The NHL is not a cash cow like the NFL, NBA, or even college football. But it is a revenue stream for agents, especially in colder climates where the NHL is popular and in places with championship pedigree like Tampa Bay.

With the NHL season upon us, it’s time to start getting ready to begin advertising NHL bets with your chosen pay-per-head sportsbook software. Here’s what you’ll need to offer your players a good NHL betting product.

The NHL Reports You Need

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To ensure you’re making a profit on your NHL bettors, you need to track their play and how much revenue they’re bringing in. Good reporting is the best way to do it. The best reports for sportsbooks software will allow you to see an individual player’s profile, precisely what NHL bets are coming in and how much overall you’re making on the sport. We’ve seen sites like and offer good reporting to ensure you track your revenue streams from NHL bettors.

You can even see when players are logging in or off to keep tracking whether the NHL season is maintaining or losing their interest.

Know Your NHL Rules and Differences

When it comes to hockey and soccer, you should always make sure you know the rules when you start taking bets. For instance, soccer has three-way betting – meaning you can bet on Team A, Team B, and a tie. This isn’t the case for the NHL.

For NHL betting, you’ll generally see the following rules across all sportsbooks:

  • The game must go 55 minutes for wagers to have action.
  • Games must take place on the date and in the venue scheduled.
  • Overtime is included in settlement of NHL wagers. Unless otherwise specified, Game-period bets include overtime and penalty shootouts.

There are also different types of NHL bets. Most of the time, you’re going to see what’s called a puckline. Pucklines are very small spreads. You’ll see spreads of -0.5 or -1.5 at best on most NHL evenings.

Keep Track of Incorrect Lines

If you choose the right pay-per-head sites for your NHL games, you’ll be able to see and keep track of all the lines posted. Keep a good eye on the wagers getting a lot of action, as it could be because it’s an incorrect line. Thirty-two teams play 82 games each, leaving room for line errors. Line errors aren’t teams or players playing better than oddsmakers expected. It’s a line that obviously should’ve been +100, but is instead+100000. You have the right to go into your sportsbooks software and cancel these bets in your players’ account. It’s a known rule across all sportsbooks online. Please keep track of your sportsbook players and their bets, so you don’t get caught losing money on bad lines.

Start Watching NHL Stanley Cup Odds

Now’s the time to track your NHL Stanley Cup odds. This is the time when a lot of players are trying to catch good value on NHL teams that do better than expected when the season starts. Remember, the NHL is the league where first-year franchise Las Vegas made the Stanley Cup Final. Anything can happen in the NHL, no matter what seed they are in the playoffs.

So we suggest you keep a keen eye on the NHL futures action and put solid limits on these bets, so a big win doesn’t hurt your bottom line.

Other NHL Props Available

Make sure you choose a pay-per-head site with props like the Division winner, The Hart Memorial Trophy for the most valuable player, the Calder Memorial Trophy for rookie of the year, and the Vezina Trophy for the best goalie. These bets should be available for your players, or you need to seek a new sportsbook.

Don’t Forget NHL Live Betting

Don’t forget to tell your players they can cash in on live betting. Essentially you can bet on an NHL game as it happens on bets like how many shots total for each team or bet on updated odds on who will ultimately win that changes as the game unfolds. Trust us when we say your players will get hooked on live betting no matter what sport their betting on.