We’re on the cusp of another popular and profitable NFL season. That means bookmakers need to get their ducks in a row and decide on the pay per head site they want to host their services. It comes down to hosting the site that is best overall for your clientele and the site that has the right features.

But what should you be looking for? Allow us to educate you on the best features to look out for when choosing your next pay per head sportsbook service.

A Proper Dashboard

This isn’t 100% a feature but it is absolutely necessary. To ensure you’re seeing your players, your balances, and your win/loss breakdown, you need to have a proper, clean dashboard to get a snapshot of all your play.

Payperhead.com is a good example. Offering betting statistics, Weekly Balance by Player, and Open Sports Bets all on one screen. This allows you to have a quick snapshot of all your player’s play for the day, whether you have a quick minute at home or you’re on the move. Pick a site with a great dashboard to allow player tracking to be simple on the surface.

Hold Percentage Reports

The NFL is a weekly game. From Thursday to Sunday, bookies will see their PPH handle increase leading up to the payoff game on Monday Night Football. To keep track of how your profits are building from week to week, having “Hold Percentage” as a report is a perfect way to keep your profits in line.

If your pay per head business is successful you’re going to have 100s of players placing 100s of bets on a weekly basis. Keeping track of your wins and losses will be tough. Having a Hold Percentage lets you track how much of your handle you’re holding as a profit. If it’s in the negative, watch out.

Wager Limits and Cancellations

In order to maintain a steadily growing balance as a sportsbook agent, you need to maintain control of the wagers your players are placing.

If you don’t, you can find yourself with players placing huge wagers you can’t handle or taking advantage of CPU line errors.

You must have a feature that allows you to set limits or cancel wagers completely. Limits are especially needed when it comes to Super Bowl or MVP odds. Those wagers can be crippling if an underdog wins. Therefore it’s smart to set limits you can control.
If the pay per head sportsbook you choose does not offer this, steer clear. It’s an absolute requirement.

Know Your Audience

Show one of the reports here

As an agent, you need as many features as possible to understand the type of players you’re dealing with.

Features like having a summary of your player’s activity, what type of bets they place, and where they live is huge. Having this kind of information in your player profiles will help you when you choose to alter bets or change limits. If you have a large group of players from New York, expect to use this knowledge to perhaps hedge your New York-based wagers slightly in your favor. Or put certain limits on your New York wagers to prevent any sharps from taking advantage.

Live Betting

If you’re going to offer NFL wagers, you need live betting in this day and age. Props are not enough. Players want to be able to bet on every play as it happens, and that’s what live betting can do. Sites like PayPerHead, Boss Action, and PerHead offer a trustworthy service that won’t break down on your players when they’re about to bet on the run versus the pass.

Live betting software should be good enough to operate without you or oddmakers watching it every minute instead, it’s a system that can automatically come up with odds for players. Some NFL live bets include:

Bet on run versus pass.
Field goal versus touchdown.
Complete pass versus incomplete.
And more.

If your pay per head website’s live betting experience doesn’t have these elements, steer clear.

Deposit Variety


If you want to have players regularly playing with your pay per head sportsbook they need proper deposit methods. Trust us when we say credit cards won’t always work. Therefore you need numerous methods to give your players options.

Crypto needs to be an option for your players when credit cards don’t work as we believe it’s the only good way to get money in outside of credit. There’s Moneygram available, but good luck finding proper establishments that take Moneygram deposits.

Conclusion – Best Overall Sites

So where can you find all these amazing features? From our research thus far, PayPerHead.com and BossAction.com offer the best overall NFL experience. PerHead is solid but lacks in deposit options, while AcePerHead is good but is a generic overall presentation.