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Created in 1997, PayPerHead offers top sportsbook software that includes a live bookie platform with game trackers and video streams, all available sports book options, and multiple platforms to increase action. The organization also provides a free website. The company is a bookie industry powerhouse.

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A newer company to the pay per head industry, BossAction offers PPH sportsbook software that helps sports betting agents increase their footprint and build their online bookie businesses. The organization provides a free website, a way to make online payments and collections, and always runs a game changing promotion.

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Where we are offering the highest level of professionalism and accuracy providing the finest and legit pay per head reviews you can trust. The bookie software industry is one of the oldest and most stable in the world. It is also an extremely popular industry. To become a sportsbook agent can be a very lucrative business. But to be successful in the bookmaking industry, you must follow the proper steps, you must also need the correct allies, such as the best pay per head providers.

3 Steps to Choosing a Bookie Software Provider

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Step 1
Bookmaker Software


When it comes to running a successful company, software is the name of the game. Top rated pay per head providers use proprietary software while lower rated companies use legacy software. The best sportsbook software includes the ability to add platforms.

Step 2
Action Generation


Bookies know action translates to profit. The best pay per head organizations provide features and tools for bookies to increase action. Top PPH software providers also run promotions and provide free bookie platforms that boost action.

Step 3
Customer Service & Evolving Technology


Reputable bookmaker software organizations work hard to help all their clients, whether a local bookmaker or a VIP. The best pay per head software companies have industry knowledge and are always thinking of ways to help their clients make more money.

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