It’s a good news-bad news situation to be a sports betting bookie right now.

The good news: never has there been more mainstream acceptance and legalization of online gambling in North America.

The bad news: with acceptance comes an avalanche of competition from ‘big business,’ who have the money to push out the smaller competition.

That being said, it’s a time to be immensely optimistic. Pay-per-head sportsbooks give bookies the software to complete with the “big guys” investing in the gambling industry. And, if you choose well-established pay per head sites like or, you’ll soon realize there are plenty of features that differentiate themselves from online sportsbooks coming out of Vegas and Atlantic City or the rest of the world.

Here are some of those options you need to highlight with new clientele.

Highlight Odd Differences from Mainstream Books

Research, always do competitive research on what your competition offers.

But allow us to do a bit of the heavy lifting to start.

A lot of government-run sportsbooks tend to take a “we’re the only choice you’ve got” approach when it comes to some of their odds. Parlays and teasers tend to have lower odds overall based in the US. Meanwhile, offshore sites have been competing for some time and offer more competitive odds and offers. Along with parlays and teasers, you’ll likely have better futures, spreads, and odds out earlier overall.

Point Out Sportsbook Variety

With a 20-plus year head start, online sportsbook software has expanded the sports betting options on a day-to-day basis. The Super Bowl used to be the only day where you could bet on hundreds of prop bets within a game. Now, almost every sport offers prop bets.

Most pay per head sportsbook software offers all the major and minor sports across the globe and will offer prop bets, futures, and points buying on top of it. And we haven’t even spoken about odds on trending topics. You’ll find odds on entertainment, news, and politics available online. Generally, Vegas and even many online sportsbooks don’t touch these subjects. Be sure to highlight them when you can.

Offer Crypto; Save Players Money

As an agent, many of your players will consider cryptocurrencies, AKA crypto, simply a trendy investment tool. But its original use was to be the future of currency and online transactions.

Cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum were created to be universally transferrable currencies like gold, silver, or oil. It’s completely independent of a country or its economy. And just like a foreign currency can be transferred back into US funds.

The US market tracks and taxes winnings like no other country. Let your players know that crypto is a person-to-person transfer with no middle man to track your transactions. Meaning, it’s – nudge, nudge – up to them what they want to declare to Uncle Sam. That alone makes it a great method to use for any online bettor. It doesn’t have to be Bitcoin and Ethereum either. Other cryptos like Litecoin and Ripple could be used for online transactions and don’t come with costly fees. Crypto is one of the best ways to differentiate your product from US-based books, literally sending them a tax form with their payouts.

It’s a One-Stop Shop for All Gaming Needs

As we said initially, if you choose the right pay per head site and software, you’ll have more options to sell to your clientele. Many US-based sites and offshore sites only offer one product at a time: sportsbooks, casino games, or a racebook. There is numerous pay per head software that offers all three.

Becoming the one-stop shop for your clientele is a great selling point for players. Players may get aggravated when they realize the sportsbook they chose doesn’t offer blackjack or slots. This is the moment to swoop in and show them that you can provide a versatile product.

Watch and Wager Live

With the growth of online sportsbook software, we’ve seen innovations like Live Wagering. The ability to bet on every single play in a game has created interactivity and immediacy we haven’t seen in sports betting. Generally, you play casino games if you want a quick payday, but now you can bet on the next pitch in a baseball game.

Many pay-per-head sportsbooks offer this, becoming a lucrative wager for many bookies . However, there’s another extra perk that will put your product over the top if offered. Some pay per head software, one of them being, we believe, provides the ability to watch the game live through the software while you place bets.

Players won’t have to check TV schedules to see if a game is worth live betting on. Instead, it’ll be indicated in your betting schedule where you can watch through the software. This is a huge selling point in an age that wants convenience and more interactivity.

Personalize Your Service

Hosting is a big part of the gambling business. Big-name casinos have VIP Hosts to ensure their high rollers are having a good time and receive personalized service. However, the bigger you are, the more exclusive the host program has to be, which will exclude a lot of players.

A pay per head bookie with a solid list of players is advantageous because they can offer personalized services a bigger book would only provide to an exclusive few. Get to know your players, their likes, dislikes, and needs, and you’ll offer something your big-money competition is not.