Did you know that after Super Bowl LVll, the biggest bet of February 2023 for bookies was … Jake Paul versus Tommy Fury?

Yeah, not exactly Ali vs. Frazier. That alone should tell pay per head bookies that people still love to bet on a fight. Even just to see a Youtube celeb they despise get knocked out.

That makes fight odds a commodity. And while a big boxing match will always have the biggest global paydays, UFC is a combat sport, a combat sport that has events nearly every week. The talent in those bouts might not always be a marquee matchup, but viewers will always have flights to bet on and parlay.

That’s why bookies need to know all about UFC odds as we enter the slower periods of the sports schedule.


Moneyline betting for UFC is just like boxing. Just pick the winner of the pack. You’ll see varying odds on UFC and sometimes some big favorites. But even more than in boxing, anything can happen in the UFC. The myriad of ways to finish an opponent (on feet, on the ground, KO, or submission) leaves to door open for any huge favorite to be caught at the wrong time.

For that reason, be careful about taking too much heavy action on an underdog or favorite. Your bankroll could change in the blink of an eye.

Method of Victory

This is deciding whether the winner of the bout will win by KO, submission, or decision. The extra flourish when next to boxing is obvious submission. And this definitely adds another element to betting on the sport. Expect this bet to get a lot of action in big bouts, as simply betting on a fighter to win is no longer as exciting.

PPV Parlays are Huge

The biggest difference in the betting world between boxing and UFC/MMA is the undercards matter. In the past, nobody knew who the undercards were in boxing matches outside of the most die-hard fight fans. UFC tends to have at least three main events, which your players can parlay for a huge payday.

Truly sell this point to your clientele as it’s something specific to the sport. When there’s a seven-fight card, there’s plenty of social buzz for bettors who hit a 7-team UFC parlay.

Total Rounds

This is another example of what we call a “barbershop” bet. What we mean is it’s a wager that settles barbershop arguments. Sometimes players no longer want to just know which fighter will win but whether it’ll go over or under a certain number of rounds. You’ll especially see a bump in this wager when a fighter calls their shot. Be a bit more conservative with taking action on these wagers, however. As UFC bouts tend to be three rounds, the odds of getting these wagers right could be pretty high.

Don’t Alter Odds, Hedge

If you see all the action coming on one side, we’re sure there will be some instinct to start using your pay per head bookie software and start moving the odds yourselves. We’d stay away from that. UFC is a little more niche, and the original oddsmakers and bookies should move the odds for you in a smart, house-protected way.

Instead, we’d suggest hedging. Sites like payperhead.com have an agent sportsbook tool that allows you to place any bets you want. If you’re getting killed on certain UFC bets, hedge your bets by betting your own cashflow on the other side. Don’t bet it all. Bet a percentage. Enough that’ll you’ll mitigate any losses should the players win or still help you end with a profit should the house win.

It Never Hurts to Advertise

Like we said, we’re about to hit the slow days of summer. Only baseball will be an interesting bet for players. We suggest using this opportunity to highlight UFC “Fight Nights” or events. If you look at the schedule, there’s at least an ESPN “Fight Night” every non-PPV week on top of the big events. Keep your players informed, so they always feel like they have something to bet on the weekends.