sins we’ve discovered in our growing pay-per-head site reviews are the hyperbolic statements that some of these sites can’t seem to resist.

Unfortunately, PricePerPlayer seems to be guilty of this as well. First, their claim they’ve been around since 2013 – almost 10 years – is great. But then they tarnish it with hyperbole, claiming they have over 75 years of sportsbook development experience. We’re sure they have plenty of online sportsbook vets on their team, but that’s like saying the New York Jets are Super-Bowl bound because their staff and players have over 100 years of experience combined. It’s a math trick that feels like they’re trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Also, when we began diving into the site and its software, we quickly realized that while they offered a good, well-rounded product for new bookies, there was nothing “next generation” about their offerings compared to the competition.

Overall, they claimed to offer a complete sports betting platform with control over odds and limits, live betting, a digital and live casino, horse racing, and a prop builder. These are great features for sports betting software, but sites like offer the same.

So while we’re happy for these perks, it’s not the next generation as they claim.

PricePerPlayer – Set Up

When we clicked on “Get Started,” we were surprised to be transported to another URL, PricePerPlayer isn’t the only pay per head service to use another URL to power their software once you set up your account. However, it was jarring to read about all the things PricePerPlayer would do for us, only to end up at another site.

They claim, “Please note that is not a sportsbook, but a software provider. You are not creating a player account. You are creating an agent account.”

Fair enough. After that, registering our account was straightforward and didn’t require much personal info. We just wish PricePerPlayer didn’t bring us somewhere else so quickly.

Where we were impressed during our setup process was the price points. They should’ve advertised this more than going with the vague and hyperbolic “next generation software” headline.

Five dollars is the highest you’ll pay per head. A competitive price. And once you top 100 players, the numbers get better:

# of Active PlayersPrice Per Players
0-99 Players$5.00 Per Player
100 to 199 Players$4.50 Per Player
200 to 299 Players$4.00 Per Player
300 to 499 Players$3.50 Per Player
500 to 699 Players$3.00 Per Player
700 to 999 Players$2.50 Per Player
1,000 + Players$2.00 Per Player

Very impressive. Although you don’t get every perk without paying extra, you receive almost everything for that $5 fee: Sports betting, horse racing, digital casino, live casino, and access to their phone and internet service.

PricePerPlayer – Interface

The interface is solid. Again, we wish they didn’t set our expectations with talk of “next-generation sportsbook software.” We guess they believed they’d attract new bookmakers who were completely blind to the pay per head sportsbook competition.

Anyway, the layout was a little spreadsheet-heavy. You can tell the go-between software developer created something for multiple pay per head services and not just PricePerPlayer. But you’ll have the ability to see every move your players make. Definitely not a bad thing.

PricePerHead – Deposits and Withdrawals

No complaints from the deposits and withdrawal side. They offered a good variety: VISA, Mastercard, MoneyGram, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and even Zelle. You and your players will be able to deposit and play in the same fashion as most of the industry. Although we didn’t get to try a credit card transaction, we guarantee there are extra fees associated with credit card payments.

PricePerPlayer – Customer Service

Like most sites, they claim to have 24/7, 365 call center services for your pleasure. As usual, the customer service agents who helped us had a thick Costa Rican access, but they were excellent and knowledgeable overall. We’re starting to feel like some of these call centers are outsourced. Some of these services feel the same.

They offer the option of having your outsourced call center agents, which is a nice perk. But of course, it’s for a price. In our opinion, the more you need your players to call in, the worse it is for your bookie services.

PricePerHead – Products: Sportsbook, Casino, Racebook

As we said earlier, the sportsbook, despite claims to being next-gen, was standard. But the standard isn’t bad. They had every sport to bet on, and live betting was in the mix for an extra fee. The casino had the standard hit-list: A good variety of slots, progressive jackpots, and table games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and craps. The racebook was also standard, with a good variety of options to ensure you’re ready for the Triple Crown races.


Overall, we feel PricePerPlayer is a no-frills experience that matches its $5 price point. We wouldn’t be mad at you if you told us you found them online and were using them as your first pay per head experience. But whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we feel there are better overall long-term solutions in 2022.

Agents Overall

It’s safe to say we’ve reached the point in North America and around the globe where sports betting software for bettors has become the norm. Soon, it’ll no longer be about bettors finding a place to play; it’ll be about the next step, becoming a bookie.

So, expect a growing flood of pay per head sportsbooks across the web. The more players become agents; the more bettors become bookies, the more pay per head sites will be a necessity.

