The NFL playoffs are here, and though there are bigger games on the field, there will be fewer spreads to bet on.

So it would help if you promoted these games as much as possible to build a good group of players leading into the Super Bowl.

Sixteen teams are in the postseason. Six play in the Wild Card round from January 14-16. Four play in the Division Round, two play in the Conference Champions, then the final two in the Super Bowl.

Here’s what you should focus on to ensure your 2022-23 NFL handle goes out with a bang.

Give Team Matchups and Schedules

This seems simple, but you’d be surprised how many players miss certain events because they didn’t know they were playing or the matchup.

Make sure your players clearly understand what matchups are going down, especially in the Wild Card round. Advertise these matchups with the kickoff times and channels where they can find games. You could even provide links to matchup info and any kind of betting history. Providing all these elements will increase the likelihood of your players betting on every game throughout the playoffs.

Parlays & Teasers

Parlays and teasers will be incredibly enticing for your players with so many big games bunched together. Offering parlays on your pay per head site will be especially popular during the Wild Card weekend as there will be six games to bet on. Parlays will provide the huge payouts your players are dying for, while Teasers will allow your sharper betters to wager on the tougher matchups and tease them in your favor. You can tease anywhere from six points to 13 points with teasers. And we’ve seen some cases where you can tease up to 15 teams!

Prop Builder

Bookie Software

Pay per head sites like have something called a Prop Builder, which is an online betting tool that allows site members to create any player prop or parlay they want.

This feature will allow your players to make up for having fewer teams to bet on than in the regular season. Now they can bet on every receiver, running back, or quarterback in the game and parlay it for a huge payday. We’ve tested out some prop builders, and we didn’t see much of a limit on the players or situations we could bet on outside of maybe the players at the end of the bench.

Live Betting

For bettors, the game doesn’t have to stop at kickoff. Live betting puts you in the game like never before by allowing you to bet on every pass, every run, and every turnover during an NFL matchup. Any pay per head site with your time is going to have this feature, and if they don’t, we suggest you move on. You’ll have live bets available right until the final second of every single NFL playoff matchup. Make sure you sell the idea to your players especially if they complain about not getting their bets in.

Offer a Playoff Bonus

Bonuses for your players are a great time to ensure your players either start using your pay per head sportsbook for the first time or come back for return service. Free play bonuses will come at an expense, but they could give you a huge jump in revenue without any significant change in your hold percentage.

Don’t Forget About the Spread, Moneyline, and Total

The NFL playoffs may not only be a cash cow for return players. But you’ll want new players too.

Be sure to highlight the spread moneyline, and total if you send out any message to your players. Tell them about these handicaps as early as possible, so they have more time to think about betting with you. It also allows them to analyze the matchup so they’re more confident in placing a wager.

You may want to also shift your odds based on where your clients tend to lean. If you have clientele who are more hooked on favorites, it may be time to wet their whistle and shift the odds a half-point in their favor. Or, if you think you have a lot of sharp players in your midst, it may be better to make things a bit more costly to get an early or late line.

Get Ready for the Super Bowl

When it comes down to it, you should be prepping your playoff players for the Super Bowl.

Do your best to get new and old players betting on playoff football, then start advertising for the biggest football game of the year. Incorporate everything we talked about above, including using the prop builder in the big game, teasers, and live betting.