PayPerHead Mobile Review

Anyone looking to run online bookmaking software will need mobile capabilities. Not just for your clients to place bets, but for yourself when on the move running errands.

Simply put, mobile matters. If you can’t do all your business via phone or tablet, bookmaking will become increasingly difficult in the future.

So, color us pleased that although PayPerHead didn’t have an app for us to download, they did have a plan in mind when they created the mobile version of their bookie software.

But is it ultimately the platform you need in a competitive market? Let’s dive deeper.

Layout & Navigation

The instant tell that a webpage is built for desktop only is when you look at the edges of your screen. If you have to scroll left and right to finish a sentence, you can believe they made no adjustments for mobile.

We’re happy to say that wasn’t the case with the PayPerHead agent layout. When you log in, your windows fill the screen to create a more vertical version of the original horizontal site—the same blue menu windows with clear lettering and information.

The layout makes sure your thumb can quickly scroll through the page from top to bottom and see every category.

At the top are the essential basics:

  • Weekly Balance by Player: Your current balance for each player for the week.
  • HeadCount: How many players do you have in your online bookie.
  • Dashboard for Last Week: Your overall player performance for the previous week.
  • Account Balance: balance overall

Then goes into detail as you scroll further:

  • Won/Loss by unit: Your overall product totals from sports, casino, and racebook sections.
  • Won/Loss Chart breakdown: How you’re doing overall in the software.
  • Week’s Top Losing Players: Keep track of your top-losing player in case you need to reach out.
  • Events with Highest Volume: Understand which events (Super Bowl, etc.) bring the most handle to help plan and campaign for the future.
  • Most Popular Events: Same as above but focused more on participation and not handle.
  • Last Logins: Keep track of who is logging in and when..

When you need to get to the more detailed player management sections, click on the three lines to the top left, and you’ll have the menus from the desktop like Reports, Maintenance, Deposit, Layoff etc—again, seamlessly mirroring the desktop offering.

Layout is the big one for a mobile offering, and it looks like PayPerHead nailed the visuals and feel with ease. Navigating the site felt seamless, to a point where we can see many bookies using mobile as their primary means of tracking players and controlling their overall experience.

Player Management

Although many bookies will choose to let their players “ride” and not increase or decrease limits, add or remove features, the ability to make on-the-fly changes to an account could save your bottom line.

It appears PayPerHead made sure all these features were in the mobile build as nothing was missing. When you click the Profile-plus icon, you’ll choose the name, location address, etc., and other options.

Once you’ve gotten the boring details entered, you can choose to change a whole wealth of options, including what products are available to them (Casino, Sports etc.) and their limits.

Certain features like Live Casino or Sports Live Plus will cost you a bit more than the norm per head, so make sure you know what they want before choosing these options.

After all the info is entered, keep track of them with the “Check Player Action” icon just to the left.

User Experience (PPH Agent)

You will not be happy if you don’t have intuitive options to pay your players and get paid yourself. But again, everything was available. Finding the deposit option was easily found in the top-left drop-down menu. It was almost easier to copy and paste our Ethereum from wallet to wallet when it came to crypto.

Paying players was on the main screen beside the other player management, and again, it was a similar experience to our desktop walkthrough.

The most difficult part of our experience was the high-level sports betting options. Both the Layoff and Line Movement options required new windows to use. As anyone knows, the fewer windows on a mobile device, the better. However, this was a similar issue with the desktop version. Overall, all the features to ensure you could place layoff bets or change lines were as feature-rich and straightforward as the desktop version.

User Experience (PPH Player)

Not all your players will be using mobile for their gaming experience, but we believe the number who do all their casino play and sports bets through their phone is growing.

PayPerHead made sure their casino games were mobile friendly, and their mobile sportsbook experience was as impressive as the competition. There may be an old casino game or two that doesn’t quite fit the new phone and tablet experience, but you’ll have few complaints for the most part.


Mobile is the future, and it looks PayPerHead recognizes this. Pph agents need to make deposits, payments, line moves, and player edits on the fly while on the way to their second job or when they touch down after a flight. Also, our phones are as good as any CPU in today’s modern world, so switching to mobile sportsbook software should be easy.

