While January is a time for most consumers in the modern world to breathe, this is not the case for sportsbooks and their bookies. You have about 10 days to recover from your holiday vacation. Then it’s time to think about the huge influx of bettors coming down the Super Bowl pipeline.

We’re in the midst of the NFL playoffs, and if you’ve successfully set up your pay per head account, it’s time to absorb some tips to promote your product before the biggest event of the year.

Advertise Your Casino

Crazy that we’re starting with casino content and not sports huh? But trust us, it’s the best way to go. Although we understand the Super Bowl will be your biggest sports betting day of the year, nothing beats casino profits. Las Vegas, Nevada, was built off of table games and slots in every single building on and off the Strip. Why? Because the games have a guaranteed edge for the house since their inception. And because of that, all a business needs is volume in terms of bets placed and bettors playing to start racking up the coin. If you use the Super Bowl to cross-sell your casino you’ll make more money on the casino product over the year than several casinos combined.

Therefore, we suggest finding any football-related slots and making sure your players know they can play them while they wait all day for Super Bowl kickoff. And, of course, make sure you advertise classics like blackjack, video poker, and roulette.

Same-Game Parlays will be Huge

The hardest part of Super Bowl betting is you can’t parlay like you want during the regular season. The best you’d get is the Super Bowl spread and total unless you wanted to do cross-sport parlays on a bunch of other sports you had no clue about.

That has changed as sites like PayPerHead.com are now offering same-game parlays – AKA a prop builder. You’ll have the ability to check out a slew of props on the game and parlay it into one massive wager. You’ll be able to pace bets on the spread and parlay that with rushing or passing totals – touchdowns too. Not every pay per head site has this, so we suggest you ensure they have this feature available before signing on.

Push the Unique Super Bowl Props

Besides the big game, one thing that will entice your bets to wager on the Super Bowl is crazy Super Bowl props.

For years, some of the biggest bets on the Super Bowl have been the length of the national anthem or the whether the opening coin toss would be heads or tails. Make sure both old and new players on your email list know about all the crazy prop bets available for the Super Bowl. The crazier, the better, and the more they’ll be interested.

Tell Your Players to Bet Early

Like we keep saying, the Super Bowl is huge for betting. And even though your bets will occur online, there could be issues when players are betting all at once.

There’s been issues in the past where sites will crash right before kickoff because so many people are placing last minute bets. It’s almost unavoidable. Therefore, make sure you tell your players to place their bets on the Super Bowl as early as possible. We understand some of your sharper bettors won’t be happy about having to bet early. But it’s better than not being able to bet at all.

Promote Crypto Deposits


This might be a hassle for some, but it’s a great way to make your life as a bookie easier. Promoting crypto as a deposit method is the best way to get money in and out of your pay per head product. Why? Because a lot of credit and debit cards have restrictions that could prevent your players from making deposits. There’s no telling when the cards will fail. Crypto is the most reliable method overall.

Take the time to promote crypto depositing. Maybe even run a bonus program or two to make sure your players are experienced with crypto deposits before and after the Super Bowl.

Conclusion: What are the Best PPH Sites for the Super Bowl?

We’ve done our share of pay per head reviews, and we feel the PPH sites that have all the things we touched on above are: Payperhead.com and BossAction.com. These two sites both have solid price points while being well-rounded when it comes to casino games, Super Bowl props, same-game parlays, reporting, and crypto deposits.

If you haven’t chosen a pay per head site for the upcoming Super Bowl, give those two a try!