Gambling has been around for centuries, but the internet has helped it evolve in a way we’ve never seen since the days of the “one-armed bandit.” It’s not just slots, either. Sports betting has evolved past bets on the game spread, moneyline and total. Live betting or “in-play” betting is a new way to play that wouldn’t have been conceived if not for the ability to bet from the comfort of your cellphone, tablet, or desktop.

And it’s growing in popularity. It used to be you had to play casino games to get instant gratification from betting. Now you can bet on games as they happen. Live betting is integral to the bookie business, and here’s why:

First, What is Live Betting?


Live betting, or in-play betting, is a feature that lets you bet on every touchdown, goal, and play as you watch. Gone are the days where you’d be out of luck until halftime if you miss your bet before kickoff, live betting lets you bet throughout the game from start to finish.

Odds come fast; decisions have to be faster. It’s an adrenaline rush that bookies should offer to their players. We guarantee it’ll be a deal-breaker for whether they choose you and your pay per head sportsbook moving forward. So be mindful of selecting the right one.

Live Betting Variety Puts You in the Action

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Think of every trackable play in sports, and you can bet on it. First, you can bet on a changing moneyline, spread, and total throughout games. The odds change depending on which team is winning or who is controlling momentum.

Then you’ll get more specific offers like betting on MLB balls or strikes, singles, doubles or triples, walks or outs. Wagers on NHL goals and penalties, tennis games and sets, basketball runs and shots. But your players will have fun in the most crucial sport, the NFL. Bet on run versus the pass, complete versus incomplete, and whether a drive ends in a field goal, touchdown, or turnover. We guarantee your players will get sucked into every moment like never before.

Live Betting: The Speed of Slots with the Strategy of Sports

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While everyone loves a good time on a slot machine, in the end, it’s a digital game operated by a CPU and luck. There’s no strategy involved. Just take a seat, start spinning, and hope it’s your moment to win. The perk? The speed at which you know how much you’re up or down. An NFL game is three hours; that’s a long time to figure out if your $50 bet is a win.

With live betting, you get the speed of a slot machine but can be strategic like an NFL head coach. Do you know when your favorite team likes to run? Do you understand when a defense will adjust and start causing turnovers? Bet on these moments and watch your money cash in quicker than a full spin. In an age where fantasy sports is big business, we can’t see new players denying the lure of being able to put their head coaching hats on and betting on each play before it happens.

Make sure you sell live betting as an instant-gratification play with more strategy than any casino game.

Good PPH Sites that Offer Live Betting

If you want to take advantage of live betting, you need to choose your pay per head software correctly.

As you know, we’ve done our share of site reviews and have a perspective on what sites offer the best sportsbook software. This goes for live betting too.

Suppose you want the best live betting experience. In that case, Pay Per Head and Boss Action offer the most robust live bets, proper reporting, transactions for deposits and withdrawals, and reliable overall service with a good price point. Shoutout to PerHead as well, they put together a pretty good presentation when we used their trial and were able to review their live betting features.

You want to avoid sites that either don’t offer live betting at all or make you pay for it. Also, variety is key, and some sites might say they have live betting but are limited in the type of bets they offer. Again, we suggest the three sites we mentioned above.


Live betting is here to stay, and we anticipate it will only get more popular as bettors become more educated regarding online betting. We suggest avoiding any PPH site that doesn’t have this element, or you’ll find yourself quickly losing ground in a North American market quickly becoming increasingly crowded.

With football season approaching, we suggest putting live betting front and center and even offering free play to try it for the first time. It will help your bottom line long term.