So let us continue to put on our scuba gear and swim through the sea of PPH sites popping up over the next decade. Next up,

The Best Pay Per Head Software?

If you’ve read our other reviews, you know we dig deep if we find a site is engaging in hyperbole. So, when we hear “the best pay per head software,” we’ll find out if that’s true.

Here are the Benefits they Outlined:

  • VIP Support: We saw a toll-free number and standard 24/7 chat. This is a great perk, but this is standard, not VIP support. Their phone and text chat was good for us; we just wish they didn’t call it “VIP.”
  • Instant Account Setup: We’re disputing this. Unlike the competition like, we had to register our info to get a quote and price for their services. It took a conversation with Raul, who transferred us to Caesar, who then moved us to Sheila, before we got answers. And the answer was a fairly standard $13 per head. The price is OK, but honestly not great, considering PayPerHeadAgents seems to keep so much of their site hidden. We had to enter our personal info to get a “quote.” Ultimately, it seemed like a ploy to get our data if we decided not to move forward.
  • Pay Only for Active Player: Good stuff. Standard, but good stuff.
  • Live In-Game Betting: Another standard. While live betting is a great perk, we’re not sure PPH sites should push it as a benefit. Every site has it.
  • 24/7 Access to Accounting Reports: We’d hope so. This is like getting 24/7 access to your fantasy football team. Having access to all your accounting reports should be a baseline expectation considering sporting events can happen at all hours across the globe and an online casino never sleeps.
  • Mobile Interface: Great! Mobile is the future, as we have full-blown desktops in the palm of our hands now. It looks like everything was optimized for mobile use on the go.
  • Free 30 Day Trial: Great. But again, the info on the site left this info vague as we couldn’t see how to get this trial without setting up our site and requestion a quote first.
  • Free Racebook: This one made us chuckle. A “free” racebook, you say? This is not a benefit. It’s a base-level expectation. Racebooks are as big as sportsbooks. Find a better option if your pay per head site doesn’t have a racebook at the ready.
  • Virtual & Live Casino Games: Good. This should be expected, but at least they didn’t outline it as free.

PayPerHeadAgents – Interface

The PayPerHeadAgents interface reminded us of the design of PricePerPlayer and that’s not the greatest thing. There was just a lot going on and it was very spreadsheet heavy. That being said, it did claim to have 22 reports designed for bookies and that’s what we saw. We were able to keep track of everything going on with our players with real-time reports, exclusive bet alerts, sharp players, and wiseguy action.

Everything in the interface was fully customizable.

We also could build our white-label site at no additional cost. You can have your very own pay per head site and register your domain name to give your players the idea that they’re dealing with an absolute pro bookmaker

PayPerHeadAgents – Products: Sportsbook, Casino, Racebook

A bookie is nothing without good products, and it looks like PayPerHead delivered okay products here.

  • Sportsbook: They claim to have “lines so sharp they freak out the wiseguys.” We rolled our eyes at that one. Although you never want your sportsbook chock-full of wiseguys, it’s hardly a death sentence. Also, you don’t want lines so “sharp” that it freaks out all your players. We’re sure their odds are standard, and you can change them as you see fit. Though they’re missing one excellent perk we saw offer, the ability to use the odds straight from major sportsbooks.
  • Casino: More than 73 games available. Not bad. We would’ve liked to see more slots, but they covered their bases and gave us all the casino betting basics. They also offered a 24/7, 365 live dealer casino, another norm for all pay per head sites. Players simply won’t tolerate sportsbook-only services anymore.
  • Racebook: They offer over 70 racetracks all year long. Unfortunately, it’s only for harness and thoroughbred races located in the United States. It would’ve been nice to have more global appeal, especially since they advertised this as a lucrative service that was now free of charge.

PayPerHeadAgents – Deposits and Withdrawals

PayPerHeadAgents were surprisingly transparent here. They claim they offer everything from Bitcoin to major credit cards, and it looks like they pulled through. Payments are integrated into the pay per head software to make the process simple and easy for you and your players. Although we didn’t find anything official, most PPH sites charge an extra fee for credit card transactions, so we suggest bookies pushi crypto as the primary deposit method.


PayPerHeadAgents fall squarely in the average category. Nothing we saw wow’d us, not the price, not the presentation, and not the perks. And everything was very hidden from us until we gave them our names and email address. If you’ve burned bridges with some of the other sites we’ve put above this one in reviews, then, by all means, give PayPerHeadAgents a shot. If not, we suggest you read some of our earlier reviews to find the next-level experience you and your players need.

