Believe it or not, the NBA season is not far off. If you’re a pay-per-head agent just getting used to offering NFL odds to players, don’t blink because your players will be clamoring for NBA odds soon enough.

While betting on sports has a lot of universal traits, betting on the NBA, in some ways, is different from the NFL. Therefore, your focus, in terms of reporting and advertising, should be done differently.

Here’s how we feel you should maximize your bookmaking experience with pay-per-head sites.

The NBA Reports You Need

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If you’re using pay-per-head sportsbook software like or, you need proper reporting to keep track of your players.

The standard reports give you a breakdown of the bets with the highest volume, the most popular bets overall, and whether or not you’re offside on any wager. Not to mention the standard reporting, like how much money you’re holding overall.

These reports are a requirement to run a competent sportsbook business for the NBA season.

Keep Track of Incorrect Lines, in particular, has a section called “Wagers,” which allows you to filter and keep track of all the NBA bets being played. You need to use this report to check in on your wagers, as 30 teams play 82 games each. There are numerous opportunities for human error in NBA odds, props, and futures.

Use the report to track your players placing bets on incorrect lines. Then use your sportsbook software’s ability to adjust odds to cancel or change these bets. Players may complain, but every sportsbook has the rule that a sportsbook may cancel an “obvious line error” incorrectly offered at any time.

Use this rule for props as well. There is bound to be a typo or an incorrect player name placed online – there are so many games and players during a season.

Start Watching NBA Futures

When should you start paying attention to NBA futures? Now. NBA Futures have been up for some time, and as NBA preseason progresses, you’re going to start seeing the money concentrate on specific teams. First, make sure these futures have betting limits you can manage. Keep in mind some of the odds can be in the players’ favor if they get a good line early.

Also, keep track of players exploiting preseason trades or injuries and take down the lines if necessary.

Make Sure your PPH Site has NBA Props

Your pay-per-head site needs a good crop of NBA props if you want to take on your sportsbook competition. NBA props will give your players something unique to bet on besides the standard NBA spread, moneyline, and total. You can bet on how many points, rebounds, or assists each NBA player will have, or you can even bet on a combination of two or more NBA categories.

There’s also versus props, which are the ability to bet on who will post better stats in a matchup. Check your sportsbook to see if you have a good variety of NBA props. If not, it may be time to find another pay-per-head site.

The NBA Total Has More Meaning

Totals, or OVER/UNDERs, are the combined scores of two teams in any sport. While in the NFL, the totals are bet on quite a bit. They have more weight in the NBA. Scoring is constant in the NBA, and as the game goes late into the fourth quarter, free throws and fouls can make every score a nail-biting moment, even if the game is a blowout. You may see a higher percentage of wagers on NBA totals. But if you don’t, make sure you inform your players, as it’s another fun way to get involved in the game of the day.

NBA Live Betting is Huge

NBA basketball is a game of runs. Teams will be losing 20-3 in the first 10 minutes, only for the game to be tied at the end of the quarter. That’s what makes live betting so fun in the NBA, and it should be something you highlight to your players. Your players can bet on the runs, putting them part of the game, unlike any other wagers.

Let your players know about live betting and the type of live bets you have available. And, of course, make sure your pay-per-head software has live betting features available.