PayPerHead Sportsbook Review

A robust and intuitive sportsbook is the foundation for becoming a pay per head bookie.

With North America’s newfound acceptance of sports betting, there’s a competitive atmosphere in the sportsbook scene. Therefore, if your betting software falls short, don’t expect your players stick around long.

For that reason, we’ve individually combed through the PayPerHead sportsbook product to see whether its sports betting offerings, from agent to player, are worth the signup.

Pay Per Head Sportsbook Software

Sportsbook Agent Features

When you log on to your bookie software, you’ll quickly notice your sports products (Sports and Sports Live) in the Won/Loss Business Unit section. Under that is a line chart giving a visual breakdown of sports earnings versus other products. Both these sections are a great start to giving you a quick view of what your sportsbook is doing with your players.

Then in what we feel is a valuable piece: “Events with Highest Volume” and “Most Popular Events.” It’s crucial to recognize what sporting events are doing well with your clientele. Do you live in New York and realize New York teams are the most popular bets? Did March Madness generate more revenue than the Super Bowl? We loved these indicators as they should help agents understand where they should focus their promotions, time, and overall customer service.

Sportsbook Reports

Outside of the main landing page, the reporting from PayPerHead gets pretty in-depth. In the Reports section, you can track every detail of your customer’s performance, including their lifetime betting statistics, overall player activity, and which specific wagers are being placed and changed on standard or live services.

A report we found extremely interesting is “Bet Line vs. Close Line.” This type of report may go over the heads of someone just learning how to become a bookie. But to a vet, it’s a savvy way to understand if your players are new to the betting game or sharp.

Other great info in this section includes score history and history of wager changes and adjustments. We were impressed with tools that allow bookmakers to grow from novice to advanced.

Why Bookies Need a Pay Per Head Sports Book

Today, a sports bookie needs to embrace the future and offer its sportsbook software online. The way to achieve that is using pay per head sportsbook software.

What A PPH Sportsbook Should Offer

A pay per head sportsbook allows agents to provide sports bookie software to all its players for a weekly fee. Pay a set, weekly fee for every player, and all the odds a PPH sportsbook provides and the profits that sportsbook software takes home go to the agent. To help players, we’ll review a PPH sportsbook’s software to find the best pay per head sportsbook for a successful agent.

Sportsbook Line Moving

As outlined when we checked this sports betting software’s report system, tracking lines is a must to take bookmaking to the next level. That’s because you’ll have the ability to move lines by activating the “Line Mover” in the “Maintenance” section.

It was a bit jarring to open another window to activate this feature. But once we were in, we were flying. Every line move was at our fingertips, no matter how extreme. And we even could shift the odds for individual players. With reports and data allowing you to see where your players place the most money, having the ability to move odds slightly or drastically based on this info is crucial.

Sportsbook Player Profiling

Dealing with your players won’t be just about reports, shifting lines, and processing payouts. You’ll have some work to do when signing them up.

If you truly want to control your sports betting revenue, you’ll need to specify what your players will see and do when you sign them up.

When we clicked on the “Create Player” icon, we entered our new player info and had a bevy of options to limit or increase their sports options, including:

  • Internet Access: Whether or not you want players placing wagers.
  • Sports Live: If you want to offer Live Betting or not.
  • Sports Live Standard or Plus: One comes with video streaming, one without.
  • Virtual Sports On/Off: Virtual sports is computerized horse racing etc.
  • Online/Phone Minimum and Maximum: Decide how much a player can bet via phone or internet.
  • Line Type: This allows you to automatically duplicate the odds offerings of big-name books like BetCris or Bodog.

Best Sports Betting System Software

And to keep track of what type of bets are placed, you can select notifications via text or email. A lot goes into profiling and tracking your sportsbook players, and PayPerHead managed to pack it in.

Sportsbook Odds – Agents and Players

With all those cool features and details, we’re sure you’re wondering … how’s the sportsbook? Good news is it has any and everything any major sportsbook with skin in the game offers – everything from the NFL to table tennis. Prop betting on all the major sports—parlays, teasers, If Bets, Quarter, half, and horse racing. We didn’t see anything missing when combing through.

