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Bottom line? If you hope to create a long-lasting sports betting business, a professional betting and customer management platform like or is an absolute requirement.

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It’s no mystery that the sports betting industry is one of the world’s biggest forms of gambling.

A pay per head bookie in the U.S. must understand that sports betting goes beyond the classic NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA. If you really want to make a good amount of money, you need to embrace some alternate sports that are reaching more audiences daily. The more sports your players can choose from, the more they’ll play and the more they’ll spend, which will result in higher earnings over time.

Formula One

F1 gained many new fans in the United States from the show “Drive to Survive.”

It took a decade for F1 to gain a foothold in the United States, even without an American driver, which some say is a prerequisite for it to generate U.S. interest. The pulsating battle for the title between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen has created intrigue worldwide and will continue in the future.

F1 mostly offers odds such as bets to win the race, odds where a racer will place, or even odds on how a team will do from race to race.


Why has the sport grown so fast? The answer to this question is complex. However, experts in contact sports point to mixed martial arts as one of the sports with the greatest worldwide growth in recent years, linking it to the support and promotion carried out by the UFC since 1993 and to the good acceptance of audiences such as the United States, where, according to some experts of ‘MMATorch’, many specialized gyms are opening, and more and more competitions are being created at a regional level.

In addition, another major boost to the sport has been given by television. The broadcasting of MMA fights every weekend on different television channels has been one of the world’s leading showcases for this sport.

In the United States, MMA betting is starting to take the torch from boxing. And the type of bets offered is the same. Including odds on each fighter, odds on which round a right will end, and odds on whether the fight will end in a K.O., TKO, decision, or draw.


Soccer continues to expand in the United States. Historically considered a strange and uninteresting sport to Americans, it’s slowly attracting more prominent stars, and even LeBron James is interested in a franchise in Miami with David Beckham.

MLS, AKA Major League Soccer, has been growing and is even looking to expand in the U.S.

Large sums of money and the opportunity to continue competing in a lower-level championship have led soccer players like Thierry Henry, Alessandro Nesta, and Marco Di Vaio to choose MLS .


Esports, or electronic sports, are competitions organized at a professional level for video game players. What’s unique about Esports is each sport, or game, has its own rules, it’s own style, and it’s own disciplines.

And it’s growing. Esports has grown into a lucrative monster in Korea and are now gaining huge numbers in the United States.

Esports is a good product for your players as there will always be competition to bet on. As we’ve learned after the pandemic, certain sports can be shut down, leaving us with no games to bet on.

The great part about Esports is your players will have multiple ways to wager. There are Esports, spreads, moneylines, totals, and a slew of props. Wager on top Esports tournaments like Dota 2, Fortnite, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and more. And most of these games have million-dollar prizes.