PayPerHead247 – Overall Review

The sports betting world is changing. It’s everywhere in the United States, and every day there’s a new state law making it easier to bet on sports, casinos, or in a racebook.

That means there’s money to be made for an aspiring bookmaker in this booming betting climate. But what if you’re one man with a laptop and an apartment? How do you make a startup bookie business into an online mega site that can compete with the big boys?

Pay per head bookmaking is the answer.

They essentially do the software work for you and let you handle the part of the bookie business that matters: acquiring clientele.

If you’re looking to jump into the bookmaking market but haven’t found a pay per head site to push your services forward, allow us to provide our reviews to help you choose. This time, it’s PayPerHead247.

The Best Software of 2022?

Two things flashed in our faces when we headed to ‘Pay Per Head Leaders – Over 20+ years,’ and ‘ Voted Best Bookie Software in 2022.’

While the first statement should be easy to believe – there have been plenty of pay per head sites that were created in the online gaming boom of the early 2000s – from what we’ve read, there is one of the newer pay per head sites out there. It’s the platform they use that’s been around for 20-plus years. Also, when it comes to, “best bookie software of 2022” we’ve seen no certifications to confirm this.

What we can confirm that PayPerHead247 offers is pretty standard:

  • Free Trial: Most pph sites come with this. Payperhead247 offers a free trial of four weeks free with no deposit required. That’s a plus, as we’ve seen some sites that only last a week.
  • Personalize Player’s Profiles: A lot of PPH sites have this feature, so we wouldn’t use this feature as a deciding factor.
  • No commission to pay and no revenue sharing: This is great, considering they have a casino product. That could really pay off if you happen to have a good pool of casino players. A definite plus.
  • Pay online for active accounts: That’s a good feature as the price range for players can go for $7 per day when a promotion is available and $10 per day standard.
  • Live Chat Support: Not bad. However, it wasn’t the best when we used it. Not to the level of

PayPerHead247 – Interface

The interface has us believe they’re using similar software providers to the competition. What we saw was pretty standard. Software that allows players to place all their bets online via mobile or desktop. Also, the ability to play casino and racebook software as well. We saw the standard group of casino games offering blackjack, baccarat, slots, Caribbean stud poker etc.

The software can be customized in hundreds of ways too. Any feature can be changed; this will be great when you want to organize your reports to ensure you always know what’s happening in your accounts.

PayPerHead247 – Service

The services were solid, but where we became a little annoyed was the inability to get everything set up online.

Instead, we were instructed to all the 1-800 number provided, or put in our info and wait for a call back. This was even required to set up our trial account. This is a big pet peeve as it’s difficult to evaluate the services you receive unless you give them your personal info, which gives them the opening the wan to hound you with calls and emails to try and hook you in.

As for deposit methods, they claim they have “anonymous deposit methods.” We guess that’s a fancy way of saying crypto. Or peer-to-peer transfers? Just say crypto. In our view, crypto is the future of betting therefore, we don’t think pay per head businesses should shy away from the currency. Leaving things vague like this made understanding what methods were available difficult.


There are some pay per head sites that stick out and cement themselves as a bright light in a sea of providers, and then there are the sites that use the blueprint from other PPH’s before them. PayPerHead247 is the latter.

While it gives us a solid overall presentation, there’s not much new you’re getting from this site you couldn’t get from a service that provides a few extra features to make your experience extra special.

Unless you’ve burned your bridges with some of the competition, we’d try sites like BossAction first.

Power Pay Per Head Overall Review

Finding your pay per head site to conduct your bookie service is like trying to choose property. There are a ton of choices at a ton of prices that may or may not be a good investment. But you need to choose correctly.

Finding the right site to host your services will be the key to becoming a successful online bookie. So we continue with steering you to the right pay per head service with our next review: Power Pay Per Head.

See below for our overall perspective on the pph site.

The #1 Pay Per Head Software?

We start things off with another eye-grabbing headline. Power Pay Per Head claims it is “The #1 Pay Per Head Bookie Software” but fails to tell us who gave them this title. There’s no third-party review site or pay per head regulator that can verify this title. So we assume it’s self-appointed in order to grab people’s eye. Think of it like the “New York’s best pizza” of pay per head statements.