As we touched on earlier, live betting was available in two forms: Standard Live Betting and Live Betting Plus. Live Betting Plus costs an extra fee but adds the ability to stream your live Betting game through the software. The obscure games we wanted to live bet on weren’t available on the stream, but it was still a nice touch to make the live betting experiences even more accessible.

As layoff betting is essential to any bookie who wants to protect himself from offside action, there is a Layoff section for agents to give them the ability to place sports wagers. We didn’t see any feature missing from the player experience.


The PayPerHead site and software were built to bring the sports bookie experience online. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that its sportsbook had all the trappings. Whether you’re just starting, or you’ve been in the bookie business for a long time, the PayPerHead sportsbook is above most of the competition when it comes to reporting, features, and of course, the sports betting.

BossAction Sportsbook Review

If you want to be a successful bookie, you have to be organized, detailed, and informed in the sports portion of your software.

If you offer an online casino, outside of occasional troubleshooting, it runs itself. Offering sports betting software needs proper attention, and therefore the pay per head software chosen needs to be competent to get your bookie business off the ground.

For that reason, we’re focusing on the sportsbook offering for some of our pay per head software reviews—this time, we see if BossAction has what it takes.

BossAction Agent Features

When we logged in, it quickly became apparent that BossAction wants you to know and understand exactly what your players are doing.

The Won/Loss Business Unit section for Sports and Sports Live was immediately in our face to give us a net breakdown of what our players have lost or gained. Next was a line chart telling us visually what products are most successful for you.

Just below that is ultra-valuable info like “Events with Highest Volume” and “Most Popular Events.” With these stats, any new BossAction agents will soon understand which events and sports need the most or least attention. Especially if you have a large group of players from a specific state or country you’re not familiar with. Knowing what they like and what events will garner the most wagers goes a long way to understanding what may need extra promotional offers.

BossAction Sports Reports

You’re going to have hundreds of sports bets from potentially hundreds of players. A proper reporting system from your sportsbook software gives you the upper hand. BossAction provides some of that with a reports section that allows you to check every detail of your player’s performance. Lifetime betting statistics, overall player activity, what odds are being placed, and whether it’s on an opening line, closing line, or changed line.

PPH Sports Bookie Software Online

Other excellent reports include score history and a history of wager changes and adjustments. Reports like these allow new bookies to track and understand how much they’re altering odds and whether it affects their bottom line. BossAction did great work here, offering a robust reporting section for new and old bookies to explore.

BossAction Line Moving

It may not be a big deal when you start bookmaking, but eventually, as your skills grow as a bookie, you’ll start looking to change lines based on how your players like to place bets. If they lean on favorites, you may want to change the line by half a point. If they’re sharp betters and go for double-digit dogs, you may want to decrease the underdog odds by a point or two.

BossAction allows you to do this by going to the “Maintenance” section and clicking “Line Mover.” Once you log in to another section, every single line is at your disposal to alter as you see fit. You could even shift the odds of individual players if you notice some are doing things differently than others, affecting your bottom line.

BossAction Player Profiling

The BossAction player profile section gave us complete access to mold our players’ experience as we saw fit, including:

  • Internet Access: Turn it off to keep players from web access.
  • Sports Live: Decide whether they require live betting access.
  • Sports Live Standard or Plus: Sports Live Plus costs extra but includes in-software streams of big games.
  • Virtual Sports On/Off: Virtual sports like computerized basketball or horse racing etc.
  • Online/Phone Minimum and Maximum: You can decide minimums and maximums you want your players to wager online or by phone.
  • Line Type: If you like the odds of a particular sportsbook, this gives you the option including, BetCris and Bovada.

You can choose these options when signing your new players up or edit their profiles afterward. There was also an opportunity to be notified via text or email of what bets were being placed. It’s a perfect way to prevent any players from exploiting bad lines or placing larger-than-normal bets that could seriously put you offside. As a bookie’s list of players grows, it becomes more difficult to track which player is doing what. It’s a crucial feature to be notified when wagers get out of hand.

BossAction Odds – Agents & Players

Now the important part, how are the sportsbook odds?

We were happy to see that BossAction has been thorough with its sportsbook offerings. The sportsbook included major sports like the NFL and NBA and offered odds on the game, quarter and half. But the sports offerings don’t end there. There was everything from tennis to table tennis at our fingertips.

