With sports betting more mainstream than ever, the World Cup allowed new players the opportunity to enjoy and understand soccer wagers.

After an exciting World Cup, many bettors could decide not to continue playing in your pay per head sportsbook. For that reason, online bookies need to develop original ways to stay ahead of the competition and sell reasons for one-time bettors to become repeat customers.

With World Cup all wrapped up, here are some of the ways we believe you could pull this off:

  • Offering “Free Play” bonuses: Consider it “try before you buy.” This type of bonus allows customers to use a product for free without having to put their credit card in. All they have to do is sign up to take advantage of their offer.
  •  Offer exclusive VIP bonuses to profitable customers: Offer your high-end cleints free tickets to sporting events, shows, concerts, bottles of wine, gift cards, etc. The goal is to please the customer while extending your company’s brand image.
  •  Mention recent jackpots won by players: Don’t be afraid to highlight the results of customers who improved their lives or their bottom line with your products and services.

It’s evident that to keep new customers, who have arrived thanks to the World Cup in Qatar, it’s necessary to apply these recommendations to keep them on the site. It’s also important to remind them that future sports leagues and events will start in which they can bet on just like the World Cup.

Make Sure They Fully Understand Betting

With the internet in nearly every home in the world, there’s been a boom in new entertainment. And one of the most beneficial is, without a doubt, sports betting. But, do you know the different types that exist for your clientele? Before you offer your soccer bets different sports to wager on, you need to know the options you have.

Sports Bets World Cup Players Should Know

  • Bets against the spread: These wagers would’ve been available in World Cup betting but are not as prominent in the sport of soccer. You’ll see these wagers more in the NFL and NBA. A bet against the spread is a way bookmakers balance action. Essentially, they handicap two teams and create a line that puts the team on an even playing field. It’s the best way to balance action.
  • Parlay Bets: Because the World Cup split up its games quite a bit, it wasn’t as easy for your players to understand what parlay betting can be. Parlays are combination bets that allow you to pick multiple teams for huge payouts. The only stipulation, you have to get every single bet right to win. Parlay bets are huge in NFL and NCAA Football betting as a lot of games appear on the same day. Allowing players to see if their 12-team parlay actually hits. It rarely happens, but when it does, the payout is huge.
  • Teaser Bets: You can’t tease soccer or World Cup bets, so this is another wager that your players could grow to love. Teasers are available with NFL, NBA, college basketball and college football bets. It’s another combination bet, but this time it alters the spread in every leg by up to 13 points. What you sacrifice in parlay odds you gain in spreads and totals in your favor.

Offer MLS Odds Starting February 25

The 2022 season is not over in Major League Soccer, and the league has already determined that the next cycle will begin with one of the most passionate matches in recent years.

The 2023 U.S. Soccer tournament will kick off with the L.A. Galaxy versus Los Angeles FC. The El Trafico classic will be played on February 25 at the Rose Bowl.

The match, in addition to marking the start of a new season, allows the L.A. Galaxy to return to the stadium that was their home in the late 90s, hoping to break attendance records for this rivalry that has grown stronger in recent years.

This league offers your customers the possibility to make a lot of bets on U.S. matchups they can watch on U.S. T.V. So don’t miss this opportunity advertise MLS soccer and this matchup. There will be plenty of odds available that are familar to them after the World Cup.

English Premier League Has Restarted

The Premier League, the most popular league in soccer, returned on December 26 and plays until May 28.

There will be 34 matches played on weekends, three on weekdays, and one on public holidays.

Once again, you’ll have a great opportunity to bet on a lot of games all on one day. Be sure to inform your customers of all available wagers, dates, teams, odds, and statistics, and give them some historical data to get acclimated. This league is well known in the USA and appreciated by those who like to bet on big events. The owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars actually owns F.C. Fulham of the Premier League as well.

After England’s loss in the World Cup, we are sure that the matches will be high level with intense fans as they’re clamoring for a hometown victory after coming up short.


If you open your pay per head sportsbook reports, you’ll likely see some dormant accounts that you gained over the Qatar World Cup. Taking the info above and reach out to your players, and help them enjoy the variety of entertainment that comes with sports betting.