Football season is the time to bask in your sports betting clientele. Every week, you’ll get the gift of players indulging in endless bets against the spread, moneyline, and total. Prop wagers galore will satisfy their fantasy football cravings and parlays so they can pray for all their weekend bets to hit at once.

It’s amazing, and it’s lucrative.

But, at some point, it’ll be Tuesday; at some point, the season will be over. Can you maintain the same volume of wagers in pay per head sportsbook without football around? If you want that, you better start planning now. Here are some sports bets we believe will keep your players interested all year round.

Soccer League Betting

Whether it’s Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, or something more obscure, help your players understand that league soccer betting is available year-round, around the clock.

The time difference will allow your players to feel like they’re betting 24/7, and as European sport becomes more and more mainstream, their knowledge of these leagues should easily grow once a little money’s on the event.

Tennis Betting

Like soccer league betting, tennis betting has a worldwide appeal that will keep your players betting all day and night. Yes, there are major events like the U.S. Open and Wimbledon, but if they dig deep enough, they can find a tennis match at 3 a.m. if they need a quick bet before bed. There are even Russian tennis matches you can bet on at all hours of the night.

Let your players know that once the Sunday games are over, there are plenty of opportunities left to make their money back.

World Cup Betting

And then there’s the World Cup, an event that will be flooded with wagers in a couple of months. Once every four years, your players will have an opportunity to bet on one of the most intense tournaments in sports history. World Cup betting is like standard soccer betting: wager on the spread, moneyline, and total. Future wagers on which country will take home the World Cup or who will be crowned tournament MVP. It’s all will be available when the tourney kicks.

Make sure to inform your players of the different rules of threeway moneyline wagers on soccer. You can bet on team A, team B or the tie. Once extra time is completed, a tie is the winner, and no goals in a shootout will count towards your wager. We guarantee you’ll have a player who is confused by this rule.

Hockey and Basketball Betting

Of course, two major sports are starting NHL hockey and NBA basketball soon. Both are U.S.-based sports so you’re going to have players interested in placing some of these bets. We suggest you push these wagers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as the rest of the week are for football.

NHL is all about moneyline and total betting. While your players can bet on the spread, AKA puckline, it’s considered a difficult wager to understand. If. They prefer future betting, of course, there are bets on the Stanley Cup, Hart Memorial Trophy (MVP), and the William M. Jennings Trophy (Top Goalie).

As for the NBA, we’re sure your players know its popularity. Like the NFL, the spread is a big part of NBA betting, as well as player props like whether a player will go over or under as a certain number of points, rebounds, and assists. There are also standard futures like odds to win the NBA championship, odds to win NBA MVP, and odds to win rookie of the year.

And if you want more basketball and hockey wagers well into the night, sportsbooks like offer international basketball and hockey bets galore.

Live Betting

All the above wagers should be available via live betting if you choose the right pay per head sportsbook. Live betting will allow players to bet on every play, every basket, and every point in every sport we named above. We suggest checking the pay per head sportsbook you choose, or check out our sportsbook reviews to find out which ones offer the best variety of wagers.


Football is a long season, but it does end. Get your players ready to keep betting after football season with the above options. The more they play now, the more they’ll realize there’s as much fun to be had during the NFL offseason.