BossAction understands that the book with the most options rules online, so they threw every sport available into the software.

As for types of bets, no stone was left unturned. Spread, total, moneyline, teasers, parlays, and props were all at our fingertips.

And when we wanted to up the adrenaline of our sports betting experience, Live Betting is a massive feature for players. The ability to bet on every play in a matchup has become a big part of the sports betting experience. And as we said earlier, Live Betting Plus was available. It costs an extra fee but can stream major games through the same betting software. It didn’t have every game we wanted available, but it was an excellent addition.

Agents have access to the sportsbook, too, through Layoff betting. When we accessed it, we saw nothing missing from the player experience. With this feature, agents can hedge their bets should they need to protect themselves from offside action.


BossAction had to get the sportsbook section right, or they were dead on arrival. And they did. Placing, tracking, and reporting was made accessible and easy in the BossAction sports betting software. We’d recommend it for players looking to start simple and grow into an expert.

Perhead Sportsbook Review

Sportsbook betting in North America was in a different place not long ago. Vegas and pool halls were generally where you could legitimately bet on the Super Bowl. But times are changing. Sports betting has finally reached the West, and the more mainstream it becomes, the more players will look for bookies who deliver a good site and product.

We’ve been deep-diving into pay per head sports products and giving them reviews to ensure you’re signing up with the proper online brand. This time, it’s

Sportsbook Player Features

It’s not worth investing in any ‘back-end’ sportsbook software unless the ‘front-end’ is a good product for your players. We walk through and review the features that your players will enjoy:

  • Over 12,000 betting events: To run a proper sportsbook, you need to have as many wagers as morally possible. Perhead has the standard sea of bets in most sportsbooks today.
  • Fifteen languages to choose from: This is a great little feature if you decide to have some serious diversity.
  • In-Play: AKA live play, a feature available in most pay per head sportsbooks, but from what we saw, it had all the matchups we needed, and there was no slowdown in the settling and refresh of odds.
  • Simple Interface: Although we’re sure your old-school players will appreciate the simplicity, the interface will put most new players to sleep: White, with red and black, and a bunch of bets. Not precisely a Picasso painting.
  • Racebook: The racebook is extremely versatile in comparison to other sportsbooks. We counted over 130 racetracks, all the W/P/S bets and exotics, and even Greyhound and Harness tracks. Pretty impressive showing there.

Overall, the sportsbook won’t win you any style awards. While that might be enough for us vets in the industry, a sportsbook needs a fresh presentation to acquire the influx of new sports bettors in the United States. We’re not sure if Perhead can accomplish that.

Sportsbook Agent Features

As a pay per head bookie, you’re not getting anywhere unless you have the tools to keep track of what your players are doing and adjust accordingly.

When we dove into what Perhead would allow agents to do, we were satisfied with their solid, albeit standard presentation.

The “back-end” offers everything a bookie may need to control the risk in their sportsbook:

  • Minimum/Maximum Wagers: This is a big one, as with over 12,000 betting events weekly, there will be moments where players are betting on events you’re not comfortable taking big money on. Having minimums or maximums allows you to keep your plays from cheaping out on one-dollar bets or dropping $50,000 on an obscure betting match. This also includes setting limits per sport, wager type, and game type.
  • Ability to Delete/Cancel Wagers: Another needed feature. The more players an agent has, the more players could exploit inevitable errors in technology or odds. Giving a bookie the ability to cancel wagers is a must.
  • Parlay Odds: This is huge. Parlays are tough to hit, but hold on to your piggy banks when they hit. Unless you’ve got a bankroll like Jeff Bezos, it might be safe to set limits to your parlay odds, so a $5, 14-teamer doesn’t cash out for $20,000.
  • Sharp Lines: Apparently, if you have a group of wiseguys, Perhead will provide odds to keep those number chasers in check

Sportsbook Reports

You are nothing without proper reporting. And Perhead states that they offer a ‘Dynamic Reporting System’ that is the most advanced management software available via a DGS platform. We’re not 100% sure what a ‘Dynamic Reporting System’ could be, but we saw overall a sound reporting system that offers some unique perks. Are they necessary perks? We’re not so sure.

