Football is back! Fresh and COVID free. The rollout of the NFL accepting betting may have been hurt by the pandemic. But now that the smoke has cleared, bookies have an illuminated runway to take advantage of a league that is finally accepting sports betting as entertainment and not something to be feared.

That means a new flock of bookies who want to look past the narrow view of wagering. Because while betting on the NFL can make you a tidy profit, nothing beats the profit margins of a smart, savvy bookie backed by competent pay per head sportsbook software. So, if you want to be on the level of successful bookies across the United States, here’s what you should know going into football season.

Know the Basics

This should be straightforward. Know the basics of NFL betting. Get yourself acclimated with NFL spreads, moneylines, totals, and what they generally look like. Also, understand that things have slightly changed since the extra-point range has moved back a couple of yards. These one-point kicks aren’t gimmes like they used to be. The key numbers against the spread are three, seven, and 10, but keep in mind five and six are in the mix now due to misses and miscues.

Understanding the basics will also help you know when to and when not to move the lines if you feel sharps are exploiting your odds.

Promote NFL Parlays

Sports Betting

Parlays will make a tidy profit for your online sportsbook. Make sure you’re pushing them to your players as much as possible. The first reason is once you get past two or three-team parlays, the odds will be greatly in your favor. Your players may salivate at season a $5.00, 12-team parlay that pays $6,000, but the odds of getting every single leg of this parlay right are astronomical. It rarely happens, and the profits greatly outweigh the losses.

The second reason is they’re fun! Regardless of whether your players win or lose, if they get close to winning one of these big parlays, we guarantee they’ll have a story to tell afterward. Promote the potential for a big win, but most of all, promote the fun on an NFL Sunday.

Best for New Bookies: Boss Action

If you’re newer to the NFL bookie world, we suggest giving Boss Action a try. While it has many features veterans will love, it’s marketed to newer bookies. It will work harder to guide your players through the initial process of setting up their accounts, adding players, and understanding pay per head fees.

This is also true for its customer service line should you not be available to answer any questions.

The pay per head software and reports have a great glossy look, and your players will enjoy the look and feel of their sportsbook once they log in.

Best for Vet Bookies: PayPerHead

If you’re a vet in the bookie business and you’re simply translating your pen-and-paper model to the internet, is your best bet.

PayPerHead has been around for 20-plus years. Two decades of honing their skills to ensure you have the right reports and right stats and that all your transactions run smoothly.

They have all the software you need to alter odds, cancel bets or keep track of the sharps as you wish. Also, great alternative deposit methods are Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other crypto.

We believe they’re the best overall right now if you’re looking to continue your online bookie business.

Get to Know Crypto

And speaking of crypto, you have to adopt this method. We understand, that recognizing its value can be confusing, but it’s the easiest way to get money in and out of your clients and your own account online. It’s especially a great method considering the U.S. government can’t intervene and track transactions for their own greedy tax purposes. It’s up to you how much you want to share.

With credit cards getting increasingly pricier for online books, this is the best and cheapest method for your and your players.

Watch for Sharps

Like we said, pay per head sites like Boss Action and offers a lot of stats and profiles to track your players. Use it. It’ll help you identify who your sharps are going forward. Sharps will exploit bad odds whenever possible, including the lines coming from Vegas, so you need to know who they are and how they approach NFL betting so you can adjust accordingly.

Get to know your reports and how to quickly change odds to ensure you’ve balanced action before kickoff.


The NFL season is a profitable time for bookies, and now’s the time to really turn up as we’re finally back to football, free of any mandated pandemic rules. Study up before the season begins and get ready to turn a profit once the Super Bowl is over.