Sports betting has finally hit the United States, and the next step will inevitably be for people to start wanting to become a producer, not just a consumer of lines and odds.

Therefore, you’re going to see a lot of pay per head sites pop up, ready to provide their services to brand-spanking new bookies looking to join the trends.

But what will there be for the veteran bookies. The kind of bookies you see in movies like “Uncut Gems” who have a system, but recognize it’s time to modernize and make the jump to online?

We’re here to help. In our view, has shown us the best overall service when it comes to an experienced bookie looking to make the change. Here’s why you vets should give them a try:

Proprietary Software

Show one of the reports hereWe’ve done a lot of pay per head software reviews and after a while our head spinning at the déjà vu. So many of these pay per head sites used the same software with the same layout all from the same provided. It looks like PayPerHead did things differently.

PayPerHead built their own interface. It’s in house. What a relief. The perk of this is having a system that is unique and constantly improving. Everything built at PayPerhead is developed and scrutinized by bookies. While the competition tends to use software that were used for older sportsbooks meant to house thousands of players. PayPerHead make sure what they offer is personalized.

The same goes for mobile. Actually, it was designed for mobile devices first. It’s nicely laid out and looks exclusive. Vets can give advice on how to improve the product and the longer you’ve been in the game the more they’ll listen.

Deposits Made Easy

As an experienced bookie, we’re sure you’re tired of trying to make up reasons for your giant PayPal transfers. Or we’re sure you’re on your last legs of your Western Union account. PayPerHead has made life easier by offering payment solutions within the software. Whether it’s credit card or crypto these options will be available for you and your players. Now, we know crypto could be a bit of a taboo subject with your players. But trust us, it’s better to adopt the method. Once you’ve deposited the funds in your account it immediately becomes USD so you don’t have to worry about its wild fluctuations. You and your players will also incur less transaction fees. Those credit card companies are going to ding you hard if you use it for online gaming.

Create Your Own Bookie Brand

Track PaymentsWe love this feature. While you can stick to the provided look and feel of the provided PayPerHead player site. They give you the option to really start your sports betting empire with the ability to create your own customized website. We’re talking your own URL, your own look, your own layout.

There’s a fee involved (obviously), but PayPerHead will create your very own site within your budget. If you want, you can even create your very own shrine to “Mattress Mack”!

An Agent Tool

Your bookie business does not have to be a one-man show. You can create an empire with a software that PayPerHead calls a Reseller Tool. Basically, their software can manage all your sub-agents by calculating their cut and your cut of the profits. You set the rates, decide the percentages, and everone gets paid. Best of all it’s actually free.

7,500 Customer Service Agents

Pay Per Head ServicesIf you’re an old school bookie, we have a feeling you’re going to want to talk to a real agent and not just stake your entire business to software and email.
PayPerHead offers 7,500 agents. That’s almost unheard of. We found they were knowledgeable and helpful. Seems like they’ve been around for a while. And yes, they spoke clear English. We know that can be a sticking point with some bookies.


We did our best to look for the best pay per head site that could support bookies that have been doing their own thing for a long time. has been doing things since 1997 and they’ve been building things all on their own. We couldn’t think of a better first experience for a vet looking to move their big business to the internet.