First, the simple stuff. Perhead offers a throwback reporting system that was essentially a series of drop-down menus that allowed you to select the type of wager, kind of sport, player name, and who placed it.

Other buttons through the report allowed you to track your player’s bet history, hold percentage, etc. This had it all. Although the classic reporting wasn’t colorful by any stretch of the imagination, it did the job.

As for the ‘Dynamic’ stuff, there were some features worth discussing:

  • Mini Ticker Tab: A cool little ticker that shows your players’ last 15 incoming bets. We liked this—a good quick way to see incoming bets before big games.
  • Hotlinks: This allows you to create quick buttons to go directly to specific pages. Cool, but a little unnecessary.
  • Avatars: This is for those who agonize over the image of their fantasy football team.
  • Message Center: This is big. Having the ability to message players directly is an important feature that every sports software should have. Outside of Payperhead and BossAction, we’re not sure many others offer this.

Mobile Features

There is a good chance mobile players will make up most of your clientele, and there’s a chance you’ll be using mobile more than desktop as a pay per head bookie. A proper mobile presentation is integral when making your sportsbook choice.

  • Agents: We were able to see all our stats and figures when we placed some test bets. Although it was convoluted, we could easily find what our “player” was up to within the software. Making changes, running reports, change game lines was a reasonably straightforward process.
  • Players: Your players will have the entire repertoire of wagers from any smartphone or tablet. The dynamic and classic interfaces were completely available via mobile but much more mobile-friendly. Easy-to-use drop-down menus were throughout the software, and nothing broke down. However, the interface was very plain and colorless, like the desktop version. Again, that could be a drawback for new Perhead players.


Straight-forward is what we thought Perhead’s sportsbook software was. The avatar feature was the biggest perk that we thought would separate it from the pack. Though that’s a pretty attractive feature, we would instead put a fresh coat of paint on their product.

However, we can’t forget how versatile their racebook was. So if you have a lot of racebook clients, this wouldn’t be a bad pph site to test drive.

Aceperhead Sportsbook Review

You want to be an agent? You need good online sportsbook software. Nobody is going to follow a pencil and paper operation in 2022. Those days are over. The power of the internet has essentially made the web the only way to bet on sports. And that creates competition.

If you’re looking to become a successful online bookie, you need a sportsbook that suits the needs of you and your clientele. Here’s our review of the Aceperhead sportsbook software.

Sportsbook Agent Features

If you’re going to be a bookie, you need features that help you track and aid your players. Ace does a solid albeit generic job of that here.

They’ve been around since 1998; therefore, you shouldn’t worry about any shenanigans if you decide to give them your bookie business. They also offer incredible little perks like skins to tailor you and your player’s betting experience. However, we feel this is a better option for players than for the bookie.

The rest of the presentation is features that they explain like it’s unique but is pretty standard:

  • 24/7 Line Updates: This is necessary for every sportsbook. No bookie business in the world offers odds they can’t keep track of 24/7.
  • Fewer software issues than the Competition: No betting site has a clean record on this as every site is susceptible to a server failure here or there. Every pay per head site offers top-notch developers to ensure things run smoothly.
  • Line and Grading Errors: Every book makes line and grading errors, and every book corrects them. Their guarantee that they’ll have less than the competition leaves us skeptical.
  • Watching Sharps: This is an excellent feature as it’ll be helpful for new online bookies. Ace claims they’ll monitor and report on sharp wagers within the software, a great tool to ensure you don’t go bust right out the gate because of industry “wiseguys.”
  • Personal Account Manager: This is another excellent feature that will help you manage your players. You receive a personal account manager to watch your players and help with any profile changes.

Sportsbook Player Features

The sportsbook your players will see once they log in was clean and an industry standard for pay per head bookie sites. Dropdown menus at the top for each sport and all the major odds to place your bets behind a clean, generic white and blue screen. We didn’t get to dive much into the re-skinned sites for the players, but we’re pretty sure most will look like this with a new color scheme.

The site had every game your players need and some you don’t. In the sportsbook world, bookies no longer have to worry about what games their sportsbook software offers – most offer just about everything.

Overall, another straightforward, no-frills presentation. Your loyal players will be fine with the product, but we doubt they’ll be wowed.

Sportsbook Reports

You’ll be staring at your sportsbook reports for a long time, so you need them to be good.