Upon doing some digging, we found out that Power is another site that uses Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS) as its platform. That means if you decide to choose Power over the competition, you may still end up with the same platform overall.

Other features Power advertise include:

  • 24/7 Customer Support: The standard feature. You’ll find this on every single pay per head site at this point.
  • Sharp Detection Notifications: This is a great feature for bookies housing some veteran players. This feature will help you stay informed if you have some players playing sharp lines.
  • Personal Account Host: Another great feature. A personal host is great for one-on-one service. Unfortunately, we haven’t used the service long enough to be able to determine if the host are a step up from standard customer service.
  • Prop Builder: This is key in today’s online sports market. A solid prop builder will allow your players to parlay prop bets within the same game. It’s become a big selling point of the regulated competition.
  • In-House Live Betting: We’re doubtful this is in-house, considering Power uses an external software, but the demo looked pretty good.

Power Pay Per Head Interface

The interface is pure DGS. A fairly standard agent layout as you’d see on a majority of the pay per head sites that pay another service for software. Solid dashboard, main reports, wager reports, financials, and player focus. Excuses us for our lack of excitement, but the fact of the matter is we’ve seen all of this before. The layout, one applied to several pay per head sites, is generic in its look to cover as many different platforms as possible.

When it came to the player platform, again, we’ve been here before. The sportsbook had the same game layout and menus we saw from Perhead and others. That said, there was a good variety of bets available, down the political odds. The prob builder was also well laid out.

As for the online casino, once again, the best way we could describe it is generic. There’s a solid group of slots but nothing in the hundreds like some offshore casinos or some pay per head sites. There’s also a good variety of blackjack games, along with baccarat and video poker.

Overall, the services do the job, albeit not at all in a unique way.

Power Pay Per Head Service

A big positive is that the ability to play and use a demo was available immediately. No entering personal information and waiting for a callback this time. You can demo the agent software and the player software, so you know exactly what you and your players will receive. But if you want to get started for real, you’ll have to enter your info and wait for a callback, call the number, or use live chat.

All three were solid options. Customer service was available whenever we called, ready to answer any and all of our questions.

There was also a service offered called Agent Payments 4K. When we dug into it, it basically became a fancy name for an online payment system. Though we were happy this service was available, again, it’s to be expected. Online transactions are a must in this market. Services like credit card and crypto were available to get money in and out.


Not bad. Again, Power uses the DGS platform that many others already use. Therefore, if you’ve gone through any of our earlier pph reviews, you’re not getting anything new for this team.

But, if you already set up your account and are just now seeking reviews to see if you made the right choice. Just know you’ve made a solid investment, albeit a bit of a boring one.

ABCPerhead Overall Review

How many pay per head sites are online? We’re not 100% sure, but there are at least hundreds at this point. That makes choosing the best pay per head service to start your bookie business like choosing a computer or TV screen. There are just too many options now, and sometimes the perks that separate the products are minuscule.

Well, the good news is we’ve stepped in to swim through the sea of pph products to put you in the know. Next up is a cool little pay per head site called

20 Years of Proven Experience

While it seems like a lot of pay per head sites like to throw out the terms “experienced and trusted” like water, it appears ABCPerhead is one of the few with actual history.

ABC states they started as the “ABC Islands Sportsbook” nearly 25 years ago, and changed into a price-per-head service over time. That’s a good sign for agents looking for a trusted site. We’re happy they gave us trust and experience first because ABC is pretty generic and limited when it comes to features.

We’ve got the basics: Line management, agent reports, 24/7 customer service, and the standard gambling products (sports, horses, and casino).

ABCPerhead Interface

With such generic features, we expected another service that uses generic third-party software. But with its updated interface, it appears ABC brought its own flavor to the table.

The ABC version of the agent reports brings some much-needed color to an otherwise mundane part of being a bookie. Everything is well laid out for both desktop and mobile, and ABC did not leave any reports out. Some of the reports available include:

  • New Weekly Balance
  • Web Vs. Phone
  • Agent Gross Week
  • Monthly Summary Report
  • Agent exposure
  • Hold Percentage
  • Online Messages
  • Player Info
  • Products Report
  • Live Wagering Report
  • Free Play Report
  • And more!

We were pretty shocked at the details of these reports. If there was a statistic to measure, ABC offers a report on it.

