Being a bookie in the betting world is just like every other form of entertainment – timing Is everything. That’s why the timing is right to make sure your players are interested in college basketball odds.

College basketball Is on the cusp of having its championship games, which means March Madness is not far away. That means it’s time to start pushing odds on one of the biggest U.S. sports tournaments a pay per head bookie will have all year. Here’s what you need to know.

Tips to Know on the Upcoming March Madness Tournament

  • Selection Sunday, when all 68 teams are selected for the tournament, is on Sunday, March 12.
  • The madness begins with the “First Four” on March 14 and plays all the way until the National Championship on April 3.
  • Alabama, Kansas, Purdue and UCLA are currently the top faves to win the college basketball National Championship.
  • Keep an eye on the hot teams in the Conference Tournaments. Their performance may dictate where your players put their money in the tournament.
  • The No. 1 seed has won 65% of National Championships futures. Next is the No. 2 seed with 14%.
  • A No. 1 seed has won the National Championship in five straight tournaments.
  • The lowest seed to ever win the title was Villanova in 1985.

How to Bet On March Madness

If you’re living under a rock, let us illuminate how March Madness works. March Madness is a single-elimination tournament where 68 teams play for three weeks to decide the NCAA basketball national championship.

What makes the tournament so popular is that with students involved, talent level varies, but effort does not. So games are exciting, and upsets are plentiful. Perfect fodder for the average bettor.

March Madness odds offer your bettors the standard basketball wagers, just in a more competitive format – spread, moneyline, and total. Players will be able to bet on which team will win the national championship as well with NCAA basketball futures. Unfortunately, there’s nothing in the betting world that duplicates the excitement and fun of an NCAA March Madness bracket. Therefore, if you plan to offer one, it’d have to be a contest where you offer your clientele a cash prize for the best bracket.

Remind Your Players of Same-Game Parlays

Over the last two years, a growing term in the betting world is “same-game parlay.” Parlays have always been popular to increase betting profits and make matchups more exciting. But the ability to make one game into an all-or-nothing betting frenzy is something even the most casual bettors are getting into.

Same-game parlays should be available for March Madness. Your players will not only be able to parlay multiple teams in multiple brackets simultaneously. But they can bet on the total points a player in one game will score, along with the spread and totals they choose. The multitude of options at their fingertips should be something you ensure your players know all about. Or, you’ll watch them take their business to a bookie that can offer them this.

March Madness Props

March Madness offers some unique wagers that your players will enjoy. Obviously, there are standard bets that allow you to bet on the player or team. But for the tournament, some wagers will allow you to bet on how far a team will go. How many seeds of a certain number will advance, or if a certain seed would be eliminated in a round.

Then there are “First to 15” bets which we believe your players will quickly get a rush from. It’s a simple bet, but in the wild college basketball atmosphere, any team can post 15 first.

From there, plays can keep betting on point values like first to 20, 30, 40, and onwards.

Live Betting

Live betting is a must-push for any pay per head bookie. Live betting has been around for a while. But you’d be shocked to see how many players forget about the feature or don’t know live betting exists.

NCAA basketball arguably uses the live feature better than the NFL as basketball is a game of runs. And live betting allows you to wager on these runs as they happen.

During the tournament, make sure you put the feature front and center on your web page.