Do you want to be a success in the pay per head bookie business? If so, you must adopt an online casino as part of your product offerings. While sportsbooks are great sources of revenue in the ever-growing US betting market. You’ll be losing clientele to your competition if it’s the only product you offer.

So when you choose a pay per head site to play with, it needs to have all the proper elements to ensure your players don’t move to a competitor’s casino.

Here’s what you need.

The Basics: Blackjack Table Games, Slots, Specialty Video Poker

To compete with other pay per-head sportsbooks offering casino services, your chosen pay per head service needs to cover these categories: blackjack, table games, slots, specialty games, and video poker.

There are numerous versions of blackjack. You should have at least the standard six-deck version along with double deck and single deck.

For table games, you need the name games like craps, baccarat, and roulette – preferably both the American and European versions.

For slots, have as many as humanly possible. You’ll notice at times some slots are just reskins of others. That’s fine; more is better. The more you have, the more variety you’ll have when players are looking for three-reel and five real slots with anywhere from three lines to 50 lines.

Next, you need specialty games like Keno and Bingo. Ensure you have one or both.

And video poker, make sure you have 1-hand and up to 100-hand versions of video poker, giving players good variety.

Modern Layout

Display dashboard to show overall layout on MOBILE etc

When choosing the right pay per head casino, the look is important. In some of our reviews, we noticed some sites had pretty old looking casino software. Their layouts were stale and had the look and feel of games made in the early 2000s. Nothing will make your players feel more skeptical than a casino that looks like it was built with MS-DOS. is a good example of a more modernized layout that players can trust. Fresh games with fresh menus are perfect for mobile gaming and desktop.

Trusted Random Number Generator

Joined a pay per head site and want to make sure the casino is legit? Make sure it is operated with a random number generator verified by a third party.

What is a random number generator? It’s a digitized, mathematical, and computational device that will ensure all the casino games are paying out randomly based on the odds. No favorites.

Even live casinos use random number generators in their slot machines. It’s the fair way to play.

Having a random number generator in a game like blackjack will ensure, no matter what, it always pays out on average to the house edge the game has. In standard, six-deck blackjack, it’s about one percent f. If there’s no proof of a random number generator at the casino you’ve chosen… stay away.

Hold Percentage Report

With a random number generator you need a proper casino report to track each game’s hold percentage. One, it’s good for you to know on a day-to-day basis how much revenue your casino games are pulling in. And two, you need to have the info handy when players question whether the casino is playing fair.

We don’t care if you’re in the Bellagio in Las Vegas, players will question the validity and fairness of their casino experience. So it’s best to have the numbers handy to prove everything they are playing on the up-and-up.

Free Play/Bonus Money

While you don’t want to go overboard with giving away money, it’s good to have some bonus money or free play to give your players if they’re having a bad run. Casino gaming can be cruel, sometimes putting your players through a depressing losing streak before things turn around. It’s good to have a bit of free play to cheer them up and give them another chance to make some of their money back.

Trust us when we say, giving a little bonus money here and there next to your massive casino profits will earn you loyal casino players.

The Ability to Control Betting Limits

If things really get out of hand for your players, you need to have the ability to control their casino experience in the pph site you choose. Players can take things too far in the casino, sometimes betting beyond their means or continuing to play when they really need a break.

Having the ability to lower a player’s limits from $500 to $5 is huge. And if you need to go a step further, being able to shut off the casino completely Is a perk you’ll need when your player list climbs into the hundreds.

Mobile Compatibility

We’ve seen, on average, that 50% of players are playing their casino games on mobile devices. The casino you choose needs to be completely compatible in this regard. We suggest trying demos on these pay per head websites, and if the mobile games look good on your phone or tablet, move on.

Live Dealer

Your players will want to play against a real dealer every once in a while. Make sure they stay with you by choosing a site with live dealer services. Sites like BossAction offer good live dealer services, with games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. No matter how much they’ll love digital casino games, everyone will want to play real people once in a while. Make sure live dealer is one of your features.