ABC also added a newer flourish to their player bet slip. Something a bit more modern to the look that Digital Gaming Software (DGS) offered. Their player sportsbook layout looks like a professional sportsbook, with modern-looking menus, bells, and whistles that will make your players confident that you’re offering a sound product. However, the casino section was a bit disappointing. While the menus were good, the games were standard, and we expected more slots. We counted 82 slots overall, a solid number, but we don’t get excited until a pph site hits 100.

The last flourish that impressed us was the ability to change your players’ web design.

ABCPerhead Service

ABC’s services are the standard fare you expect from every pay per head service at this point. Their services are 24/7, and they are 100% fluent in Spanish and supervisors. Unfortunately, no VIP or hosted service if you want something more one-on-one. One cool little feature is when we clicked on “contact us now” on the landing page, it immediately offered to dial up their services via Skype.

You can also start the business via sign-up, where a callback is setup. ABC offers the ability to use a regular website or use a customized one, obviously, for a fee. You don’t have to take this feature, but it’s always good to have, especially when you start to understand your players.

Where things get dicey is the pricing. When we tried their demo, we got details that ABCPerhead offered “excellent pricing” and not much to go on or support. The expectation is around $10 USD, but we can’t say whether they’re offering that.


ABC surprised us. Their landing page did them no favors in terms of selling their pay per head service. But when we dove in, we saw some nice flourishes to recommend them over the more generic tier of pay per head services.

The biggest downfall is the lack of details on how much you’ll actually pay per head. And if you’re choosing between ABC and other competent and creative sites like and, how can you select the site that doesn’t tell you the cost?

BookiePPH Overall Review

While we see big-name sportsbooks and casinos plastering their products all over NFL-sponsored commercials, pay per head sportsbooks have somewhat remained under the radar. The online gaming industry is just reaching the masses in the United States. But this is all old news to those who have been in the betting business since 1999.

Pay per head software allows you to take the next step and become the bookie, not the bettor. The question is, which pay per head software is best? Allow us to help you choose wisely. We’ve done a ton of reviews of the overall pay per head services. This time we’re doing

Booking for Bookies

From the beginning, we could tell that BookiePPH was aiming to attract the more veteran bookmaker who wants a simple, no-frills service that is reliable and works. Their slogan is “Booking for Bookies,” and it’s felt in how they present their perks:

  • Offer Sportsbook, Horse Racing, and Casino.
  • Live Betting
  • Customize players and lines.
  • 99.9% Uptime with Triple Redundancy
  • DDOS and Hacker Protection.

And that’s all they say in terms of what they bring to the table. While these features are pretty bare bones, we appreciate the transparency over some of the other pph services that try to throw flashy headlines at you with no follow-through. Their minimalist approach almost increases reliability over some of the smaller competition.

The services price starts at $8 per month, a competitive price. Some of the competition we’ve seen tries to advertise PPH prices as low as $3 , only for the fine print to show you need 500-plus players – something that’s impossible for a bookie just starting out. So we hope as we dig deeper into this brand their price point remains solid.

BookiePPH Interface

Although we love a pay per head service that plans to keep things to the point and basic, this comes at a price.

BookiePPH looks as generic as they come. The reports are the standard Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS) templates with absolutely no bells or whistles. The good news if you want proper reporting for your pph business, you’ll get it:

  • Daily and Weekly
  • Player Wager History
  • Agent Wager Positions
  • Agent Hold Percentage
  • Real Time Wagers
  • Customize each player’s limits, parlay payouts, and teaser options
  • The ability to open and close a player’s account whenever you want
  • Make payment adjustments to your player’s accounts
  • Individual notes and messages for your players
  • Specific Wager Limits per Sport or Event
  • Amount of Parlay Teams and Max Payouts
  • Teaser Options
  • Specific Wager Rules per Player pr as a Package

That’s a pretty robust reporting package. However, it’s no different than what you’ll get elsewhere, and it’s all on a generic backdrop.

A little more troublesome is what the players will see. There’s nothing horrible, but overall, things look a little dated, which may affect how your players engage with your services.

You have a dynamic and classic interface, but neither look particularly modern. The casino could use a new coat of paint as well, and overall the number of games needed to be higher.

Also, to our surprise, in order to have live wagering, you have to up your price from $8 to $10. Something that comes included with more modern pay per head services like or

BookiePPH Service

BookiePPH offers a standard and much-needed 24/7 customer service team with email and contract numbers when you’re ready to set up your account. And as we said earlier, having a fixed price point of $8 was something enticing to us. However, as we said earlier, the more we dug into this review, the more we realized that $8 pricepoint was another mirage.

