The Super Bowl is coming …

That means crazy handle, crazy profits, and likely an influx of new players. The question is what do you do with them after the big game is over? Every bookie knows they’re going to lose a large chunk of players once the Super Bowl is over. It’s inevitable. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t try to mitigate the impact and work hard to keep as many players as possible before an exodus in February. We suggest using these tips shortly after the final snap to ensure you maintain a larger percentage of your players than the competition.

Offer and Advertise Super Bowl 2024 Odds Immediately

As soon as the Super Bowl is over, make sure your players see the 2024 Super Bowl odds. We understand the 2024 Super Bowl is a long ways away, but we guarantee your players will be clamoring to know and potentially bet on the next Super Bowl.

Most oddsmakers will offer these odds immediately, and your players will want to get a look at them to potentially place a super early bet. You’d be surprised at the interest if you offer these bets quickly.

March Madness is Coming

Major sports betting sleeps for about one month. By mid-March, the madness begins. March Madness is one of the biggest tournaments in the world and a major betting opportunity for bookies. The NCAA basketball season starts in early November, but people really don’t start paying attention until the “Madness” starts.

Get email campaigns or promotions ready about two weeks after the Super Bowl ends. You can make as much or more money than the Super Bowl, as there will be intense matchups up to the NCAA Basketball National Championship on April 3rd.

Don’t Forget the NBA

Outside of the NFL, the NBA may be the best sport at staying in the public eye. Whether through North American coverage or through social media, the NBA always has eyes on the drama in every game.

Also, more than any other sport, we believe NFL fans are also NBA fans. Capitalize on this by making sure both your veteran and new players understand that many of the betting principles in the NFL are available in the NBA. Everything from spread, moneylines, and totals; to props and, best of all, parlays.

The NBA all-star game will be going down just a week after the Super Bowl, which means there will be a whole weekend full of unique bets for your players to enjoy. Then the second half of the season tips off.

Make sure your players understand the second-biggest pro sport in the U.S. is still around to bet on.

MLS Soccer Starts

If you have some of 2022’s World Cup bettors who decided to stick around for the Super Bowl, you can easily transition them into Major League Soccer which starts around February 25th. MLS soccer is growing in popularity in the U.S., and considering how exciting the World Cup final was between Argentina and France; your players may be clamoring for more excitement. Show off the moneyline, total wagers your players can enjoy, and prop bets on every game.

Casino Play Galore


The Casino has no seasons and no days off. While players have to soak up as much NFL football as possible before it disappears for seven months, casino betting is always around.

Unlike sports betting, casino betting is fast, furious and will give you a rush like no other type of wager.

Show off casino betting to your players after the Super Bowl as an even better alternative if they really like to place bets. We suggest highlighting blackjack and video poker as they’re the games with the most strategy involved. Then we suggest showing off the slots. Slots are the easiest game to jump into and can pay big if luck is on your side.

Other games that your players might enjoy are roulette (both European and American roulette) and craps.

Offer Perks and Bonuses

If there’s any time to offer some kind of promotion for your players, it’s post-Super Bowl. Now’s the time to offer any kind of reload bonus plan you can offer to ensure your players want to bet with you if they have a remaining balance. As we said, there are numerous sports to still bet on. Therefore you can offer to match their bet should they place $50 or more on the NBA or any other sport. Promotions like this will entice players to keep betting if they have a positive balance post super bowl.


A bookie’s life is not over after the Super Bowl. Take heed of these tips on keeping your players entertained once the big game is over.