Well, in our view Ace provides a product that provides plenty of data, but it might be a bit of an eyesore.

There were numerous windows covering everything: Open bets, weekly balance, a bet ticker, hold percentage, bet history, usage stats – the list goes on. It goes all the way down to player chats.

But it was all behind the same grey and blue screens with breakdowns that looked like an excel spreadsheet.

Though the “Move Lines” section followed this format, we found it the most useful overall for bookies as it clearly shows how to change the odds and confirm your movements. Also, the above dropdown menus allow you to quickly find the sport and league you’re looking for in case you need to make fast, last-minute adjustments.

The only issue, in our view, is there are no warnings or tutorials on changing lines. New bookies who think they know better will take some major hits without any rulebook to follow. Moving lines is a delicate process, as moving things too aggressively can negatively affect your book.

Mobile Features

The software was very mobile-friendly overall. Reporting and tracking for agents didn’t miss a beat on Aceperhead mobile, claiming it’ll work for all types of mobile devices. Aceperhead also claims this is something most pay per head sites can’t do. But we have to disagree. Most sites we’ve reviewed have been able to do much of the same.

The mobile reporting software was very menu heavy but necessary considering the number of categories they offer for a bookie..


Solid and a tad generic, that’s how we can describe Aceperhead’s sportsbook software. You’re not missing any report or presentation features that the competition offers; you’re just not going to get anything that will wow you or your players.

The two best parts of this sportsbook software? A personal account manager and help with watching sharps are two great features that separate Ace from other software. But these are minor, especially if you aren’t bringing in many sharp players.

If there are other features on the Aceperhead site that you love and stick around for, we believe this sportsbook software should suit you just fine.

PayPerHeadAgents Sportsbook Review

There’s no point being a bookie if you don’t have a good sportsbook. Thousands of bets go in a thousand different directions for a thousand different sports. A bookie needs to offer sportsbook software to support that action, so you must choose wisely.

For that reason, we’ve been researching and reviewing pay per head sites to ensure that when you choose where you want to launch your bookie business, it’s 100% the right place for you.

This time, we’re going through PayPerHeadAgents online sportsbook software.

Sportsbook Agent Features

To offer a good sportsbook for players to enjoy, you need to know what some of the back-end offers. PayPerHeadAgents say its agent portion of the sportsbook is easy-to-implement and straightforward to use. We agree. However, the layout isn’t anything new: Listed menu on the left with different reports, and data on the right.

The big difference is the menus were fully customizable. You determine the line types you need, the juice, restricted bets, and wager types, and offer credit lines all at your fingertips. All the reports are in real-time, so there is no waiting for new info before, during, and after games.

The only thing overall that was a little off-putting was PayPerHeadAgents claims to have “DGS Digital Gaming Solutions software. This means you’re already ahead of your competitors who are probably still using paper and pens to manage their sportsbooks.”

That, to say the least, is hyperbole. Although the DGS Digital Gaming Solutions software is a nice catchy word, ultimately, what was offered here was nothing spectacular. And if you’ve been reading this review site long enough, you know there are many pay-per-head sportsbooks that offer digital gaming services.

Sportsbook Player Features

While the betting platform was as easy-to-use for players as they stated, there was more hyperbole in the rest of PayPerHeadAgents presentation.

The player-facing software was, as they mentioned, super simple and intuitive. The betting layout and wager types were easy to understand, with tabs for upcoming games, hot games, and the latest picks you make. For more detail, the right side of the screen has every team or player you’re looking for. Overall, excellent presentation.

You can also “build your own brand” with the ability to custom-make your website. A free white-label website is included in the subscription at no additional cost. If you want further customization, they claim they’ll offer web design services at affordable rates … for a cost.

But then things get fishy. PayPerHeadAgents states they offer more sports leagues than any other book. We didn’t see any leagues or offerings we hadn’t seen before. We’ve found sportsbooks with everything from NFL to eSports and Table Tennis. There’s nothing they displayed that we haven’t seen before. Whether it’s leagues or bet types, this is one of those situations where a business turns a standard into a perk to further its brand.

Next, PayPerHeadAgents claim that they have “lines so sharp they freak out the wiseguys,” another “perk” that isn’t a perk. They claim their odds come from “all major Las Vegas sportsbooks,” but that’s been an industry standard since the advent of online betting.

