Prop bets have long been an exciting part of sports betting. It’s like fantasy sports but with real money on the line with real players.

Prop bets usually come in the form of totals. As in, total TDs a player may score or total yards a QB may pass for, and sometimes you can even have props on whether one player will do better statistically than another. It’s all at your fingertips.

However, one Achilles heel is that prop bets were locked into specific rules in the past and lacked robust options. That has changed with pay per head sites like offering a Prop Builder.

What is a Prop Bulder?

A prop builder is a tool to allow you to wager on an endless number of stats for individual players.

In the past, bettors were beholden to a certain number of props that bookmakers decided to handicap. This sometimes left players unable to get the prop bets they want.

The prop builder offered by allows players to choose the sport, then choose between:

  • Game Markets: Essentially lets you bet on props for the entire game. Such as total points for an individual team and 1st half points.
  • Over/Under: Lets you bet on totals for a slew of stats like rushing, receiving, and passing yards. But you can even bet on carries, touchdowns, receptions, and tackles.
  • Player Doubles: You can combine player performance with their team’s performance. For example, you can bet on Davante Adams to have 1+ touchdowns and the Las Vegas Raiders to win straight up.
  • Touchdowns: Essentially, bet on a slew of players to score 1+, 2+, or 3+ touchdowns in the game. The higher your choice, the better the odds.
  • First TD: Bet on a slew of individual players to score the first TD of the game. Keep in mind quarterback passes don’t count. The player has to cross the plane.
  • Passing: Bet on every type of pass stat here, including yards, TDs, attempts, incompletions, and interceptions.
  • Rushing: Bet on any running back’s yards or carries.
  • Receiving: Bet on any receiver’s yards or receptions.
  • Defense: You can actually enjoy defense! You can bet on tackles or assisted tackles, sacks, and interceptions.
  • Specials: Specials are bets that could be really interesting to your clientele. Bet on the longest completion a player will have or how many points a kicker will earn. It’s all at your fingertips.
  • Exotics: This one’s wild. It combined a handful of games for one crazy bet. For example, you can bet on who will have the most passing yards amongst the QBs in the 4 p.m. ET games.
  • Game Props: Things get back to normal with standard game props—bet on totals for individual teams. For example, will the Green Bay Packers have over or under 3.5 touchdowns?
  • Head to Head: It’s simple, will Player A gain more yards than Player B. Or more touchdowns?

You Can Parlay with the Prop Builder

Once you’ve got through all the game props, you can take your NFL prop betting to the next level by parlaying it all together.

Prop builders like the prop builder will allow your players to simply click on the teams or players within the prop builder you want to select. Then it automatically gives you the parlay odds. The system allows you to pick up to 14 legs of a massive parlay, then automatically generates the odds. We saw potential payouts in the millions for the smallest of wagers. Although we’ll admit the probability of our selected parlay actually happening was slim to none.

Keep in mind there are restrictions on the type of wagers you can combine. One thing your players will not be allowed to do is create parlays that too closely correlate. For example, you generally can’t bet on Team A’s first-half spread and the game’s spread simultaneously. You can’t bet on a particular player to score one-plus TDs and also parlay it to him scoring the first TD. Those two bets too closely correlate.

The good news is the system will tell you when a parlay bet can’t be placed, allowing you time to make another selection.


If you haven’t told your players about the prop builder feature, you need to start spreading the word before football season is over. It’s the biggest fantasy element in sports betting, and your players will love it.