And they made it easy. We’re not sure they could’ve offered a better mobile experience for both agent and player. Though a tablet would provide the best experience overall, our test runs on iPhone and Android devices were just as smooth.

BossAction Mobile Review

The next evolution in bookmaking is mobile.

The industry started with old-school bookmaking with pen, paper, landlines, and a wad of cash. Today the bookie experience is entirely digitized on your favorite desktop screen. But in 5-10 years, we can’t help but see half of the online bookmakers and their players choosing to do business entirely online.

We’re just getting used to moving a screen with our fingers instead of a mousepad. Also, if you look at user experience, everyone from age five to 95 can work and understand a tablet.

That’s why it’s integral pay per head businesses like BossAction give you the mobile service you need before signing on. Here’s our review.

Layout & Navigation

A website has to nail layout and navigation to ensure frustration doesn’t lead to abandonment regarding mobile offerings. Good news, BossAction brought a hammer.

Logging into the software was easy through Google Chrome as it memorized the user and password from our desktop experience. Once we were in, we were impressed with the spacing. While the desktop version was a lot more horizontal, it looked like BossAction took your phone and tablet into account and made things more vertical.

Like the desktop version, the categories provide an excellent snapshot on how you’re performing overall. You’ll see your weekly balance by player, the number of players you have, how you performed the week before, and what’s your overall balance.

Scroll further, and you’ll get your win/loss numbers, top winners and losers, and what games were the most popular or had the most volume.

Everything they provide here tells you that you won’t miss a beat if you go mobile. Good start.

Player Management

Grab enough clientele, and you’ll be managing them quite a bit in your day-to-day life. So working everything through your tablet or phone is a necessary evil.

Adding a new player via mobile proved to offer no issues. Entering a player’s info was tedious, but that was the case on desktop as well. The same wealth of player details to manage their player experience was immediately yours to change.

Everything was in a vertical menu—key options like turning Player Props on or off. You could also allow players to make deposits themselves, offer credits for free play, phone and mobile limits, etc. And if you want to change these settings after you add a new player, it’s also a simple process.

User Experience (BossAction Agent)

Now that you’ve figured out how to set your players up, it’s time to figure out the best way you can benefit from this software.

When we looked to Deposit with BossAction, the process was as easy as we’d hoped. We went with the crypto method, and to get started clicked “Deposit” and chose from “Pay Me,” “Pay My Players,” and “Track Payments.” We used crypto for all these options as the credit card method cost us 7% per transaction. Considering we’ve seen this at other sportsbooks we’ve tried in the past, we don’t see things getting any easier for credit card transactions in the future. We suggest going with crypto.

We also found cool user features that took our experiences to the next level, like selecting page layout presets or manually deciding what appears on your screen. Players will always prefer certain details when they open their bookie software; this was a nice touch.

Last but not least was the Layoff option. For those new to the sports-betting-software game, a layoff bet is when the wager you’re offering is offside, and to balance action, you place a bet yourself with a third party. It’s a long-time practice by any bookie with common sense. However, even though we had to move to a separate window to pull this off, laying off bets was a simple process. Mostly because BossAction made sure the user experience was the same as any player.

User Experience (BossAction Player)

And what about that user experience on mobile? Smooth. Placing bets is a scroll and touch process. Players you sign up will have no issues with placing bets, parlays, or even live betting. The same type of wagers are available on the mobile experience.

The casino offerings were just as good. Every casino game was available, from blackjack to slots to keno, and they optimized every game for mobile devices. Some games even informed us to rotate our device horizontally to ensure the game is being played and experienced correctly.

And last but not least, horse racing. Shockingly, we had every race to bet on with every combination. This feature will be huge as horse racing is a 24/7 experience for hardcore players. Being able to offer all your features via mobile will be essential for seasonal and hardcore race lovers on the go.


Wow. BossAction understood the mission of creating a bookie software that could last to the future. They made sure they packed every feature into their mobile version and did it in the most intuitive way possible. Suppose you’re more into using your phone or tablet than your desktop CPU? You can’t go wrong with BossAction is offering bookmaker software.