Things that made us happy: The ability to move the odds ourselves for players to see was nice, and the ability to place live bets is something every modern sportsbook needs to have available.

Mobile Features

The mobile sportsbook had most of what we needed: Mobile betting was easy. The software was fully responsive and mobile-ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week, when we tested it on our iPhones, tablets, and Android devices. Players should be able to bet on sports, casinos, and horses with this platform.

You can also manage your sportsbook from your smartphone. We were able to check our sportsbook accounts without any major hiccups. If you’re going to be a pay per head online bookie, you need to access your player accounts on the go. PayPerHeadAgents gave us a solid product here.

The last mobile feature they say they offered was “fast load times.” Another empty perk. Nothing from the software showed it moved any faster or cleaner than the other sportsbook offerings we’ve test driven.


PerHeadAgents sportsbook is an average offering wrapped in standard bells and whistles advertised as perks. The one feature that sets them a bit away from the norms is the ability to customize your own site. We liked that. So if you want to take the time to create your web design, this might be the sportsbook for you. But if you want to become an online bookie, you might find some more robust, ready-made options.

RealBookies Sportsbook Review

Obviously, if you’re a bookie looking to make the hop online, you must have a good sportsbook presentation. It has to be a place that you’ll be able to use every day and seamlessly access all the features you need to ensure you’re making passive income. Your players need to have a good variety of games to bet on and a good presentation of those games and bets.

So, to ensure you choose wisely, here’s another review of a pay per head site’s sportsbook product. Today, it’s

Sportsbook Player Features

If you roll with, your players should enjoy a fairly familiar Digital Gaming Solutions platform. It’s a solid software to offer your players but it isn’t more unique like what or offers.

The good news is its whitelist service. Therefore, you’ll have different looks and designs for your players. Most of them have a similar look with different fonts and colors. A large banner above and you selection of sports odds below. But it’s a layout that works, and your players will have all the major sportsbook odds available: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, college sports, soccer and tennis, and a huge variety of obscure sports like table tennis to wager on. You’ll also have the standard wagers like spreads, moneylines, totals, props, and futures. There was also live betting that allowed you to bet on every play.

Though we didn’t exactly see anything innovative, this sportsbook did the job in terms of taking wagers and settling them quickly without any major hassles. Your players should like the setup just fine.

Sportsbook Agent Features

For agents, the look and feel of the backend systems and software were like operating within an excel spreadsheet. And we’re not sure that’s a positive. Everything was laid out in a very plain white and blue when it came to tracking any sportsbook wagers or making any changes to limits or offerings. Honestly, it was boring and daunting as they didn’t do a great job separating all the data. They definitely do a good job of giving you as much information as you’ll possibly need, but its laid out in a way that appears like the dawn of internet menus.

The ability to set our own odds and make changes are needed was also a good perk, and we could change any bet we needed to. Again, we just wish it was a more pleasurable layout experience while doing it all.

Sportsbook Reports

Reports were straightforward as well. We were able to see everything we needed to track our bottom line in the backend. Including our weekly sportsbook performance and how each individual player is doing in our sportsbook. A breakdown of every sport’s performance will come in handy when trying to understand which sport is performing best.

You can also see a history of every single wager, a great tool when your players claim they lost on a wager they never placed. Or you want to look into past bets to catch any patterns from your group of players.

Again, nothing spectacular but it did the job.

Mobile Features

The mobile sportsbook was nothing spectacular. Overall, it was it was everything above scaled into our device. But it’s good that you can decide what web look and layout you want to use for your players. The amount of your players who use mobile versus the web will decide what type of look you’ll have for mobile and web.

For reports, it was those same, unfortunate spreadsheets squashed into a mobile device. Not pretty seeing all those numbers forced into one place. Moving around the sportsbook backend menus on our mobile device was daunting.


Overall, does a solid job of offering players a bit of everything they need for their sportsbook. However, you or your players won’t be below away. And there are too many pay per head options, to recommend RealBookies becomes your first choice. If you’ve dried up some of the other bigger, better options, RealBookie is not a bad choice. But if you haven’t tried sites like or Boss Action, we suggest you give them a try first.