It’s a great time to become a pay per head agent. Gambling has never been more accepted as a form of entertainment, meaning a huge influx of new players should start popping up in North America. Not only that, veterans who had to hide their bookmaking or wagering in telephone or underground services can now come to light and enjoy the ease of playing online.

Bottom line, if you want to become a bookie, there’s serious money to be made right now. The question is, what bookie should you use? We’ve been doing pay per head software reviews for some time so allow us to steer you in the right direction.

Check our categories and writeups below.

Best Overall –


We’ve gone through handfuls of pay per head sites and reviewed the trustworthy ones. We came away with the aptly named is the best overall pay per head site.

In our review of PayPerHead, we didn’t find any glaring flaw. Their customer service was top notch, the site and software build had 20-plus years of experience, and the layout of the reports was easy-to-understand and thorough. A vast selection of games to bet on, reliable software, a good amount of deposit options, and great control of limits, odds, and products. All at approximately $10 per player.

While other sites have one feature that sets them apart, is definitely the most well-rounded.

Best for New Bookies –

Boss Action SoftwareBossAction has a similar overall good feel to, with slightly fewer service options for the more experienced bookmaker. But that’s by design. BossAction offers its services to newer bookies looking to break into the business for the first time. The brand has tons of experience, but they try to focus on newer bookies, which means more straightforward explanations from menus and customer service agents and pay-per-head plans geared to agents trying to get a handful of players and not hundreds.

Best for Mobile –


Mobile is a necessary asset for bookies, mainly since more people use mobile devices for everyday use than desktops. While claims a close second to mobile offerings, came out on top. The agent software almost looked better on the mobile version. Menus were better laid out, player info was easy to find, and reports were easy to see despite a smaller screen.

The player menus were solid, with clear access to all major sports and a functioning casino and live casino. There is even a prop builder on the mobile version, which is a new feature for some desktop sportsbooka.

Best for Customer Service –

We’ll give best customer service to BossAction. With a more simplified experience comes a better overall customer service line. Everyone we talked to at BossAction was clear in answering all our questions, walked us through any issues using the reports or software, and was clear on the price points.

There was also a live chat feature that made it easy to connect with an agent and allowed us to provide a callback number instead of waiting on hold. Overall, the most solid overall presentation.

Best for Sports and Casino Products –

We have to go with again. Will every sport known to man and live betting,’s sportsbook software is the one that impressed us most. We guarantee that in the battle to gain a player’s loyalty and their mighty dollar, the expectation is that you’ll have every important or silly wager they’ve heard about. best provided that in our eyes.

Then there are all the methods to track, cancel, alter, and block wagers. Huge features that every bookie will need.

As for their casino, PayPerHead’s offering was a gaming service on par with most American or European services. Considering a lot of the pay per head casinos we’ve reviewed were a step or two behind the standard online competition, this was great to see.

Every game was available on mobile, and there was a wide variety of slots, table games, and even some specialty games like Keno.

Great product offerings.

Best for Racebook –


AcePerHead has some shortcomings, but it shines regarding racebook offerings. One hundred fifty horse tracks from around the world and the feeds and odds for each race directly from the track. Impressive. If you need harness, thoroughbred, or even greyhound racing, AcePerHead’s got it. It’s a solid spot if you have players focusing on the racebook product.

Best Site Design Options –

Boss Action Software’s “Dynamic” and “Classic” interfaces give players great options to decide how they want their reports and their player software to look. The same goes for mobile.

With these excellent features and the ability to add hotlinks and avatars for players, does a great job with its design options.