We found what they called a “Weekly Bill Calculator.” Which has you enter the following information to determine how much you’ll pay per head on a weekly basis.

  • Average Active Sports Players Per Week
  • In-Play Wagering Players
  • Mimi Blackjack Active Players Per Week
  • Live Wagering
  • Online casino Weekly Lose
  • Horses

When we input five active sports players, with two using in-play wagering and one using mini blackjack, our weekly bill suddenly ballooned to $93 per week. Crazy.

The reason? Well, we found this table that breaks down cost:

  1. 1-50 active accounts: $12 per head51-100 active accounts: $10 per head
  2. 101-500 active accounts: $8 per head

Shocking and … not good. What BookiePPH provides overall is far too generic for them to up their price points.


We started off our review of BookiePPH with optimism. We thought we were getting a pay per head bookie software for bookies, as their slogan implies. What we got is something far too pricey for what you’re getting, and ultimately, we don’t think we can recommend it unless they have an absolutely flawless online track record they could point to.

PelicanPPH Overall Review

According to “The Business Research Company,” The global online gambling industry will grow from $81.08 billion in 2022 to $88.65 billion in 2023. A seven-billion-plus increase in just one year in an industry you could’ve argued was over-saturated 10 years ago.

What does that mean? It means the gaming industry, regardless of its size within the U.S. market, it not slowing down. It’s a Hulk that keeps getting stronger, and the pay per head industry definitely has a piece of the pie. While there are tens of thousands of standard online sportsbooks and casinos, there are also hundreds of pay per head sites to dive into. If you’re someone who’s been a player in the online gaming industry and is looking to be an agent, pay per head is the way to go.

But which pph service do you use to take you there? That’s where we continue to review every pay per head software possible. This time it’s

10 Reasons to Choose PelicanPPH?

As seems to be the case with most of these pay per head bookie sites, the main page of Pelican starts with a big statement: “10 Reasons Why Pelican PPH Is the Best Pay Per Head Software.” Here’s what they provided:

  • Top Agent Tools:
  • a. Player profiles: A standard service that allows you to customize your player profiles and rules.
  • a. Line-type Promos for Clients: This isn’t a feature, it’s simply the ability to change lines and odds if you want as a promotion. The ability to change lines is a feature available with most pay per head software.
  • Super Low Price: This statement is somewhat misleading. While we were excited by the the “super-low” offering of $3 per player, that’s only available if you bring in 500 or more. Which is impossible if you’re just starting out. The standard price goes up to $10, which is solid but not unique. We’ve seen as low as $7 at sites like
  • 3 Weeks for free: A good offer but not a unique one.
  • Pre-Match and Live Sports: This is simply a large sportsbook offering, including live wagering and a prop builder.
  • Virtual & Live Games: Standard casino content.
  • Prop Builder: Standard.
  • Horse & Hounds: A standard horse racing offering. Although it was nice that they offered a lot of tracks.
  • Mobile friendly: Standard, but a must.
  • Quick and easy banking: Crypto deposit options like Bitcoin and Ethereum and more.
  • Top-notch customer service: Standard 24/7 service

Did you see “standard” a lot in our rundown of their top 10? Don’t blame us. Simply everything that Pelican claim is a “perk” or reason to choose them is something you can get from most pay per head sites. Read further to see if they have some hidden gems that they simply decided not to share as a feature.

PelicanPPH Interface

We’ll start with the obvious. Agents and players can go with an old layout for their respective software, which are both avoidable. However, it’s not very functional for mobile, so we wouldn’t suggest using it. The “New Site” version of the player/agent interface is a lot more functional. That said, it looks like some other Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS) layouts with a change in color scheme.

The best perk of their layout is them offering a “White Label” service. Unfortunately, there were no pricing details listed, but the ability to create your very own white-label brand from scratch is a great thing for Pelican to offer agents.

BookiePPH Service

The service we received was fairly standard: 24/7 customer service available in English or Spanish. They were able to answer our questions without issue. But it’s obvious a lot of these services are using the same call centers from other sites. They also had a live chat button that, again, was no different from the others.

The offering of crypto as a deposit option is huge. And we’re happy they advertised it. This will be the go-to for most players and agents as it keeps things discreet for you and your players.


We can’t say we came away tremendously impressed. Things started off with a bang with the whole “10 reasons” deal, but once again, it was ultimately a hyperbolic statement. The 10 reasons are a standard new online sportsbook, and casino bookies should expect from their pph software.