A National Football League season is your most important season. If you don’t know by now, we’ll start questioning your reasoning for even becoming an online bookie.

No major sport brings in more new blood to your pay per head sportsbook. No major sport brings more bets, more props, and more revenue. Whether they like it or not, the NFL is a cash cow for the sports betting community. We’re happy the NFL is finally starting to recognize how half their bread is buttered – the other half being fantasy football.

So, how do you pick the proper pay per head sportsbook software? We’ve jotted down some clues you should look for before making your final decision.

Offer Every NFL Bet Known to Man (and Some Unknown)

If your sportsbook lacks the NFL bets the competition has, you’re going to lose. Check out the NFL section of your chosen sportsbook and make sure it has every conceivable bet known to man. Not just the spread, moneyline, and total, but player props, team props, futures, and specials. Specials are reverse spreads and other cool features.

Dive into your sportsbook and ensure these will be available to your players.


When your players start window-shopping your sportsbook software, do you want them to see an outhouse or a penthouse? A proper layout will spark their interest, entice them to keep betting, and keep them long-term. If your players end up dealing with a crappy interface, they’ll end up missing wagers and possibly look for an easier sportsbook option. Choose a layout that looks clean and test it out yourself with a couple of fun bets. Most pay per head sites offer some DEMO to test out the player software, don’t bother with a site that doesn’t offer that feature.

The same goes for an agent layout. You need to see all your reports clearly and concisely. If not, you may miss out on what your players are doing, who’s placing big bets, and worst of all, who is exploiting your odds? Find a layout that is clear and easy to navigate. You’ll need speed, and easy access with odds start shifting close to kickoff.


How can your players feel safe and secure if the pay per head service you chose started two weeks ago? It’s better to find a site with some tenure. Some URLs like payperhead.com or BossAction have been in the game for 20 years. That’s the kind of service that has proven to be reliable.

Either check out your site’s features if they point out this perk or talk to customer service to get a good feel for how long they’ve been in the game.

Mobile is a Must

We anticipate more than 50% of online gamers today play via mobile—desktop is for poker … at best. As sports betting becomes more mainstream, players are betting the same way they find dates and hookups. It’s all through their phone.

Make sure you test out the mobile experience of your pay per head’s sportsbook, with a focus on your players.

Look for an interface rebuilt for mobile, not just the same site squashed into your phone or tablet screen. Make sure things are spaced properly, and you can find all your betting needs without a long-detailed search. If you find your experience is messy or convoluted, look elsewhere. Again, use your PPH site’s demo version to check this out.

Detailed Reports

To understand your players, you need proper reporting. Expect the basics: Open bets, wager history, favorite sports, etc. But look for more to truly take your bookmaking to the next level. Make sure you get your overall hold percentage and the hold percentage for each player. Find out if your players are up and down overall, what type of wagers they place the most, and it’d be nice if you had some help from the PPH services to point out who are your sharp players.

Various Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Although everyone probably wants to deposit with their credit card, betting via credit is not something VISA or MASTERCARD typically wants you to do. Have multiple options for your players should their cards get blocked – the same goes for you. Crypto, in our opinion, is the best and fastest deposit and withdrawal option for you and your players. Not only is the transaction fast and secure, but there’s no go-between to track your transactions. Leaving your tax declaration entirely up to you, especially with an offshore pay per head site.

Make sure the site you choose has various options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and even Ripple to give variety and deal with fluctuating prices and fees.

Live Wagering is a Must

Whether they call it “live wagering” or “in-game wager” … you need it. Live wagering is the newest way to bet on sports, and it’s a huge money maker. Players used to have to use the casino to earn winnings at the moment. Now you can bet on every NFL play as it happens. If the sportsbook you choose doesn’t have this feature, close your account. Your players are going to want to bet on “run vs. pass,” “complete vs. incomplete,” or “touchdown vs. field goal.” You need to have live wagering for football season.

24/7 Customer Service

We don’t care what a website tells you. No online sportsbook software is problem-free. There will be issues, and there will be site outages at the most inopportune times. Your players will be pissed, and they’ll want answers. That’s why you and your players need a 24/7 customer service line to ensure you get answers. We suggest giving your sportsbook a call early in your signup process to ensure you can get through and talk to a real agent. And make sure you can understand them!