AcePerHead Mobile Review

When you become a pay per head bookie, you’ll quickly notice the percentage of your players using mobile devices to bet on your sportsbook software is well over 50%. Mobile is not just the future; it’s the present. And to truly help your bookie business reach its potential. You need to find a pay per head site that makes mobile gaming a seamless and even improved experience for you and your players.

If you’re a bookie looking for a proper mobile pay per head experience, check out our reviews across as many services as possible. This time, it’s Ace Per Head.

Overall Layout & Navigation

We said in our “Overall review” that Ace Per Head had a pretty generic design; the mobile layout was the same. Ace pretty much moved its entire desktop site and adjusted it for mobile.

Navigating was a simple process. There were generic drop-down menus to maneuver through the agent or player site. The site speed didn’t suffer on mobile, and everything we clicked on was quick and responsive.

The color scheme was very simple. Blue and white pretty much covered every section and menu. But, when we wanted to find a game or report, the layout guided us well enough to where we naturally found what we needed.

Besides its straightforward design, our issue with the site was the layout was too close to the edge of the screen. This sometimes made it tough to see the first letter of a word or sentence.

But overall, it did the job.

Agent Experience

Logging into the Agent experience again, you’re immediately on a home screen that has your active player with a breakdown of whether they’re up or down over the last seven days. From there, on the top right of the screen, there’s a huge “Menu” button that gives you a long list of reports and sections you can check out.

The good part of this is that no report was spared from the mobile version. The bad part is it’s a long list of reports to scroll through. We wish there was a more simplified way to show all this information. Also, we couldn’t find the section that allowed us to “layoff” our bets. An integral feature.

When we clicked on standard sections like “Weekly Balances” or Player Management” it was a pretty good, well-spaced experience. However, when we chose “Move Lines” the section was a red, white, and blue mess of numbers and windows. We understand changing or moving lines is not a simple process, and therefore it will always be a busy menu when entering these kinds of sections. But we’re sure there was a better way to lay this out on mobile devices. It was too busy.

Also, you can tell certain sections were properly scaled for mobile but not redesigned for mobile. The “Player Chat” section zoomed in too close when we wanted to type something to a player, and we had trouble seeing the “Send” or “Delete Chat” sections when we experimented with sending a message. And sometimes, the letters and phrases came in a little too small for our tastes.

Overall, functional (again) is the best way to describe or bookie experience.

Player Experience

Logging in to the player experience, you’re greeted with a generic banner advertising their horse racing product. Then you’re immediately asked to “Place A Bet”. The drop-down offered the type of bet we wanted – Straight, Bet it all, Parlay, Teaser, etc. to name a few. Once you decide, you’re brought to a menu of sports that you can check off. Again, it’s very plain and generic process.

We didn’t see any missing sports, although it was difficult to know what was available. The mobile menus were mostly split up into two parts: “Most Popular Right Now” and “Games Up Next.” But when we found what we wanted, the process of actually placing the wager was simple. Our horse racing experience was similar to the sports one. Straightforward menus that allow you to check off your selections and then confirm.

The mobile casino was also practical and functional. Blackjack and other games seemed well optimized to ensure our experience was a solid one. However, we could not go to widescreen on most of the games; things had to stay exclusively vertical. In our view, in this day and age, that’s pretty unacceptable.

Players do at least have access to their “Wager History” to see everything they did throughout the week, as well as an inbox to keep messages.

Overall, we doubt your new players are going to see anything in their mobile sportsbook and casino that’ll make them feel like they’re at a top-notch sportsbook. These sections need a bit of a refresh.


We started off completely ready to accept the Ace Per Head mobile experience. But came away disappointed. It works, and it fits your screen. Those are the two main compliments we can give their setup. But it’s seriously lacking in intuitive design and color. If you have loyal players and you’ve chosen Ace Per Head as your pay per head software, you’ll be fine. But if you want to attract the new gamblers of today who are seeing examples of top-notch online competition more than ever before, they’ll probably be soured by the generic look and feel.